Testogen Testosterone Booster Review

Testogen Testosterone Booster Review

If you are looking for an effective natural testosterone booster supplement, you may have already heard about Testogen and it’s latest improved formula.

I thought the original nutrient profile was mediocre, but it has since been transformed in to one of the best products that you can buy to increase your test levels.

Read my full analysis, personal results and guide below!

LAST UPDATED: September 2019 by Ben.


Testogen Supplement Guide

This new and improved formula makes a great testosterone booster!

With so many testosterone booster products on the market, it can be difficult to understand what works and what is a waste of money.

This is down to the nutritional content. Okay, anabolic steroids increase testosterone levels, but these steroids fill you with synthetic testosterone – it is not natural.

To raise your test levels naturally, you need to trigger more hormone production.

You may wish to do this for a number of reasons, but, as men age, testosterone levels naturally decline. [1]

Take back Control

However, many trials and studies have discovered certain vitamins and minerals actually help increase testosterone production.

This way you can actually help reverse the natural decline in testosterone which can contribute to weaker bones, fatigue, muscle waste metabolic syndrome and even mood or cognitive decline. [2]

These are natural and safe nutrients, many found in everyday foods but in high amounts that may not be convenient to include in your daily nutrition plan.

Latest Upgrade

With this in mind it is interesting to see that Testogen has released a new formula.

Gone are ingredients such as Tribulus and Selenium, now it includes a concise nutrient profile whereby each ingredient has scientific proof to validate its presence.

There’s also some added extras too which can help nurture testosterone growth.

Overall, an increase of testosterone can help you in the gym by increasing muscle mass [3] or just help you feel better overall to improve quality of life. [4]


Testogen offers complete transparency of its ingredients, there is not a proprietary blend in place to conceal how much of each ingredient is included.

Then there’s a large number of ingredients (11 to be exact) that can increase testosterone, reduce inflammation and help reduce estrogen.

Furthermore, while each unit is at a premium price (reflects the product itself), there are some great multi-buy discounts which are very tempting and make the value skyrocket.

This multi-buy discount almost halves the price per unit! That means a monthly supply is only $36/£24.

They even offer a free e-Book offering advice about testosterone and how to increase your hormone levels.

Zero Risk

There’s also a 67 day risk-free guarantee. So, if you’re not happy with your purchase you can send it back for a refund.

That’s a sure sign of product confidence!

Who’s behind Testogen?

Following some research we found that a company called Wolfsonberg Limited is behind Testogen, plus a number of other brands.

There’s a little confusion as to where Wolfsonberg Ltd are located because three different addresses are made available on their website, in three different countries.

Plus there is a registered address that appears to be in North London, UK.

Coincidentally North London is host to many scientific institutes, no less the Francis Crick Institute which brings together a multinational community of biomedical researchers making it the largest facility if its kind in Europe.

Relevant Location

It could be suggested that being in a hub for scientific research is great for collaboration.

In fact, their website states that they are a mix of nutritionists, designers, engineers and medical professionals amongst other professionals aiming to increase their customers’ well being.

Their website does look slick and very professional, and, having multiple international locations plus easy to reach contact details helps instill consumer confidence.

TL:DR Video Review

 PROS – Testogen will trigger increased testosterone secretion and represents good value.

 CONS – K2 would have been a better option that K1.

Ingredients: What’s in it?

This is where it counts.

There’s lots of products on the market that claim to increase testosterone but include nutrients with poor research or anecdotal evidence rather than scientific evidence.

This is how Testogen performs…

Testogen improved formula ingredient panel 2018


Magnesium is a mineral that is often mentioned in the same sentence as muscle function. That is because it is involved and essential for energy and the balance of electrolytes.

Without sufficient magnesium it can result in a reduction of physical performance and increase oxidative stress. [5]

One of the issues that we face is the loss of magnesium from sweating, so if you are involved in lots of exercise, your magnesium levels are likely to be low, plus most people in the US are deficient in magnesium. [6]

Furthermore, studies have demonstrated that minerals such as zinc and magnesium increase testosterone levels. [7]

Vitamin B6

Studies whereby rats (very similar biologically to humans) were fed a diet that was free from vitamin B6 saw a significant depletion of testosterone. [8]

Other health problems that come with a deficiency in B6 include:

  • depression
  • irritability
  • confusion

Also, it is important to remember that B6 cannot be stored by the body, you need to top it up everyday  and surplus is secreted via the urine. [9]


There has been research performed to understand how zinc affects hormone levels, this is because of cases whereby testicular failure has been linked to insufficient levels of zinc.

The studies found that low testosterone can be corrected with oral zinc supplementation. [10]

This is then further confirmed with a study that demonstrated zinc and magnesium reduced stress ad increased testosterone when administered to football players. [11]

Vitamin D3

There’s plenty of information online regarding D3 and testosterone. So much so, that you have to wade through many articles and sites that are not produced by reputable sources or citing referenced studies.

However, the work is worth it because there is evidence to support the notion that vitamin D increases testosterone levels in men. Especially in doses over 3000iu. [12]

Further evidence points to D3 having a positive impact of insulin sensitivity by decreasing quantitative insulin sensitivity check index (QUICKI) by a significant margin. This can help prevent or treat obesity. [13] [14]

Vitamin K1

We have research K2 before and discovered that the studies support K2 as an ingredient to be included in a testosterone booster.

However, vitamin K1 does help prevent osteoporosis and consequencing bone fractures, there’s even evidence that demonstrates the effectiveness of K1 and K2 for preventing cardiovascular ill health.

Yet, the evidence also shows that K2 is more effective than K1 and that it has a longer half life. [15]

Therefore, I am slightly puzzled as to why K2 has not been used.

D-Aspartic Acid

What’s the story regarding DAA?

Well, there seems to be some conflicting advice and contradictory studies…

However, one thing appears to be key. Do not have a high dose as studies have shown that 6g of DAA can actually reduce testosterone. [16]

If you are already well rehearsed in weight training DAA will probably not have any effect.

However, DAA is beneficial for those men who are infertile and new to training whereby this amino acid helps regulate the synthesis of testosterone in the testes. [17] [18]

Nettle Leaf

One thing to note is that nettle does not increase testosterone – there’s no proof that it does.

However, nettle can reduce inflammation. This is important because inflammation can be the cause of chronic disease. [19]

It is also worth pointing out studies demonstrate that inflammation can also reduce testosterone levels and production. [20]

Red (Korean) Ginseng

Red ginseng is reported to help with improving issues surrounding impotency, although some of the results are not entirely conclusive as of yet. [21]

Yet, more positively there’s evidence that red korean ginseng can help protect the testes and male reproductive system. [22]

Furthermore, when studied on rats ginseng increased testosterone levels. [23]


Fenugreek does not really get much attention which is surprising considering its benefits.

That’s because it can help you achieve that elusive ‘burn fat and build muscle’ goal.

Yes, there is evidence that supports the notion that fenugreek can both help reduce fat mass and increase testosterone. [24] [25]

Furthermore fenugreek is an anti-oxidant and has anti-diabetic qualities.


This mineral is not particularly well known, however, it has many positive health attributes.

These do include increasing testosterone levels but also reduces the risk of some cancers while improving bone development. [26]

Boron also reduces inflammation which can exacerbate chronic illnesses and reduce hormone production. [27]


Bioperine is the marketed name for black pepper extract and is reputed to help your body absorb the nutrients found in this supplement better.

This is because it is able to protect molecules from attack of enzymes. [28]

TestoGen Dose

Okay, for best effects you need to take 4 pills daily.

It is probably better to spread the pills out over the course of the day though to ensure you are topping up the nutrient levels rather than loading up and your body secreting anything it doesn’t need.

Each daily serving is in excess of 2715mg – that’s a good, positive dose and much higher than many other products.


This testosterone booster contains 11 ingredients and in solid doses too.

There’s nothing here that has sketchy or inconclusive studies available, this means that the whole of this supplement will help towards increasing your natural testosterone production.

This means there is no risk of premature baldness, gyno or acne which can be caused or enhanced by anabolic steroids.

It is good to see that the full ingredient profile is transparent so we know exactly what is in this supplement.


Testogen also works out to be very competitively priced when bought as a multi-buy coming in at less than $40 per month.

You also get a free booklet informing you about testosterone and how to maximize your natural production.

These ingredients are perfect for a lifting beginner, a hardened gym rat, someone looking for a PCT or just an average guy looking to retrieve a bit more vigor.

This latest formula is much better than the last maligned product, in fact this is looking like it will feature in our top 3 testosterone boosters.


The only real issue I have with this product is the inclusion of vitamin K1 when the studies suggest that K2 is a better option for stimulating testosterone.

There’s also a lack of testimonials, yet the ingredients do stack up as do the available studies.

Okay, if you buy just one bottle at a time it is on the pricey side, however, this is a premium product with high doses of each included ingredient.


You would find it extremely difficult to get these levels of each ingredient from just eating foods.

But, if you take advantage of the multi-buy offer it reduces the price per bottle drastically but also be aware that Testogen is only available direct. So you cannot pick this up from the store.

That does mean you know it is not a counterfeit product and you are getting the best possible price.


Of course it must be noted that supplements do not face the same stringent rules that drugs or conventional foods do, this is because they fall under a different classification. [29]

This means that the onus is on the manufacturer to ensure that products are not mislabeled nor misbranded.

As such, the supplement company holds the responsibility, not the government for what you are taking.

This could potentially be a big risk.


However, Testogen seems to have been on the market for a very long time and each ingredient is clearly listed, plus the doses included.

But lets run through each ingredient to see if there’s any possible safety concerns:

Magnesium appears to be safe in doses of less than 350mg daily.

Zinc consumption should be less than 40mg for optimal health.

Nettle will only cause irritation to the skin when leaves touch the skin.

Korean Ginseng may cause sleeping problems and headaches, but other than that it seems okay.

Fenugreek should be avoided if you are pregnant.

Apart from these minor, or noted concerns the ingredients are safe for human consumption.

Liquid Testogen Instant Testosterone Booster

testogen liquid bottle

Yes, there is also a liquid form of Testogen.

This is marketed as an ‘instant testosterone booster’, because, it comes in a bottle with a pipette.

Therefore, being in a liquid form, or soluble, it can be absorbed much more quickly that when it is in pill format. [30]

However, there are some slight nutritional differences, too.


liquid testogen bottle nutritional panel

Instead of going through all of the same ingredients as listed for the Testogen that comes in a pill format, I will cover the different ingredients.


Arginine is often found in supplements to increase and improve blood flow by relaxing arteries and vessels, allowing them to dilate and also increase nitric oxide. [31]

On its own, that is a good enough reason to be interested in this amino acid.

However, there is evidence which supports the theory that arginine can increase growth hormone which peak for about 60 minutes after it was taken orally. [32]

Horny Goat Weed (Epimedium)

The most notable effect of horny goat weed is how it can increase and improve erections. [33] [34]

However, in some cases, it is used and included in testosterone boosters to provide an obvious and notable effect in people.

That way, people think it is increasing testosterone levels, although it may be considered to be mimicking them.

There’s a bit of speculation that horny goat weed can increase testosterone, however, so far the only positive results have come from tests on rats.

That said, this does offer potential for use in humans. [35]

Suma Root (Pfaffia Paniculata)

This root from a plant also known as Brazilian Ginseng has demonstrated its abilities to increase testosterone in male mice for long periods of time with seemingly no adverse side effects. [36]

However, there are no studies available as of yet in humans, therefore we cannot be exactly sure whether it does have similar effects.

Moringa Olefera

This is a herbal plant that has been recognized by scientists for its multi-use benefits which could be used in foods for its nutraceutical effects. [37] [38]

According to studies in to the effects of moringa on male rats, it does have a positive effect on hormone levels by increasing testosterone, sperm count and testicular weight. [39]

As of yet, the majority of studies appear to be on animal models rather than humans, but all do look positive.

Instant Testosterone Booster Video


This form of Testogen takes the core nutrients from the pill format Testogen, such as:

  • Vitamin D3
  • Zinc
  • Ginseng

These are all ingredients which are proven to stimulate an increase in testosterone secretion.

However, this supplement goes a little further by including 4 additional ingredients, while being in a rapid delivery system.

Easier to digest

This means your body will process the nutrients much more quickly that solid pill or tablet format supplements.

Now, theoretically these additional ingredients offer a wide range of benefits, and in animal models, this is proven.

Yet, unfortunately, there is little evidence of any tests in humans, although what we have learned so far is promising and a good support product for the regular Testogen.

My Conclusions of Testogen

testogen results

While I am nearing 35 I am in denial. Not that I am going out to clubs each weekends thinking I am in my 20’s again, but more that I cannot believe the years are quickly flying by.

This means I am often left wondering why my body aches days after intense exercise, or why I find it harder to get out of bed and be motivated in the morning.

I appreciate that 34 or 35 isn’t old, and there’s older guys at my unit which compete in marathons and iron man challenges, yet it is the disbelief that my body isn’t as supple and isn’t as robust as it used to be.

Gone are the days where I could be rugby training three times during the week, get really drunk on the Friday night then play rugby Saturday, go out again on Saturday night to then play rugby for my local town on a Sunday.

Alas, now I have to be really careful. I have to ensure that I plan workouts and recovery if I want to get the best from any exercise routines – otherwise I am screwed.


Recovery is the hardest part of training for me now.

Using Testogen has helped me feel more revitalized and energetic, I don’t feel that I am dreading DOMS anymore.

Instead of languishing in bed in the morning and lurching down the stairs for a coffee I feel more ‘normal’, I dare say a bit younger.

The hardest part about getting older is not that you cannot perform on the field, run that marathon or lift those weights, it is just the recovery period that gets longer and more difficult.

Testogen helped improve my recovery rate so I could hit the gym three times per week, run around the countryside near where I live and do my army fitness training.

That to me is worth its weight in gold.


What other’s are saying about Testogen

On the whole, reviews are positive for Testogen, particularly after they had updated the formula.

If you weren’t aware, Testogen used to have a low amount of D3 and also included Tribulus.

Thankfully this about-turn has seen them increase the levels of D3 to a whopping amount while terminating Tribulus – good call!

As a result the formula has earned some impressive feedback, so full credit to Wolfson Berg for addressing the previous concerns that ourselves and others had raised.

And, the customers seem to be snapping up the product in the thousands!

testogen testimonials

The Take Home

A great testosterone booster that helps me recover faster so I can hit the gym more often!

This a really good testosterone booster – in fact one of the best on the market!

The ingredients make sense and there’s a large body of proof behind each ones effectiveness to either stimulate more testosterone or help alleviate inflammation.

There’s nothing included that does not help or benefit you at all. The daily dose is strong and transparent.

The free e-Book received with a 5 month supply of Testogen helps you understand more about testosterone, its importance and how to maximize your natural levels to improve your overall quality of life.

Where to buy Testogen – BEST DEAL

Click on the Testogen Coupon below for the best Testogen price…

Testogen best price coupon



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