MuscleTech Clear Muscle Testosterone Booster Review

MuscleTech Clear Muscle Testosterone Booster Review

MuscleTech Clear Review

First Look:

There’s no mistaking the MuscleTech brand.

All of their products seem to be a variation of the same packaging with differences in color.

However, I guess it must work because there’s a rosette which tells us MuscleTech are the best selling brand in the USA. Well, they generated the highest amount of revenue in US$ during 2006 – taht’s over ten years ago.

It must be said that it is easy to place your trust and confidence in the brand because they look good and professional.

However, I have yet to find a decent product among them all. None of them stand out at being effective at all which is worrying, and they seem to offer many variations of the same product but with just a few minor ingredient changes.

TL:DR – Video Review

Who Are MuscleTech?

The long established brand that offers every varying supplement that could ever be conjured up.

Their website has everything from instructions and ingredients how to bake protein cookies to training advice.

They essentially position themselves as an authority in the market place.

It is an all-encompassing brand that offers everything to help you reach your goals, not just a site that will sell you a tub of protein.

This nurtures brand loyalty, and you will come back time and time again which is handy considering they have a global reach.

Clear Test Booster Aims

I am told that this is the most advanced muscle and strength builder on the market.

This product should also be able to improve recovery and relieve muscle soreness.

Simple. Let’s hope the science back these claims especially as it is $99.99


Ingredients: Pandora’s Box


Beta-hydroxy beta-methylbutyrate (HMB)

Funnily enough, HMB is found in another muscle building product from MuscleTech, remember what I said about many variations of very similar products?

So, what does the science say about HMB?

Well, clinical trials have noted that daily doses of 3000mg have demonstrated evidence to prove that HMB can increase muscle size and strength when used in conjunction with weight training.

How does it do this?

Without going to deep and complicated, the essential take home information is that instead of increasing protein synthesis, HMB prevents catabolic breakdown of muscle tissue.

In effect it has powerful recovery abilities that prevent muscle damage and in turn contributes to strength and size gains. [1] [2]



We’re instructed to take 2 pills three times daily.

We prefer the pills spread across the day to evenly spread the nutrients out and prevent massive peaks and troughs as per our benchmark products.

A daily serving is a required 3000mg as per the clinical studies.

 PROS – HMB is proven to improve recovery and increase muscle size and strength


 CONS – This only benefits one area, it does not increase testosterone and as such improve areas of health


As per the study, HMB can help you gain strength and power if supplemented with 3000mg daily.

This product does provide the required amount and thus it should be effective to help you meet your strength and power goals.


I cannot believe I am about to say this, but…it is $99.99 that is insane and way more expensive than anything in our top 3.

Plus, there’s similar products available for half that price.

While this should increase strength and power it doesn’t actually stimulate testosterone, therefore you will not get any of the benefits associated with a higher level of testosterone including but not limited to stronger bones, more muscle mass and less fat.

It is worth reiterating that in our top 3 rated testosterone boosters they have around 8 solid ingredients which all have proof backing their usefulness and they all include D-Aspartic Acid but not only that, a host of effective ingredients that work in conjunction for maximum results.

As a result, for maximum effects this should be accompanied with a beneficial test booster.


The price is alarming, that is for sure.

The fact is it can increase strength and power by improving recovery. However, those looking for increases in testosterone will need to add this with another supplement.

So, in effect, it can act like a testosterone booster because it aids muscle and strength, but testosterone boosters offer more than that.

Increased levels of natural testosterone also help improve overall health parameters which include but are not limited to improved cognitive health, cardiovascular health, bone health, reduces fat mass and gives you more energy.

If you are purely looking to increase power and strength a HMB supplement (although not this at this price) will help, but if you want all the benefits of increased testosterone, look here instead.




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