Pull Ups and Chin Ups

Pull Ups and Chin Ups
testosteronejunkie.com - Pull Ups
testosteronejunkie.com – Pull Ups

Pull Ups and Chin Ups are a great compound exercise that hit seven muscle groups in the upper body region including:




-Upper back

-Abdominal wall



If you hold a fixed overhead bar you should pull yourself up and touch the top of your chest to the bar, then hold and slowly lower yourself keeping your head facing forward . Repeat the process in a controlled and slow manner – do not burst up and drop down quickly or you will risk injury and will not reap the full potential of the exercise.

Always find the best grip and width for you and your body, do not over stretch your shoulders because the big guy in the stringer vest in the gym does so, his body structure may well be very different to yours and his program may not be compatible with you either.  Always prevent injury.

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