My Rockstar SKINNY GAL Thermogenic Fat Cutter Review

My Rockstar SKINNY GAL Thermogenic Fat Cutter Review

My Rockstar SKINNY GAL Thermogenic Fat Cutter Review

First Look

Thermogenic fat burners can help maintain a healthy weight. 

Does that means this fat burner is full of thermogenics and thus can strip back the fat to unveil washboard abs and increase leg tone?

Let’s see…

I went out for dinner last night with my girlfriend and devoured hock ham terrine for starter, pork belly with fries for my main and a bottle of Sauvignon blanc to wash it all down with.

We didn’t want dessert but did fancy stopping off at a bar on our way home for a couple of espresso martini’s.

I then had a blood test first thing this morning to take a blood count to see why my groin is hurting.

On my hit list of food yesterday did include a steak pie too, so, in short I pretty much hit my calorie requirements easily.

This morning I felt pretty good considering the booze, but then slowly fell in to a short lived pit of despair.

However, this despair ensured that for my lunch today I had my staple of tuna plus vegetable rice when I could quite easily have succumbed to junk food near the office.

I managed to maintain a fairly strict regime over the summer months, however, it soon dwindled and this effective summer regime has been fragmented to say the least as time has moved on.

Yet, with vacations on the horizon, I want to ensure I do not look like a sack of potatoes for everyone’s sake.

So, here we are looking at a fat cutter that is aimed at females.

I never take such notice to marketing and look purely at the ingredients to see just how effective this can be and if it can better the market leader, Instant Knockout.

TL:DR – Video Review

Who is Rockstar?

The obvious choice is Mick Jagger.

Or Lennie.

But no, it transpires this fat burner has nothing to do with them.

It has nothing to do with the energy drink, either.

I can only find it for sale on Amazon and any link to a website that seems official does not yield a shopping cart area where you can buy it direct.

Funnily enough, they will offer a free bottle for a good review.

Make of that what you will.

Rockstar Skinny Gal Claims

Rockstar claim that their Skinny Gal pills are strong and effective.

‘…Extreme potency. Skinny Gal is the formula developed by women, for women…’

Supposedly they are all natural and 100% safe for women and the most powerful diet pill available for women.

There is a growing market for female fat burner diet pills, so these are bold claims and there’s a couple of female fat burners that are available that we have rated highly already.

Rockstar Skinny Gal Ingredients: The Science

skinny gal ingredients panel

– Rasberry Ketone

Raspberry Ketones were brought to most people’s attention by Dr. Oz who is oriobabaly the most famous doctor in the USA.

He stated that it is a new miracle fat burner, and weight losses will be had even without additional exercise.

He Lied. There’s no scientific proof to state tat this is true. [1]

– African Mango (Irvingia gabonensis)

It seems much of the positive research that can be found regarding African Mango has been funded by companies that process the nutrient for fat loss.

This is not exactly unbiased.

Furthermore, this quite often is crammed in with other fat burner ingredients so it is hard to distinguish whether it actually has any benefit. [2]

– Caffeine

Caffeine has many benefits.

These include endurance, focus and energy effects that can help improve your physical perfromance.

It is also proven to improve recovery rates and relieve the symptoms of DOMS.

More importantly, in this context is actually helps burn more calories and helps with fat loss. [3]

– Garcinia Cambogia

Garcinia may help those people who are know categorised as stage 1 obese.

But, otherwise, the results and trials have been unimpressive.

Taking this to lose weight is a real shot in the dark. [4]

– Conjugated Linolenic Acid (CLA)

CLA is one of those nutrients that offers vastly varying results.

The first study on fat loss produced some incredible data.

The female participants lost around 9% body fat with no changes of lifestyle.

This spurned a load more trials which have not produced anywhere near the same outcome.

However, lots of people pin their hopes on that initial study.

One thing to note is that the best chance of success if using CLA with a minimum 80% composition.

Unfortunately we have no idea what the composition is in Skinny Gal. [5]

– Capsicum (Cayenne)

Cayenne is a well established fat burner ingredient.

It helps increase core body heat. In response your body tries to regulate the temperature to cool you down.

This process burns calories and is known as thermogenesis.

When combined with other thermogenics this can effectively help you create a calorie deficient which will lead to fat loss.

We published a study regarding the effectiveness of thermogenics in fat burners and how they can be effective.

– Phaseolus Vulgaris (White Kidney Bean)

There’s a lot of opinions and theories that are circulated regarding the abilities of white button mushroom to help burn fat and burn calories.

The problem being that any related studies are ultimately flawed so we cannot find any concrete or consistent proof that it is effective. [6]

– Hoodia Gordonii

Any studies on Hoodia seem to yield inconclusive results.

It seems that Hoodia does not have any ability to reduce appetite and it appears to be mildly toxic. [7]

– 5-HTP (Griffonia)

5-HTP can help produce more serotonin.

More serotonin helps suppress the appetite, it also improves feelings of well being while fighting insomnia.

Interestingly it is serotonin that is raised when people use the drug ecstasy.

Ecstasy reduces the feelings of hunger and makes people feel very happy. [8]

– Green Coffee Bean

Green coffee beans have not been roasted and are not ready for consumption.

But, it is roasting the beans that makes it lose much of its fat reducing potency.

When they are roasted the levels of chlorogenic acid are halved.

Chlorogenic acid has many benefits such as calorie burn and reducing food cravings. [9]

– Apple Cider Vinegar

The problem with cider vinegar is that the weight loss effects are only temporary.

People lose weight when they use apple cider vinegar. As soon as they stop the weight returns.

This strongly suggests that it acts as a diuretic and the weight lost is just fluid rather than fat.

This would provide some rapid results but merely works as an illusion. [10]

– Turmeric

Most of the information I can find regarding turmeric is based around news articles and seems to be aimed at making sales rather than reputable sources and studies.

At best, it looks like that turmeric is an anti-inflammatory.

This is promising because high levels of inflammation can have a negative effect on hormones and be a trigger from chronic diseases.

This includes obesity.

Turmeric doesn’t directly help you burn more calories, but it can have a contributory effect. [11]

– Rhodiola rosea

Rhodiola is often found in nootropic supplements because it is able to help prevent cognitive degenerative diseases setting in.

Interestingly rhodiola in combination with citrus aurantium can help reduce fat mass.

Together they can produce much better effects that used alone. [12]

– Paullinia Cupana (AKA Guarana)

Guarana, when dosed precisely, can improve cognitive function.

Less is more when it comes to best effects.

Guarana also contains caffeine so there’s possibly some contributory weight loss effects and a study when combined with epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG) showed some weight loss benefits, but it is not clear whether it was the effects of epigallocatechin-3-gallate alone that helped. [13]

– L-Arginine

Often found in pre workout supplements because it opens up the blood vessels.

However, a study on mice has discovered that Arginine may be able to reduce fat mass and increase muscle.

This could hail a new way to treat obesity. [14]

– Papaya

In theory papaya has fat loss benefits because a substance found in papaya can break down fats and carbohydrates.

The problem is that your stomach acids change the effects and it is not clear whether taking papaya by mouth can then reap any benefits.

A real lack of clear consistent proof is holding this back. [15]

Skinny Gal Thermogenic Instructions

A mere 1 capsule daily.

This does not provide our body with the nutrients it needs to process throughout the day.

We get a big hit which floods our body but then for a prolonged period of time we have nothing.

Rockstar Skinny Gal Dose

The daily dose of 325mg is a very low amount overall compared to many fat burners.

In fact, this dose is not particularly good or confidence inspiring when you consider the best fat burners which tend to offer in excess of 3000mg.


Is this fat cutter specifically formulated just for women?

I personally think that is just a marketing tactic.

This combination of ingredients are available in many other fat burners, that is not to say that it actually 100% effective…

It does contain some good ingredients though that are reliable and effective.

These are in the shape of the following:

  • Cayenne
  • Caffeine
  • Green Coffee

This selection of ingredients have evidence that they can help raise body temperature, induce thermogenic effects and increase calorie expenditure.

As a result, these are commonly found in the best fat burners.

The we have a number of further ingredients that are not so common…

Apple Cider Vinegar has produced some fairly positive results in tests for weight loss but the consumption needs to be consistent otherwise the weight lost can reappear once it is stopped being used.

CLA has produced some positive results in the past, in tests it has performed well to then perform poorly in other studies which means its effectiveness just isn’t conclusive nor consistent.

5-HTP does not cut fat directly or have an effect on calorie expenditure, however, it can potentially surpress your appetite to prevent you reaching for those snacks.

Rhodiola can help protect cognitive function and Guarana, if dosed adequately can help improve memory and other cognitive function.

Recent studies have shed some light on arginine being able to reduce fat levels. This study is on mice though and not humans.

Studies have shown that arginine which is in doses of 5000mg can increase blood flow.

There’s no way near 5000mg per daily dose though in Skinny Gal.


This is not the worst fat cutting supplement I have seen, but there’s more than a few issues holding it back…

The daily dose is very low and can yield this as being less effective than the best fat burners.

This contains 16 ingredients in total which is a large amount, but, when broken down and analysed, only three of those can consistently and reliably improve your fat cutting ability.

It most definitely lacks the ability and the performance to reduce fat cell size when compared to supplements such as Instant Knockout.

Other problems lay with ingredients such as CLA that have, in the past, produced impressive results to cut fat, yet, more contemporary studies have failed to achieve the same level of success.

It does not help that we have no idea of the composition either, with 80% being required as a minimum.

Again, with Apple Cider Vinegar this needs to be taken continuously otherwise the weight lost returns quickly which could mean this is nothing more than water weight that we are losing.

Garcinia and Raspberry Ketones offer no reliable evidence to prove their fat reducing ability.

It also needs mentioning that this is not only an insignificant daily dose but also a proprietary blend.

This means the amount per ingredient is not disclosed and it is completely legal for trace amounts of each ingredient to be included and a lot of bulking agent.

Plus there’s a couple of ingredients that although not going to help reduce fat mass could potentially offer some benefit but they’re not dosed properly to be effective.

Furthermore, there are a lot of proven and reliable ingredients that are missing.

This seems like a bit of a lost opportunity.

Any unwanted side effects?

Papaya could potentially be unsafe when taken in large amounts orally. It may damage the throat.

Guarana may cause insomnia like symptoms and restlessness. Plus a whole host of other unwanted and irritating side effects.

5-HTP may cause heartburn but some people have developed life threatening neurological conditions.

African Mango may cause sugar levels problems that could be unsafe for people with diabetes.

Other Rockstar Skinny Gal Reviews

I took a look online to see what others were saying about Skinny Gal by Rockstar…

There’s the obvious ones but I found some others which stated that users were suffering from heartburn, bloated and even feelings of anxiousness and depression!

People also say that there’s no effect as an appetite suppressant nor any weight loss.

And, there’s other customers who have said their hormones were unbalanced and they were crying for days.

A man stated that he had stomach ache, felt sick and Skinny Gal brought on chest pains.

The general consensus is that Rockstar are offering a free bottle of Skinny Gal for a good review!

skinny gal testimonialsThere’s plenty of cases like those in the screenshot above!

My Rockstar SKINNY GAL Thermogenic Fat Cutter Review Conclusion

If you are a woman and looking to reduce fat mass after the holiday season, do not be lured in by the branding for this product.

There’s lots of reviews showing that there’s dishonest practices involved in order to get good feedback.

It only offers a small daily dose and a small amount number of proven and reliable ingredients to help cut that unwanted fat mass.

However, it then creates issues for itself by not dosing some ingredients high enough to be truly beneficial.

Let us not forget that there are many nutrients that are missing.

It does, in fact, offer a large number of ingredients that will do nothing to help you lose weight.

Plus, look at the long list of possible unsafe side effects..!

Final Thoughts?

While it is tempting to buy something that is labelled for women, it very rarely translates as being more effective.

In many cases, it merely omits the ingredients you really need and which are found in the best fat burners.


















> Increase metabolism

> Increase Energy

> No banned ingredients

> Thermogenics

> Get the BEST deals


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