Obesity And Lower Testosterone: It Can Ruin Your Sex Life

Obesity And Lower Testosterone: It Can Ruin Your Sex Life

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Obesity has more potential issues than just heart disease and diabetes, it can even have ruinous effects on your social and sexual life.

For men, obesity can also decrease the length of time that an erection can be maintained plus a lower sexual desire, thus causing potential relationship problems.

Obesity is linked to lower testosterone levels that helps the development of bones and sexual organs, and erectile dysfunction has been attributed to decreased levels of the male hormone, testosterone.

The increases in body fat increase more sex hormone binding globulin’s (SHBG) in the system, these SHBG is actually a chemical found naturally in the body which binds to testosterone, as a result, there’s less free testosterone left for the body to use with the normal demands of a healthy sex life.

Notwithstanding the more regularly discussed risks of heart disease, hypertension, type 2 diabetes, stroke, cancer etc.

Then there’s joint problems, breathing difficulties and potential cardiac death.

It can then lead on to more mental issues such as depression, social isolation and a lower quality of life.

So what are the causes of obesity?

Well, in simple terms it is excess in the body which is brought upon by a lack of exercise and and an excessive consumption of calories. It is a worrying that obesity is on the increase throughout the world and in countries such as India who suffer from the 3rd largest levels of obesity in the world.

Unfortunately once obese, people can fall in to a rapid decline of self confidence and esteem which leads them to exercise less and eat more.

What can we do?

Although there are rapid developments in technology which offer surgical ways to reduce body fat levels, the experts still insist that the best way to reduce obesity is a calorie controlled diet and an increase in physical exercise.

There are also natural fat burners available that can help with for program for fat loss…much cheaper than surgery!

It is also noted that certain type of food are responsible for making people fat such as refined carbohydrates and excess sugar found in soft drinks and these should be avoided, only eat whole and nutritious foods. Just leave the chilli fries to the side.


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