NRL Player Steroid Shame // Jarrod Mullen’s 4 Year Ban

NRL Player Steroid Shame // Jarrod Mullen’s 4 Year Ban

In another turn for the sport of Rugby League, it seems Newcastle Knights start Jarrod Mullen has received a 4 year ban for using steroids to help him recover after an injury.

Presently 30 years of age, this will effectively end his professional career.

Mullen was handed a provisional suspension back in January for an out of season sample test which was analysed.

The test confirmed that the start who debuted with Newcastle Knights when he was 18 years old and played for New South Wales in the State of Origin clash had used Drostanolone which is a banned substance.

Mullen pleaded that his use of the banned substance was not for a performance enhancement but to help recover from his second major hamstring injury within 12 months.

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