The Rise Of Supplements: How To Buy Safely

The Rise Of Supplements: How To Buy Safely

With many outlets and different supplements available, where can we buy safely?

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It cannot be denied that fitness supplements are part and parcel of mainstream life. From the billboard advertisements, to the Mars and Snickers protein bars and shakes. Everyone wants to eat ‘clean’ and consume more protein for muscle tone. These are the constant messages we are seeing and hearing, not to mention the holiday six-packs and ‘squat booty’s’ seen on social media. It seems everyone is either a personal trainer or at least an authority on the subject, even if that authority is anecdotal evidence.

This has led to a huge growing market with a global value of $65 billion.

Much of these supplements are labelled under the ‘sports nutrition’ tag, however, unlike real food nutrition there aren’t any regulations or a single body keeping tabs on the release of these products unless they contain illegal substances and even then it can be hard to control.

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As a result this increases the risk of contamination massively. Many supplements are bought online with very little knowledge to the buyer where the ingredients were sourced or manufactured.  It is not entirely implausible to suspect that many supplements found for sale of places like eBay or Amazon are not produced in a garage or lock-up somewhere on a industrial park and this can risk tainting a whole industry.

As a result some sports professionals have fallen foul to drugs tests as a result of their contaminated supplements. Whilst others, notably in rugby, have been aware of taking steroids to improve their performance and recovery.

Other issues surrounding this recent increase in fitness popularity is that the sound advice of nutrition and health is drowned out by charlatans providing ‘quick fixes’ and new novel ways of training harder for longer whilst getting better results.

Whilst there have been lots of stories of protein powders not containing any whey or steroids not not being as strong anymore it highlights the risks of buying, particularly on-line.

It is also remembering that you do get (but not always) what you pay for. Anything cheap is going to be reflected in the product quality, also try to buy direct from the manufacturer online and have it delivered straight to your home. That way you can ensure against counterfeit items and the highest quality. Places like Amazon and eBay are rife with counterfeit goods or poorly manufactured supplements so try to avoid buying from there.


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