Nootropic App? You Will NOT Believe this

Nootropic App?  You Will NOT Believe this
While most people drink their morning coffee, nootropics users take a pill for the cognitive effects, biohackers make specialized and personalized recipes that they feel give peak performance in area like memory or focus. Most nootropics are based around caffeine and B vitamins, as well as natural extracts thought to improve brain function in areas like memory or focus.
Now a group of individuals have come up with an idea to track and monitor the physical effects of nootropics, supplemented with manual logging, to help nootropics users track their optimal usage. This would all be available and done by an app that people could access through items such as the Apple Watch and Jawbone devices.
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The end vision is a bit of a flywheel, whereby there’s fully-customized personal consumables and step two, collecting all your environmental biometric data via wearables, a software layer. And three, let’s pull in your genomic data and then you have this virtuous cycle that you can constantly tweak.

The end result would be a personalized product based on that data.The alpha software is currently being tested, and is developed for iOS. Right now, the app is completely manual, tracking energy level and whether the feeling is pleasant or unpleasant.

The users for this app care about being able to customize their daily doses of brain-stimulating compounds rather than just smashing coffee all day long.

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