Primal Boost 10x Testosterone Booster Review

Primal Boost 10x Testosterone Booster Review

Primal Muscle have brought out a testosterone booster called Primal Boost 10X.

It looks quite basic and and contains a hidden proprietary blend which makes me distrust a product.

Read the full review to find out more.

LAST UPDATED: August 2019 by Ben.

Primal Boost 10x First Look

This testosterone booster offering looks quite simple and bold.

Certainly attention grabbing, the problem is it just does not look like a quality product, it looks like the basic or essential range you would find in a grocery store.

Bold, simple, cheap – buy cheap, buy twice!

However, product packaging can be quite deceiving.

What may seem boring, outdated and not up to much can actually be very good, and on the other side of the coin, those products with big imagery and audacious claims can be terrible.

What is important is what is within the product, what ingredients and what doses.

Not to mention proof from various reputable research studies.

Who are Primal Muscle?

You may be surprised to read that Primal Muscle have been trading for around twenty years.

They say that they produce supplements that can get you fast results. We all know that building muscle and cutting fat is a slow laborious process, though.

The site itself is not particularly informative. Some supplement companies have loads of information about how to train effectively or even offer nutrition advice.

Some websites (we’re looking at you MuscleTech) even have a TV station and ‘lifestyle’ guide.

This is the shift we are noticing regarding supplements…they’re becoming an accessory in their own right.

Primal Muscle seem to be old school. They do not seem to be keeping up with the bigger boys.

Primal Boost 10x Claims

Like their website, the claims for Primal Boost 10x are fairly simple.

Primal Muscle have stated that they have had user feedback who feel more alpha. This is across the gym floor, boardroom and bedroom.

Yet, this is above and beyond their claims of increasing muscle mass, stamina and improving mood.



primal boost 10x ingredients panel

There’s a good combination of 9 ingredients here but a low dose of 1760mg.

In addition to this, it is proprietary blend and in our eyes this is a big negative.

Tribulus Terrestris

Okay, if you are new to supplements you will probably have read about tribulus or seen something about it.

Legend dictates that this plant can increase human testosterone levels.

Science does not agree and has provided contradictory evidence against these claims from a Bulgarian laboratory from the Cold Ware era.

Just to confirm, tribulus does not increase testosterone.

If you are  woman taking this please note that tribulus can be harmful for breastfeeding and when you are pregnant. [1]

Saw Palmetto

Found in the South Eastern regions of the US, the extracts from this palm tree have been used traditionally by tribes of the region.

Science has investigated the claims that it can alleviate prostate issues that could be brought on by steroid use.

However, it seems it is best used as a placebo than actually having any biological benefit. [2] [3]


Fenugreek has been proven to increase the ability to natural produce more testosterone, as a result it is included in the #1 test booster.

Additionally, it is also proven to help lose weight. Overall, fenugreek is often overlooked, but it would be foolish to do so. [4]

Coleus forskohlii

Since the ancient times people have been trying to find cures for illnesses and diseases. Coleus was once such plant that was used particularly for respiratory issues.

However, those people from the ancient times got this one wrong. There’s no evidence to suggest that it does help with either heart or respiratory ailments.

More interestingly there’s a little bit of noise surrounding its effects on testosterone and even fat loss.

That said, while there maybe some promising signs lots of research needs to be done before anything is confirmed because the results have been patchy and inconsistent.

500mg daily is required for any effect. [5]

Milk Thistle

Milk thistle has a bit of evidence that it can help protect or clean the liver and kidneys.

This should in theory help prevent or treat liver disease.

However, there have been precious few studies actually conducted and there’s contradictory evidence.

Furthermore, it is understandable if you are to take this alongside steroids which can stress the liver, however, this is just a supplement to help increase your own natural hormone production and as such would not have an effect on the liver. [6]

Longjack (Eurycoma Longifolia)

This is found in lots of test boosters, however, this is mainly due to how misunderstood it is…

Longjack does not actually increase testosterone as previously thought…

Recent scientific studies have illustrated that its best use is to reduce stress which can affect testosterone and hormone production. [7]

Alpha-Lipoic Acid

If you eat meat often you will get alpha-lipoic acid, you can get some from fruit and veg but not at the high amounts.

But, why is it included in this testosterone booster?

Yes, it is slightly baffling…

Studies have demonstrated that it can help reduce inflammation (inflammation inhibits hormone production).

It may also help combat oxidation damages experienced from ageing, as a result, it can potentially be an anti-ageing nutrient.

There’s a bit of evidence that it may be able to help weight loss in people who are obese but this is in doses of near 2g and the evidence is not quite compelling.

A normal dose is usually no less than 300mg. [8]

Horny Goat Weed

The story goes that goats were released in to a field where they started eating Epimedium (HGW) and started getting frisky.

Therefore, humans started using the plant to increase virility.

And, the scientific studies do support this ancient hypothesis. However, there is no evidence to suggest that it can increase testosterone levels. [9]

Black Pepper Extract

Bioperine can prevent enzymes that would otherwise attack cells and it also increases the absorption rate of nutrients taken.

This can increase the overall effectiveness of the supplement. [10]

 PROS – One ingredient that is good to increase testosterone. A further ingredient that can help protect testosterone secretion from stress.

 CONS – Low daily dose, proprietary blend and a lack of proven and effective ingredients with hard evidence.


Primal Boost 10x is $59. That is getting quite pricey especially for something that looks so cheap.

There doesn’t appear to be any multi-buy offers either to encourage you to buy more bottles.


3 pills per day, preferably we would prefer 4 pills per day and this is the dosing schedule found with the best products.

This ensures your body has an even amount of nutrients to process throughout the day instead of high peaks and low troughs.

A daily dose is 1768mg.


It has 9 ingredients, of which just one (fenugreek) has a good background and proven record to stimulate more testosterone in your body.

However, bare in mind that we do not know the actual amount that is included in this proprietary blend, therefore it could be a nice solid dose of 100-200mg per day, or more likely, it is 1-10mg per day.

The rest of the ingredients perform different tasks, the problem being, I am unsure why they are present and how they are relevant to increasing testosterone.

Saw Palmetto and Milk Thistle are potentially helpful but even then the positive evidence is thin and far between.



For starters the daily dose is almost 50% of the best performing testosterone booster we can find on the market today.

Secondly there is a proprietary blend – this is real hand in head type stuff and immediately makes me lose trust in a product if they are unwilling to disclose the exact amounts of each ingredient included.

The dosing schedule isn’t perfect but not the worst.

However, what kills it is the real mismatch of ingredients – there appears to be no real focus and as such the product is not really going to have any real effect.

Having an ingredient such as tribulus is ultimately very naive and shows a real lack of research. Plus tribulus can be harmful to the unborn fetus.

My Primal Boost 10x Testosterone Booster Review Conclusion

Ultimately this is a bit of a confused product with a real lack of awareness from the manufactures and a real lack of direction too.

There’s only 1 proven ingredient to help with increasing testosterone levels.

The rest have a very poor background in having any effect on testosterone levels at all, which begs the question, why were they included?

Take a look at what we consider to be the best testosterone boosters on the market today.





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