Shred CBD Fat Burner Review

Shred CBD Fat Burner Review

CBD (Cannabidiol) is big news at the moment. It forms part of the cannabis plant, yet has huge merits for it’s potential health benefits.

One of those benefits is fat loss.

This is ground breaking…read on!


Shred CBD First Look

With recent research offering evidence that supports the use of cannabinoids, along with FDA approval of 3 cannabinoids as drugs [1], it comes as no surprise to see that related products are now for sale and available to help reduce fat.

Shred has not been long on the market with cannabis derived products (not for medicinal uses) only being on the market since 2016 in the UK, and industrial hemp is allowed to be grown, but it has to have an extremely low THC content of no more than 0.2%. [2]

What’s THC?

THC is the psychoactive cannabinoid. Shred CBD contains 0.1% THC. So we’re safe in that respect. This isn’t going to get you high, nor is it produced to do so.

In the US, things are slightly different due to the federal system and differing laws. However, since 2016 a majority of the states allow medicinal cannabis and cannabinoids that are low in THC. Particularly cannabidiol, which Shred CBD is. [3]

So, Shred CBD fits within those laws. It isn’t advertised as a medicine and it contains a very low amount of that THC which is required by law.

The product itself looks good, nice clean and professional.

The website is easy to read, navigate and get all of the key information that you may require, especially if you are new to cannabidiol products.

Importantly, the site is secure and so is payment. It was also nice to see that there was an active pop up that would let you know when others were buying the product too.

 Product Summary: A great natural, legal and safe product that can help promote fat loss while providing lots of other proven health benefits. It is a bit expensive because it is CBD isolate which is the purest form.

My Shred CBD Video Review

Who is behind Shred CBD?

A company called PFX Labs who are based in the UK.

However, the product is manufactured and sold exclusively in the US at the moment. It is manufactured in Utah and then sent over to California for distribution.

You can head over to their website to contact them for more information if you require at


What’s interesting about Shred CBD is that the product contains 2 further fat burning ingredients, it is not just CBD by itself.

Let’s take a look in closer detail about the benefits of this supplement from PFX Labs.

Shred CBD ingredients

CBD Isolate (Cannabidiol)

As we have mentioned the law states that the levels of THC in cannabis/hep products have to be extremely low, such as this product which contains just 0.1% THC.

That is because THC is part of cannabis that gets you high and is associated with smoking weed.

Unfortunately it is the THC and the smoking weed that gives cannabis products a dirty image, which is a shame because with the THC eliminated, cannabis products offer a great deal of benefit.

Cannabis and Cannabinoids?

Yes, cannabinoids are a compound of cannabis, another cannabinoid is called cannabidiol. This is what we are interested in.

That is because cannabidiol may be able to reduce inflammation, pain and even symptoms of anxiety with out any associated ‘high’ that THC of the cannabis plant would give you. [4]

So Cannabidiol is safe?

Yes, research is saying so. Remember cannabidiol is the safe, non ‘high’ or psychoactive related component of cannabinoids which is an extract of the cannabis plant.

‘To date, there is no evidence of recreational use of CBD or any public health related problems associated with the use of pure CBD.’ [5]

That’s coming from the World Health Organization!

Furthermore, there have been over 132 original studies regarding the safety profile of CBD and even high doses of up to 1500mg daily have shown to be fine for human consumption. [7]

CBD isolate is the purified version of CBD. It is as good as it gets and is around 99% CBD with tiny amounts of any other cannabinoids and no THC, therefore no unwanted side effects.

This means it is legal to use.

CBD Benefits

Studies report that CBD is more effective than vitamins C and E for skin related issues [6] and is neuroprotective. [8]

And in terms of fat loss, there’s some positive results…

In tests, CBD has demonstrated its ability to promote lipid metabolism by increasing thermogenesis (whereby the body temperature is increased and extra calories are burned to regulate the core temperature) and lipolysis, which uses stored fats for energy.

It was concluded that CBD could be an agent to prevent obesity. [9]

Further study notes that CBD receptors play a role in metabolism and cravings which could help with calorie control. [10]

Additionally, CBD is an anti-inflammatory, which can also contribute to a reduction of obesity. [11]

Green Tea

To help ensure that you are getting the most fat burning benefit from this CBD supplement, Shred CBD have also included green tea.

This is key, because catechins found in green tea can increase fat burn and improve physical performance, helping you achieve your weight loss goals even further. [12]

Not only that, but green tea is good for your mood [13] and may be able to reduce the risk of chronic arthritis. [14]

Garcinia Cambogia

Based on statistical facts, 62% of adults within the America’s region are clinically obese, much has been done to find natural remedies that may be able to treat this growing health concern. [15]

Furthermore, there is a requirement to find substances that are safe and without adverse side effects.

Garcinia cambogia is one of the natural plants that has come under scrutiny as it appears to have anti-obesity effects while also being safe to use. [16]

Studies in to garcinia have found that it works in multiple ways to help reduce fat build up.

These include:

  • Reduction of appetite (particularly carbohydrates) [17]
  • Increasing energy expenditure [18]

I addition to these anti-obesity effects, garcina can have a positive impact on other areas of health.

With evidence demonstrating that it can help fight inflammation [19], diabetes [20], be an anti-oxidant [21] and potentially fight cancers [22].

How to Take Shred CBD


Each bottle contains 60 capsules, so that will provide us with a 30 day supply.

We are instructed to take 1 capsule in the morning and 1 in the afternoon.

Shred CBD Daily dose

Each daily dose of Shred CBD provides 40mg of CBD isolate.

Plus there’s 100mg of the powerful extra fat burning green tea and garcinia.

CBD Price

$66 USD / £52 GBP.

At present you have to pay in GBP, but it is converted in to USD at the checkout. Although this is soon to change.

It doesn’t pose a risk. You can take a look here.

The current checkout facility is operated by Viva Wallet who are a secure provider.

Al of the manufacturing is from within the USA in Utah, and it is stored in California. That is also where it is shipped from.

Shipping is also FREE.

Shred CBD discount

Not surprisingly, SHRED CBD is proving popular for those looking to reduce weight but also benefit from the other great effects that CBD provides.

As such, it seems they have provided a discount option for those looking to get better value.

This means that you can save 10% on the price if you buy more bottles at once.

You can also save 5% on purchases of 2 bottles.


CBD is growing in popularity, not just to help lose fat, but because of the numerous accompanying health benefits [23].

Shred CBD combined the power of CBD with 2 proven fat burning compounds to ensure that you are getting maximum results.

It is an all natural formula, more importantly it is completely legal.

With only 0.1% THC within Shred CBD it falls under the legal requirement of no more than 0.2% in the UK [24] or 0.3% in the USA. [25]

Furthermore, a bottle contains a massive 1200mg of CBD, plus there are discounts available for those looking to buy more than one bottle at once.

Additionally, this provides us with cannabidiol isolate which is the purest form and there’s no unwanted side effects from any of the ingredients.

And, unlike many other fat burners’ – there’s no stimulants!

That is great for me, because sometimes I have to worry how many cups of coffee I am having each day if I use a supplement high in caffeine.


The biggest issue is the lack of understanding people have of CBD, and that is understandable.

It is a compound of a cannabis plant, and naturally people will then associate the legal status of cannabis with this product.

However, it has long been established that separated compounds of the cannabis plant can be used in industry. Everything from containers to clothes can be manufactured while being fully legal and more importantly, safe.

And, just like these manufactured products, CBD is the same.

It is effective, beneficial and safe. There’s no risk of getting ‘high’, nor any risk of becoming ill.

Other issues?

Okay, it is not the cheapest product available, but multi-buy savings are there.

Plus, at the moment there is the problem of having to pay in British Pounds, yet this is fully converted for you in to US Dollars.

Do remember, the product is manufactured and shipped from within the USA.

Unwanted Side Effects

Remember that while CBD is extracted from the cannabis plant it will have no psychoactive effects associated with weed.

It will not make you ‘high’ nor feel out of control or sick.

It is also completely safe, free of any unwanted side effects.

Green tea and garcinia are also safe to use.

Shred CBD Testimonials

It is early doors for SHRED CBD however, there’s already some testimonials available which adds further confidence in the product itself.

shred cbd testimonials

There’s also some compelling reviews coming from athletes who are benefiting from SHRED CBD!

CBD is no longer a supplement just for hippies!


Shred CBD Conclusion

The evidence for cannabidiol is compelling. And, it is difficult to understand why this is not more popular.

This CBD product from Shred CBD not only includes a whopping 1200mg per bottle, there’s also the added benefits of green tea extract and garcinia.

At present payments are only accepted in GBP, but your bank will do the conversion for you, so you can pay using any normal method such as VISA, Mastercard etc.

It is an all natural product with no worrying side effects. And, it is absolutely legal.

I think it is a great product, it is forward thinking and we can all benefit from its proven effects.




























> Increase metabolism

> Increase Energy

> No banned ingredients

> Thermogenics

> Get the BEST deals

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  1. fucking awesome product. hate all the weird risky branded cbd. finally a cbd product that i can trust. plus it helps me stay lean and lift big. prefer it to oils by far and sick of trying weird stimilant fat burners. this is all the supplements in one.

    Rating: 5

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