My Tren Rebuild Experience and Review

My Tren Rebuild Experience and Review

Why did I try Tren Rebuild?

Having previously tried Epistane and experienced some positive results I thought I would research for an alternative compound that was not methalyted.

Therefore would not be toxic to the liver as most oral prohormones and oral steroids are.

What came up what Tren Rebuild which is a 19-norandrosta-4-9,diene-3,17-dione clone, whilst despite being commonly known as “tren”.

This prohormone can’t convert to trenbolone.

Instead it converts to the similar target hormone of dienolone.

What attracted me to this compound is that it should bring strength, lean gains, an increase in vascularity and muscle hardness, and accelerated fat loss – so all in all very tempting.

I had been out from lifting for approximately 3 months due to injury so I thought this may well be a good prohormone to try and help rebuild my strength back up.

This is because I had noticed a marked shift towards the weak end of the spectrum.

I bought these online from a reputable supplement retailer and thought I would see how I get on.

Tren Rebuild & Headaches


Almost immediately after taking them for a day I experienced a dull headache that never seemed to go away.

It was always around the rear of my head and where it joins with the neck.

I persevered for a good week whilst increasing my water intake to ensure I was always passing clear or almost clear urine but this did not improve matters.

However, when I started playing rugby the pain seemed to increase tenfold and was really uncomfortable.

I took two paracetamol  after the game and it relieved the pain in a matter of minutes.

I decided the day after to not take the tablets and I didn’t suffer from any headaches whatsoever.

it was then that I decided that they weren’t really suitable for me and I has a much better experience on the Epistane I had had previously.

Would I recommend Tren Rebuild?

As with everything people react differently to different things and I had read about the headaches people had suffered.

I had also ready about people suffering from night sweats and bad dreams also being commonplace but I never once suffered from them.

On a positive even though I only took it for a matter of days I did feel less aches after a rugby training session that would normally have me moaning and hobbling around for a few days afterwards.

When I took the Epistane I experienced very quickly what is commonly known as ‘shut down’ but I didn’t feel anything similar with Tren Rebuild.

I was planning on taking TestoFuel for my PCT but as it is I will just take them as per normal and stack it with Instant Knockout to cut down any unwanted fat.


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