Extreme Labs All-In-One PCT Testosterone Booster Review

Extreme Labs All-In-One PCT Testosterone Booster Review

Extreme Labs PCT Review

First Look:

Extreme Labs are offering a Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) testosterone booster here for those who have taken steroidS in their quest for further muscle and strength.

A PCT stimulates your body to produce its own testosterone after it has stopped doing so with the supplementation of synthetic testosterone in the form of anabolic steroids or prohormones.

Once you have finished your course/cycle of steroids your testes essentially need a kick up the ass to start functioning normally and this is where a T-Booster helps.

As with most supplement products the brands are changing the way they market themselves; out are the animalistic and hardcore looking graphics and in are the clean and fresh looking branding that has a much wider appeal.

This has recently had a makeover so the latest offerings look slightly different to the bottle I have been using and I prefer the new look.

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Who Are Extreme Labs?

Forget what I just said about clean looking branding…

Extreme labs is all about getting ripped, jacked and going to the extreme!

The website all looks like their products would appeal to a typical gym rat, and I guess this is a PCT after all, so realistically someone who has taken steroids would have been through the notions with gyms and supplements before.

Overall, they have loads of different supplements available and several varying test boosters alone!

PCT Claims

These points are short and sharp – direct to the point and should cover the main bases when coming off a cycle of steroids.

  1. Reduce estrogen
  2. Repairs liver
  3. Increases testosterone 

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extreme labs pct ingredients panel

There are 4 ingredients included in this product, two of which we are familiar with and 3 which we are not so au fait – so lets take a closer look.

D-Aspartic Acid

Scientific studies proves that D-Aspartic Acid is a physiological amino acid which releases and synthesizes testosterone in humans.

This is great, because after a period of time whereby your body has not been producing its own testosterone it needs a jolt to get it back in to action.

A dose of at least 2000mg is required for the effects.

DAA is on of the key ingredients to start this process. [1]

Vitamin B6

B6 is a highly effective ingredient for reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease and also reduces inflammation.

High levels of inflammation can lead to impaired testosterone production and the beginnings of obesity.

Further studies have noted that B6 can actually increase testosterone levels by promoting the production of androgens while regulating the estrogen and prolactin levels.  [2] [3]

Kre Alkalyn

Kre Alkalyn is a buffered form of creatine. This means that it is supposed to be more effective and be retained by the body better than normal creatine monohydrate.

Kre Alkalyn is just one of many varying versions or takes on creatine monohydrate that is supposedly more efficacious than regular, cheap and proven creatine.

One study looked at comparing Kre Alkalyn with creatine monohydrate and found that Kre Alkalyn was no more effective than regular creatine monohydrate during a loading phase or maintenance phase. [4]

Bulbine Natalensis

Bulbine is native to Africa and can effective increase testosterone levels.

This really is a glimmer of hope, and I wondered why it was not so freely available considering it is all natural and seems to be effective.

Then I discovered that it can be toxic to the organs in a very similar level as a steroid cycle would be. Therefore, if you were to use it, you would need to cycle this just like steroids in order to minimise organ damage.

It’s effectiveness does seem to be affected by the dose and the persons body weight. For reference I weigh 200lbs and as such would require 730mg. [5]

 PROS – DAA, B6 and bulbine can all increase testosterone levels


 CONS – Insufficiant doses, a proprietary blend and bulbine is toxic to organs


Find out which ingredients work and which don’t
Testosterone boosting ingredients


3  pills per day.

This will minimize huge peaks and troughs of the nutrients for your body to work with but isn’t as effective as having 4 pills per day.


This is lacking some vital ingredients to be truly effective as a testosterone booster, or one to help your body recover from steroid cycles.

I am slightly puzzled by the inclusion of Kre Alkalyn but the Bulbine Natalensis (providing the dose is correct), D-Aspartic Acid and B6 will be effective to stimulate more testosterone.

However, let’s just remember that Bulbine is just as toxic as taking steroids in the first place.

Proceed with caution.


The proprietary blend and the lose dose of only 1500mg is alarming.

Doses are very important for supplements.

Some ingredients will not have an effect if the doses are not correct. And, we have no idea what dose is included for each ingredient when concealed behind a blend.

But, the low dose of 1500mg is at least 500mg short for d-aspartic acid alone.

Then the inclusion of bulbine is probably not the best idea for a supplement that is sold to help your body recover from the stresses, particularly to your organs that anabolic steroids will have.

TestoFuel covers D-aspartic Acid and B6 but has 6 other proven ingredients such as Fenugreek, Oyster Extract, Ginseng, Vitamin D3, K12 al in useful doses and without any risk of toxicity.

My Extreme Labs All-In-One PCT Testosterone Booster Conclusion:

This PCT from Extreme Labs provides a poor number of ingredients, a proprietary blend and a low overall dose.

They have also included a form of creatine that is no more effective than regular creatine and in a dose so low that it cannot have an effect on test levels that have been demonstrated in studies.

The dose of DAA is wholly inadequate to have an effect because the combined dose in the proprietary blend is less than the minimum 2000mg required.

And, overall, the toxic bulbine is not appropriate after you have just hammered your organs taking steroids.

There’s lots more products available that can safely and effective increase your testosterone levels.

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[5] Short term safety of bulbine natalensis supplementation in healthy menJennifer E Hofheins, Scott M Habowski, Tim N Ziegenfuss, and Hector L Lopez

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