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Let’s be clear that I in no way condone nor lambast the use of anabolic steroids – I see users every day; they’re in the gym, star in adverts, on the playing field and appear on my Facebook newsfeed in lads holiday photo’s to Magaluf/Ibiza/Malia etc.

I couldn’t care less about their use, I have never touched them, I have been tempted but I never did in the end, perhaps I am fairly genetically suited for lifting and shifting heavy stuff.  However, not everyone is and I am am certainly not here to preach about the dangers or legalities of anabolic steroids but they deserve a mention.

I think the problem with Anabolic Steroids is they’re taboo and it is this that has produced epic proportions of dishonesty which is a huge barrier to the genuine weightlifter who aspires to build muscle and might.

Some bodybuilders and strength athletes only reached the pinnacle because they had anabolic steroid assistance yet they consistently claim that they are natural.  This dishonesty usually stems from being conscious of their ‘competition’; wanting people to believe their gains are hard fought for and not willing to tarnish their public image as well as potentially distancing themselves from sponsorship or affiliates.

Along with the drugs are training methods that are only suitable for steroid users yet they are promoted as training methods for the drug free masses for everyone to follow.

However, these often touted methods do not work for the guys free of steroids and who are genetically typical. Because these training methods are so unproductive (for the drug free), most people quickly become frustrated and disappointed…which then leads to looking for a quick fix and emulate what the other ‘successful’ guys have achieved.  Realistically these short term gains only benefit the dealers.

In the end it is a personal decision whether you want to go down the assisted route, however, open your eyes and understand that much of what you see on social media, be it all the chiseled torso’s holding glasses of champagne on holiday, the online Personal Trainers offering ‘personalised’ online diet and training plans or the perma-tanned bods promoting a new protein formula may not be exactly what it seems.  If you stick to the basics and do the big lifts you will really surprise yourself what you can achieve without anabolic steroids.



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