Low Testosterone And Women Under The Spotlight Again

Low Testosterone And Women Under The Spotlight Again

Low Testosterone

Not content with ruining pet ownership and summertime for women by increasing the risk of developing asthma, the human body has decided to offer a further penalty for women in the shape of urinal incontinence if they are suffering from low levels of testosterone.

Research emanating from Boston, USA has discovered that those women who suffered from lower serum testosterone levels were exposed to higher levels of stress plus urinary incontinence.


This is the first study to unearth these findings which illustrates the correlation.

The study included 2123 female participants who as part of the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey of 2012 had their serum testosterone levels examined.

The research which was carried out at the Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston noted that of those who participated in the survey who had the lowest serum testosterone levels almost had a 50% increase of stress incontinence and had a 65% chance that they would suffer experience mixed incontinence compared to those with higher levels of testosterone that consisted of 75% of the total study group.

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The reasoning behind this increased chance of incontinence is due to an increase of pelvic floor atrophy, something the research team think is prevented by testosterone.

Pelvic floor atrophy does appear to be the catalyst of incontinence.

As it is already known, increased testosterone has an anabolic effect on skeletal muscle. These androgens have also been shown to increase the strength of the pelvic floor.


Previous studies have shown that stress incontinence mechanisms are associated with the integrity of the pelvic floor skeletal musculature.

Therefore, the theory that low testosterone levels correlate with a decrease in pelvic floor strength in turn increasing the mechanism of stress incontinence rings true.

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