Nutri Ninja Professional Nutrient & Vitamin Extractor Review // Make Juices, Shakes and Smoothies

Nutri Ninja Professional Nutrient & Vitamin Extractor Review // Make Juices, Shakes and Smoothies

First Look:

The Nutri Ninja looks awfully similar to the Nutribullet.

Essentially they do the same thing, they pulp and grind ingredients in to drinks with out losing any of the nutrients.

Nothing is left to waste, it is all pulped in to a smooth drink of your choice which makes it easier to consume and quicker to digest.

Overall the product is not really much bigger than a kettle. It fits on your kitchen worktops easily, looks smart, modern and feels robust and of good quality.

You are provided with 2 supplement style protein shakers which are much checker and heavier, the lids are like a shaker to meaning you can easily drink this on the go. Not only that, they are water tight so take it in your bag or just throw it on the car seat.

This particular Nutri Ninja comes with a 900 watt motor and this is an entry level machine.

I picked this because I simply want to blend some fruit, seeds and yogurt to make a breakfast drink for my 60 mile journey to work.

I used to either eat a sugar laden breakfast style muesli bar or toast with cheese on, I found that this probably wasn’t too good for keeping trim and reducing fat.

Overall the package and the product looked smart and it was cheaper to buy that the equivalent Nutiriullet.


  • The main 900 watt unit
  • 500ml BPA free shaker style cup
  • 650ml BPA free shaker style cup
  • 2 x water tight sports lids
  • Blade system
  • Recipe book


While the accessories are limited, it is all you need to make healthy and delicious shakes, smoothies and fruit juices conveniently and quickly.

The motor is strong and it it is simply a case of twist and click to secure the cup on to the power unit.

Once on, just push the cup down and the motor is activated.

The blades easily screw on to the cup, once finished blending, unscrew and either drink your concoction as is or screw a sports lid on to take away and drink with no mess.

The little spout  has a lid that clips all the way back so it doesn’t rest on the end of your nose…nice little touch.

I picked this up pretty cheap from Amazon and it was not much more expensive than much lesser models with just 250 or 300 watt motors that would probably only be able to blend a raspberry and water.

The motor makes easy work of blending banana, frozen mixed berries, seeds and linseed plus natural thick yogurt.

The recipe book gives your some great inspiration and tells you what fruits, vegetables and spices or seasonings work well together…I am yet to blend a sweet potato but I am sure this can make mincemeat of it.

It is really easy to clean as well. A quick rinse of the blades immediately after use and your are good to go.

As the cup is an integral part of the system once you finished blending you use the cup to drink from, no messing around with pouring it in to a different piece of kitchen ware.

The pulse function is great, it really helps to work through the harder ingredients.

The main motor unit is heavy, encased in metal and have nice rubber pads on the bottom so it feels secure and of good quality.

Additionally, to activate the blending you push down on the cup rather than push a button on the front or the side. This means you have a full control of the unit, no worries of it vibrating off of the work surface.

This is an extremely convenient and tasty way to have more fruit and veg plus the benefits of nuts and seeds or even dairy.

This can help you lose fat.


The motor is quite loud. I get up early and if I lived with anyone they would be annoyed with the noise in the morning. My cat is not particularly keen of the noise either.

I wish the cups, although only a small annoyance, would fit in to the cup holder in my car or were at least a little narrower to hold between my legs when driving.

I wish the recipe book contained more recipes. I know you can get them anywhere online etc but I prefer having the book open in the kitchen guiding me. I am not a fan of having a tablet in a kitchen.

Nutri Ninja Conclusion:

Overall, I am very happy that I bought this Nutri Ninja.

It may be entry level but I am sure it does everything I will ever need and for the majority of people.

Plus, who wants to clutter their kitchen and storage with endless plastic components that will never be used? No-one!

If you want to make a quick juice, smoothie or shake packed full of fruit, seeds and dairy such as milk or yogurt this absolutely nails it.

It only takes approximately 4 minutes from grabbing the ingredients from the fridge, freezer or pantry to throwing them in the cup and then a quick burst of 20 secs or so and you are done. A quick rinse of the blade under the tap and you are good to go.

All of the fruit and seeds are pulverized in to a smooth, drinkable drink.

This means, instead of eating a sugar laden breakfast bar on my commute to work in the car I am free drink a banana,  mixed berries plus yogurt and seeds before I even start the day properly.

That is very convenient and nutritious.

Get one while you can.

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