7 Ways To Naturally Boost Testosterone Production

7 Ways To Naturally Boost Testosterone Production

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Those who suffer from low testosterone is growing; this is down to a number of factors but increased awareness of ‘andropause’ means that men are more willing to recognize symptoms and visit their physician for a diagnosis.

Many of our day to day activities no longer stimulate testosterone as we slump in our chair inside our little cubicle while gorging on refined sugars and processed foods.

However, this sad, flabby and weak existence can be reversed.

There are daily changes that you can make which will help towards stimulating testosterone production and more testosterone means:

  • stronger bones
  • stronger muscles
  • increased muscle mass
  • lower body fat
  • better erections
  • increased mood

What’s the cause behind low testosterone levels?

Testosterone is your body’s own steroid hormone. It is a key player in many of the functions of your body. Not only is it exclusive to men either, it is created in the ovaries of women too, just in lower doses.

The higher levels found created by men produces many of the male characteristics such as more muscle mass and a deep voice.

When you are going through puberty your body is producing a mass of testosterone and this high level continues until you are in your 30’s by which it then starts to decline. However, this decline can be accelerated by a number of conditions such as diabetes, obesity and high blood pressure.

If you are diagnosed with low testosterone levels you doctor can prescribe an expensive course of testosterone therapy, however, before you go down that route, if you are feeling a little ‘low’ you may wish to follow the tips below.

These tips can be included easily in your everyday routine, as it becomes a habit you will not even think about it yet they can all increase testosterone levels inexpensively, safely and benefit from them for life.

7 Tips to include in your daily routine

1.Exercise should be part and parcel of your daily routine. The aforementioned obesity, high blood pressure and diabetes are all very commonly associated with a lack of exercise. Try and ensure that some sort of strenuous physical exercise is part of your daily life.

Studies show that resistance training, particularly movements utilizing multiple joints such as the squat and pull up are great for stimulating more testosterone.

2.Sleep, at least 8 hours per day is required for healthy testosterone levels. Good amounts of sleep not only improve testosterone levels but if you are lifting weights those extra hours per week of rest can help you recover better for more growth. Let’s not also forget how much better you feel at work after ample rest and recuperation.

3.Fat loss can be a great simulator of testosterone considering that obesity is one of the great reducers. Ensure you reduce calorie intake and ditch the sugar and salt laden processed foods for natural, whole foods that offer better nutrition while requiring less to feel fuller.

4.Stress is a prohibitory of testosterone spikes. The body produces cortisol when stressed which affects testosterone production. One way to reduce stress is exercise, it is a great therapy that is beneficial physically and mentally.

5.Alcohol prevents a proper production of testosterone. It seems so unfair because there’s nothing more testosterone fueled than hitting bars after a sporting win with your buddies, especially if you have been playing the sport itself rather than just watching the game on a big TV.

However, cruel that it is, too much alcohol will prevent your testosterone production potential.

6.Smoking is another that actually goes hand in hand with alcohol. For many people, a cigarette when drinking is a weekend treat, yet, just like alcohol, it too lowers testosterone production let alone the other damage it causes.

7.Supplements are not to be confused with actual diet, exercise and nutrition. Yes that means replacing your meat, beans, eggs, dairy and vegetables with a protein shake is not recommended. However, supplements have their place and they do just that, they supplement your other sources of nutrients.

Therefore, you may wish to supplement your diet and exercise regime with a natural testosterone booster which should include all of the right ingredients to stimulate more testosterone being produced.

We’ve listed 3 of the best here.



Much of the changes are down to diet and exercise, these simple changes can make a whole lot of difference not only to your physical and mental shape but also what we do not see such as prevention of illness and other conditions.

Not only that, testosterone therapy is expensive, eating less junk, smoking and drinking less plus ditching the car in favor of walking or cycling can actually save you a lot of money too.

A few little changes can multiply in to one big difference.

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