UK’s National Health Service May Offer Testosterone Therapy For Women

UK’s National Health Service May Offer Testosterone Therapy For Women

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The United Kingdom’s National Health Service (NHS) could potentially offer testosterone therapy for women to increase sexual desire. The call has come from a doctor of the Royal College of Obstertricians and Gynaecologists who has said that it could also be able to increase women’s mood and combat lethargy.

The main hurdle being that there are not any licensed testosterone products designed specifically for women who would require a lower dose than men.

The figures show that one third of all women are effected by a lack of testosterone in their lives which has knock on effects to their daily lives.

One of the issues is that there is a real lack of education and awareness of low testosterone levels in women. As a result, the knowledge of the benefits brought about by testosterone therapy are not out there.


However, it is imperative to note that this would not act like a switch as seen in Viagra for men.

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However, the growing thought is that it definitely should be included in the counselling process as up to 15% of women suffer from a lack of libido.

This is known as hypoactive sexual desire disorder; this can be brought on by a range of medical or mental health issues or factors in their relationship.

Yet, those who had taken part in hormonal therapy had noticed large increases in their mood, energy, muscle strength and stamina.

Yet, there just isn’t anything for these doctors to prescribe from the treatments available on the National Health Service (NHS), as such, these doctors have had to use ‘off label’ products.

The only products available at present are for men, these then have to be then measured down to provide a level tuned for women who produce their own testosterone in the adrenal glands and ovaries.

The NHS prescribed over 370,000 doses of testosterone at a cost of £21.3m/$26.01m over the year.

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