New Genetic Mutation Pill Which Cuts Fat In The Pipeline | But Does It Work?

New Genetic Mutation Pill Which Cuts Fat In The Pipeline | But Does It Work?

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The dream for many is the ability to sit on their ass watching TV while still being able to lose weight and cut fat. Be this for aesthetic reasons or to ensure the risk of diseases such as diabetes and obesity are lessened.


If the results are correct, it seems scientists from the Deakin Medical School of Victoria, Australia could well be on the road to success.

The scientists have been working hard to formulate a pill that can fool the body in to thinking it is jogging every day.

In something that sounds far fetched, the pill uses a virus to slow down the proteins which switch off when we are active and thus targets metabolism.

By mutating a gene, the virus has shown promising results when tested on mice., With the study in full swing the scientists found a drug which replicates the actions of the virus.


The results showed that the mice’s metabolism increased which is remarkable, however…

As of yet the evidence did not show any weight loss in the mice, nor does it offer the same sensation of exercise felt through the release of endorphins which makes exercise addictive.

Yet, given in doses over a period of time it almost acts as a performance enhancing drug, whereby the mice seemed to appear fitter almost, as if they have been training for a long period of time.

So, as a result it is not yet ready to be tested on human subjects Рbut is only about 5 years away according to the scientists РI think we will stick to what we know works for the time being.


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