Rapid Tone Ultra Fat Burner Review

Rapid Tone Ultra Fat Burner Review

Rapid Tone Pro for Women Reviewed

First Look

When looking for a fat burner we want something that is full of the necessary ingredients that can stimulate fat burn.

We want a weight management supplement to help control calorie intake so we burn more calories safely and effectively.

This fat burner supplement from Rapid Tone Ultra is aimed at women, and it looks great. The bottle is free from confusing images or multiple text styles.

It looks clean, effective and trustworthy. That it is for women does not matter.

If it is good, it is good. Period.

So is it worth buying?

About the company

Rapid Tone Ultra is a sub brand of Nutra 4 Health. Nutra 4 Health are based in Delaware and have a range of products that are ‘inspired by nature’.

And, their other product range has that clean white bottle with hints of foliage to make it look like they have handpicked each vitamin from a tree and gently caressed the extract by doing a ritual dance.

By magic it then ends up in around 10,000 plastic and very unnatural bottles ready for shipment.

I think I am being unnecessarily fair, so I clicked on their ‘about’ page to learn their origins. I hoped it would be a family operation from gentler times, such as the late 1950’s.

However, there’s no information on the ‘about’ page. I can only imagine they are lost in some sort of psychedelic fornication from the 1960’s.

Product Claims

This fat burner from Rapid Tone Ultra has three distinct claims that they abide by.

They are:

Suppress appetite

Burn fat

Boost metabolism

I am not against either of these three areas. In fact they are what the majority of us crave. If only there was an effective product we could buy…

Rapid Tone Pro Price

$39.95 – Mid-premium

Supplement Dose

Two pills provide 1300mg. That is not horrendous, but it is a fairly low dose in comparison to other effective fat burners.

The big issue is the dosing strategy of just two pills.

Any water soluble ingredients cannot be stored by the body and are easily passed with urine.

Therefore, it is much better if you have higher number of doses throughout the day as per the best fat burners.

Ingredients: The Research

rapid tone ultra ingredients panel


– Green Coffee Bean

Green coffee beans are pre roasted coffee beans and they are high in caffeine plus chlorogenic acid.

Both are thermogenics meaning they increase the body temperature.

In response your body works hard to regulate your temperature and burns energy in doing so, this helps to burn more calories. [1]

– Raspberry Ketones

Many products still use raspberry ketones as a fat burning ingredients and preach the same old rhetoric.

However, raspberry ketones have never once been proven or have never once demonstrated in reliable and reputable studies to have a positive effect on fat loss.

Do not believe the hype. It is not true. [2]

– Garcinia Cambogia

Garcinia offers a mixed bag of results, most of them inconclusive when it comes to helping people lose fat mass.

However, there is a slim chance for people who are stage 1 obese.

This is the initial stage of obesity and it is a downhill spiral from there on in unless you make big nutritional and exercise changes. [3]

– Caffeine

Caffeine is everyone’s favorite psychoactive substance in the world. [4]

Unlikely to coheres you in to grand theft auto to feed your addiction but it does help fat loss.

Thermogenic properties increase body temperature and your body urns calories trying to cool you down.

But it also helps increase physical performance, improve recovery times and increases focus.

You can see why over 80% of the western world has caffeinated drinks. [5]

– Green Tea

Green tea may be seen as the odd drink that girl drinks in the office, but there’s more to it than you may think.

Green Tea and its extracts can stimulate calorie burn and fat loss. Not only that, it improves recovery rates after training meaning you can get back exercising as soon as possible. [6]

Ingredients Summary

After going through each individual ingredients and looking sat the related studies it is safe to say there are only three conclusively beneficial ingredients regarding fat loss.

These are:

  1. Caffeine
  2. Green Coffee
  3. Green Tea

Garcinina does not offer consistent nor reliable results and raspberry ketones has no form of reputable studies to confirm that it increases fat loss.

It is good to see the former three though as these proven ingredients are found in the best fat burners.

Rapid Tone Side Effects

This supplement is mainly safe although there are concerns that garcinia cambogia may harm the liver if you have liver disease.

All of the other ingredients should not cause any harm.

Pros & Cons


  • There are three proven ingredients to stimulate fat burn
  • Two ingredients can improve recovery ties and reduce muscle sorness
  • No proprietary blend


  • Lack of additional proven ingredients
  • Low daily dose
  • Two ingredients have no solid body of proof that they can burn fat

Rapid Tone Ultra Video Review

Review Conclusion

Unfortunately this fat burner from Rapid Tone Ultra does not include a vast array of proven fat burning ingredients.

There are three useful and beneficial ingredients, all with reliable studies confirming their effectiveness at burning fat, increasing focus and improving muscle recovery.

However, this still omits many other proven ingredients that would have complimented the product. Instead they included two further ingredients that lack any conclusive evidence that they can assist with weight management.

Take a look at the best legal and safe fat burners on the market.


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> Increase metabolism

> Increase Energy

> No banned ingredients

> Thermogenics

> Get the BEST deals


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