PhiNaturals TestPlus Testosterone Booster Review

PhiNaturals TestPlus Testosterone Booster Review


First Look:

Again, we have something here that looks more akin to an old school shaving soap stick than a testosterone booster, a significant lack of color or any graphics means this melts in to the background of the shelf and unlikely to be picked unless someone wants to shave their gooch.

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Let’s take a look at the ingredients in more depth:

Fenugreek – A proven ingredient as found in our #3 Testosterone Booster, Testo+ and our benchmark product; Testofuel.

Tribulus Terrestris – Once regarding as the mother of all testosterone boosters, it was all crap. Further testing has ruled this out to be nothing more than helping boost libido at best. Avoid.

 Longjack (Eurycoma Longifolia, TongKat Ali) – Is a pro-fertility agent and aphrodisiac that appears to have a large body of evidence supporting this role and some evidence suggesting it may be an anti-estrogen and pro-erectile agent. Although there’s some research to suggest it may increase testosterone levels in animals and humans it is pretty lackluster which doesn’t bode too well.

Panex Ginseng – This form of Ginseng is the most highly researched. There’s lots of evidence which suggest cognitive function, mood and immunity is increased, however, although there is evidence for better erections and an increase in testosterone production for infertile men there is also evidence contradictory evidence also.

Cordyceps – Evidence on tested rats to suggest this is a testosterone regulator rather than provide increases, however, only when injected as it has poor bio-availability.


2 pills per day – this amounts to 1125mg– this is near the bottom for content available per day (the lowest being 1000mg). 2 pills isn’t ideal at all but a dose of 4 pills per day is better to avoid peaks and troughs of the ingredients to take full effect. Either way, you are looking at around a third less of ingredients in this product than our top 3 boosters.

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The Fenugreek is a good shout, it’s a great proven ingredient to have in any testosterone booster. However, that is when it all ends. The rest of the ingredients have a very mixed bag of evidence which doesn’t bode well. Plus at this low level of ingredients even if they were good, they’re not going to do a great deal.


For the product, firstly the packaging is going to do it no favors, it does not scream supplement or testosterone booster at all.  For the customer, their just isn’t enough ingredients for a start and realistically, not enough correct, proven ingredients either. At best this will do very little, at worst, it does very little and costs $19.95 for the privilege.


It started off well with a not so insignificant dose of Fenugreek, however, a product cannot rely on just one ingredient to raise testosterone levels. From Fenugreek matters became wishy washy, the other ingredients have no real basis of prove behind them to raise testosterone levels and the overall daily dose is a very low and spiteful 1125mg – to put this in to context TestoFuel offers 3000mg, PrimeMale, 2393mg and Testo+, 2557mg.  So really, when you look at it against the decent competition, this, like it’s packaging pales into insignificance.



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