Crazy Bulk Testo-Max Testosterone Booster Review

Crazy Bulk Testo-Max Testosterone Booster Review

Crazy Bulk offer an natural alternative to illegal and sometimes potentially dangerous synthetic drugs.

They have recently changed the ingredient profile for Testo-Max.

It is now a product worth buying!

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Testo-Max First Look

A different set of ingredients puts Testo-Max in pole position! 

Crazy Bulk seem to offer a wave of steroid-like natural supplements on to the market.

Many have names like D-Bol and Trenoral so it is not hard to see which market they are aiming for as they all sound like steroids and prohormones.

However, with these natural products there are no legal grey areas or safety concerns to worry about.

Overall it is not offensive looking, you know that it is a supplement and although the labeling is all very similar in design the different products are clearly color coded.

So basically know your color and chose it, nice and easy. Therefore no worry of buying the wrong supplement.

However, what’s more important is whether they work or not.

Their original formula wasn’t great, okay, it wasn’t terrible but there was room for improvement.

Crazy Bulk clearly took the feedback on board, and made changes…for the better.

We now have a product that can be use effectively and safely to improve muscle size, strength and pump up that T.

My Video Review

Who are Crazy Bulk?

A bit of digging reveals that Crazy Bulk is brought to us by a company called Wolfson Berg Ltd.

This company is based throughout Europe with a presence in Germany, the U.K and Cyprus as per the contact information on their website.

The website is very glossy. In fact, Wolfson Berg are behind no less than 10 brands who are immersed in the world of health and beauty.

As such, it shouldn’t come as any surprise to learn that the development of these brands is supported by engineers, nutritionists, athletes and medical professionals.

What’s different between the old and new product?

Not surprisingly, some of the old stalwarts have remained, but they were beneficial ingredients.

However, there have been 5 changes.

That’s almost a 50% difference.

What they have gotten rid of are those ingredients that was supported by contradictory and sometimes anecdotal evidence.

But let’s take a closer look below at the differences, we’ll start off with the ingredients found in the original to get a greater understanding of why they were omitted and why the new ingredients have been included.

For ease of the review, we’ll just discuss those that do not ‘cross over’ in to the newest product.

Testo-Max Ingredients: Original Formula

crazy bulk testo max original ingredients panel

Okay, so here we will analyze those ingredients that only featured in the original formula of Testo-Max but not in the latest incarnation.


Selenium is an essential mineral, so put bluntly, our body does need it, and it does need to be replenished as it is necessary for growth of humans. [1]

However, what is its relationship to testosterone? Does selenium have a negative or positive effect on testosterone levels?

One study that measured testosterone levels in cyclists concluded that selenium had no significant effect. [2]

That said, there is a strong association between selenium and male fertility according to a study involving infertile patients from South East Nigeria. [3]

So what can we conclude?

One thing to note is that the internet is awash with websites claiming the virtues of selenium and its positive relationship with testosterone...unsurprisingly there’s a financial interest at the core of these articles.

The reality is that there are very few reputable sources available that offer a strong and firm conclusion.

Therefore, there are better nutrients out there that offer solid evidence. So why pursue with selenium?

Pantothenic Acid (Vitamin B5)

The first article available on search engines regarding B5 and testosterone is a study on rats. This study concludes, rather firmly, that B5 does indeed play a significant and vital role in testicular function in the aforementioned rats. [4]

You may be surprised to learn that humans and rats do share a very similar biological structure. So, this is a positive result.

However, not too surprisingly many more of the articles that come up in the search are not from a reputable or educational sources.

So, while we cannot find many reliable sources regarding testosterone and B5, we can find how B5 does actually benefit our health. So let’s take a look at that.

After all, B5 is an essential vitamin and vital for energy production.

It helps your body use stored fats for energy [5] and there’s evidence that suggests it may reduce acne, too. [6]

While there’s a lot of benefit, there’s also a very small risk with the body tolerating B5 very well. [7]


Important for body growth and red blood cell production. It also aids in the release of energy from proteins, carbohydrates and fats. [8]

We can’t really argue with that. Plus, there is evidence that riboflavin can also reduce blood pressure and potentially reduce the risk of having a stroke. [9]

Additionally, and whisper this, there is a possible link to colorectal cancer prevention. [10] Cancer affects so many people and those around them that it is a sensitive subject and not one to be spoke of lightly. However, there does appear to be a link.

It is also really safe, so do not worry about any adverse side effects from riboflavin supplementation.


The problem with tribulus is that there’s a lot more anecdotal evidence than actual scientific evidence.

Especially when it comes to increasing testosterone of libido.

Okay, there’s a little bit of evidence, but it is competently overshadowed by the negative results from numerous studies.

Where does that leave us?

Well, it just doesn’t offer any thing consistent nor concrete. As a result, look past the opinions and take on board what the science concludes. [11] [12]

Vitamin A

Interestingly there is evidence demonstrating that rats deficient in vitamin A suffer from testicular atrophy. [13]

Furthermore, supplementation of vitamin A combined with iron has shown to be as effective as hormonal therapy when tested on children who are suffering from delayed puberty.

The analysis of this study concluded that treatment of vitamin A for a period of 6 months helped with growth acceleration that was similar to a group of children that were being treated with testosterone. [14]


We all know calcium and how it is required for healthy teeth and bones.

Yet, there are more benefits that aren’t quite as well known.

This includes helping our blood clot when we are cut, it helps our heart maintain a healthy beat as well as ensuring our muscles can contract. [15]

All good enough reasons to make sure we get our daily requirements.

More over, when calcium is supplemented alongside a hard training routine, it increases testosterone levels which can then improve athletic performance. [16]


Testo-Max Ingredients: New Formula 

Okay, let’s move on to the most recent formula.

As with the previous nutrient profile, this includes B6, DAA, Fenugreek, D3, Ginseng, and Zinc.

It just doesn’t include what we have covered but does include additional ingredients such as:

  • Magnesium
  • K1
  • Nettle Leaf
  • Boron
  • Bioperine


testo-max ingredients panel

We shall start off with the shared ingredients first.

Vitamin B6

Yes, vitamin B6. A water soluble vitamin which means we cannot store it and we must replenish it regularly as any that isn’t required at the time is lost through urine.

There’s plenty to be grateful regarding vit B6.

It contributes to healthy and normal nerve function, it also helps increase hemoglobin which carries oxygen in your red blood cells and if you eat lots of protein because you are also wanting to build muscle, you need more B6.

‘Break down proteins. The more protein you eat, the more vitamin B6 you need.’ [17]

Furthermore, B6 has shown to play a role in cognitive function, reducing cardiovascular disease and there’s been instances suggesting that those with lower concentrations of B6 have an increase risk of cancers. [18]

These are just some of the examples highlighting how important B6 is, especially as it also affects depression, sleep and weakness. [19]

What about testosterone then?

Let’s talk about rats. Yes, rats. Humans have been testing on rats for many years. [20]

There’s a study whereby rats who were fed a diet free of vitamin B6 saw a reduction of circulating testosterone and an increase of estrogens! [21] That’s no good for building muscle.

D-Aspartic Acid

DAA is an amino acid and it is best used as a temporary testosterone booster for those of you who are well trained already, but if you are infertile, this is a great way to elevate your T. [22]

Further studies looking at the benefits of D-Aspartic Acid also demonstrate that it has an important role in the synthesis and release of testosterone. [23]

Plus, it is also great for improving sperm motility, overall quality and quality helping improve the rates of pregnancies. [24]

Overall, if you are looking to increase test or even fertility, DAA is a good one to have on board.


Again, if you want a shot of libido, fenugreek is a great nutrient, and its effects are noted in healthy men across a broad spectrum of ages who are not suffering from any sexual dysfunction. [25]

Furthermore, another study noted that supplementation of 500mg of fenugreek produced a significant increase of testosterone levels while reducing body fat. [26]

‘Relevant research examined the effects of fenugreek supplementation with healthy men aged between 43 and 70 years of age. The researchers found that both total serum testosterone and free testosterone increased compared to placebo after 12 weeks of active treatment. The researchers concluded that fenugreek supplementation was a safe and effective treatment for reducing symptoms of possible androgen deficiency, improves sexual function and increases serum testosterone in healthy middle-aged to older men’. [27]

Vitamin D3

We get D3 from synthesis of the sunlight; that’s why D3 is often referred to as the sunshine vitamin.

But why is it important?

For testosterone, it has been shown that vitamin D3 supplementation can significantly increase testosterone levels compared to a placebo. [28]

However, to test that idea even further and to ensure that it wasn’t just a one off result, there have been further clinical trials, this time with military veterans.

To flip the first study on its head a little, this research saw that those who were suffering from lo testosterone were also deficient in vitamin D3.

Additionally, those who were suffering from deficient levels of vitamin D3 also displayed a higher BMI. [29]

Red Ginseng

The benefits for red (panax) ginseng seem to be endless.

Even the World Health Organization cannot overlook the clinical evidence behind ginseng;

‘Ginseng is used as a prophylactic and restorative agent for enhancement of mental and physical capacities, in cases of weakness, exhaustion, tiredness, and loss of concentration, and during convalescence’ [30]

So what can it do for us?

Well, it is able to increase the body’s natural defenses against stress [31], furthermore, it is also able to improve physical and mental performance. [32] If that wasn’t enough, it can also treat impotency effectively, one such reason is its ability to synthesize nitric oxide.. [33]

With all of these positive results, it would be great to see what red panax ginseng can do for testosterone levels.

The good news is that red panax ginseng is great for testosterone [34], and because fertility and testosterone are so closely correlated [35] it is no surprise then that red ginseng can also have a positive effect on fertility, particularly for those who are suffering from inferior sperm motility. [36]


So our body depends of zinc for many functions, these include, but are not limited to [37]:

  • Immune function
  • Cell growth
  • Protein synthesis

These are some great benefits, but for a supplement like this, we are seeking out its effects on testosterone levels.

Well, zinc does not disappoint.

There’s great results for those men who are infertile and those who are not infertile.

Zinc works particularly well to preserve and enhance testosterone for those who are involved in high intensity exercises, with clinical evidence from studies on elite wrestlers [38] and sedentary men. [39]

For those men who are infertile and suffer from low levels of testosterone, supplemental zinc was noted to increase sperm count and testosterone levels. [40]


Let’s now move on to the ingredients that are included in this new formula. 


Did you know that magnesium is stated as being under-consumed in the United States? That is according to statistics pulled from the 2015-2020 Dietary Guidelines for Americans. [41]

Furthermore, inadequate intake of magnesium can be attributed to a number of chronic diseases that could be prevented with the intake of a nutritious diet. [42]

But, let’s see what health benefits we can get from increasing our intake of magnesium.

There’s a study that noted an significant increase of muscle oxygen take up which contributed to an increase of aerobic capacity for those who are subjected to extremes of physical stress. [43]

What’s more, to increase muscle size and strength, we need to have restful sleep. For those with poor quality sleep issues, magnesium has demonstrated its ability to improve sleep and act as a mood stabilizer. [44]

In terms of testosterone, again, magnesium does have a positive effect on hormone levels which, when paired with a strength training program, did contribute to some significant gains. [45]

Vitamin K1 (Phylloquinone)

Vitamin K has a number of different health benefits, one of which is helping the blood clot effectively. [46] Another feature is that vitamin K also contributes to bone health and studies have shown higher levels can help reduce fractures. [47]

Further studies have also discovered that an adequate intake of vitamin K could be attributed towards a reduction in all-cause mortality rates. [48]

How about the effects vitamin K may have on testosterone levels?

Unlike vitamin K2 which is showing promise as a treatment to reverse testosterone depletion in elders, [49] vitamin K1 doesn’t have like-wise supporting evidence. However, high levels of K1 have shown to be present in the testes.

Nettle Leaf

Nettle Leaf is often associated with shorts and bare legs. They are that annoying plant that manages to see out your legs when going for a hike in the great outdoors, strange then that it is so beneficial.

However, nettle leaf is great at preventing complex estrogen’s being formed. This is known as aromatase, and it is the process which converts testosterone in to estrogen. [50]

Nettle leaf has demonstrated its ability to be an aromatase inhibitor, and, as such decrease estrogen levels. [51]

As a result, estrogen inhibitors have been trialed with positive results:

These data demonstrate that aromatase inhibition increases serum bioavailable and total testosterone levels to the youthful normal range in older men with mild hypogonadism. [52]

Furthermore, inhibiting aromatase has not been associated with any negative side effects related to cardiovascular disease or insulin resistance. [53]

Nettle leaf has a high nutritional value and has proven to reduce high blood pressure, reduce inflammation and be an anti-oxidant among other varied health benefits. [54]

While nettle doesn’t directly increase testosterone it does help prevent an imbalance of sex hormones plus prevents inflammation which would also contribute to a reduction of testosterone production. [55]


Studies of boron have found some interesting results regarding a number of benefits, particularly for building muscle.

That’s because boron has proven in studies to both increase testosterone levels and decrease estradiol. [56]

Moreover, boron is able to help improve the absorption of magnesium in to the bone [57] and have a wide range of anti-inflammatory effects which can help reduce the risk of developing obesity, metabolic syndrome, depression and type 2 diabetes to name a few. [58]


Bioperine doesn’t have an effect on things like testosterone. With that in mind, you may wonder why it is included.

However, bioperine quietly ensures that your body is absorbing as much of the other nutrients as possible, this process is called ‘bioavailability’. It does this in numerous ways.

Bioperine is the patent name given for it from the manufacturer, however, it is also known as piperine, of which black pepper is a source of.

So how does it work?

Basically, bioperine inhibits the actions of enzymes that attack molecules.

This inhibition prevents the molecules from being excreted as urine, and wasted. [59]

There’s also a theory that bioperine can also slow down the rate of which nutrients are processed in the intestines, and therefore giving the body a better chance to absorb as much as possible. [60]

Perhaps the most conclusive study regarding bioperine was when it is combined with cucurmin where it increased bio-availability by 2000%. [61]


How to take Testo-Max

A daily serving consists of 4 pills.

The bottle includes 120 pills, so we have a month supply.

We are advised to take all 4 pills at once before breakfast.

However, my concern is that with a large dose of the ingredients at once, you body will excrete what it doesn’t require at that time which could result in a waste and not getting the full benefit.

Spreading the dose out to ensure you get a trickle effect over the course of a day is possibly a better idea and probably minimize waste while making the most of the nutrients.


A daily dose is a decent 2715.7mg.

That is not massive, but a good amount compared to many products on the market.

Testo-Max Price

A single bottle of Testo-Max comes in at $59.99/£35.99 which is about what you would expect to pay for a product with this dose and number of ingredients.

It is a fair price, in fact, for the benefits, I would say at this price, it offer’s a great investment.

However, the more you buy, the better the value.

Testo-Max Discount

When I was on their site (, there was a flash sale which offered a 20% discount on all orders.

The Crazy-Bulk discount code was SALE20.

With this discount applied it offered even greater value.

But there’s even more!

If you buy 3 bottles, the 3rd one is free.

That means you only pay for 2 bottles but get 3! And you can cross shop across the whole Crazy Bulk range on their website:

Therefore, if you select 3 bottles of Testo-Max at $59.99/£35.99 each you will only pay $119.98/£71.98. Spilt that figure 3 ways means that it is only $39.99/£23.99 per bottle.

And that is before you use a discount code which can knock a further 20% of that total!

Plus there’s FREE global shipping and a 60 day money back guarantee!


Well I think, after looking at the associated studies that since the new formula has been introduced Testo-Max product has improved.


Original Formula

The original formula had some highlights, notably in the form of vitamin A and calcium. Both had solid evidence behind them for their ability to help increase testosterone levels for the user.

Furthermore, riboflavin, pantothenic acid and selenium are not absent of their required health benefits.

Realistically it is only tribulus that stood out for contributing little value.

Shared Ingredients

So then, what was particularly good about the original formula remained and is part of the latest product nutrient profile.

We are talking about:

  • Vitamin B6
  • D-Aspartic Acid
  • Fenugreek
  • Vitamin D3
  • Red (Panax) Ginseng
  • Zinc

All of these ingredients have evidence that they can contribute to an increased levels of testosterone plus numerous other benefits, as such they are often found in the best testosterone boosters.

New Ingredients

So, out with the old, and in with the new. 

To replace the 6 ingredients that have been taken out, we now have 5 replacements.

This may look like we have been short changed. But this would be incorrect.

This new fleet of 5 ingredients provide a much more stable and useful supplement.

Magnesium – many people are deficient in magnesium and it is responsible for many bodily functions, including testosterone and is easily lost through sweat and urine, as such, if you are involved in strenuous exercise your requirements increase. [62]

Nettle Leaf – urtica dioca, as nettle leaf is sometimes referred to, doesn’t trigger testosterone production directly, but it does reduce inflammation and it inhibits the conversion of testosterone to estrogen.

Boron – while not only helping increase testosterone, boron can help reduce inflammation and the  associated risk of chronic diseases. It also helps the absorption of magnesium in to the bone.

K1 – notably, K1 and K2 for that matter helps the blood clot which is important for wound healing. But while K1 is present in the testes, there isn’t really any confounding evidence yet that it has a role in testosterone production. It does contribute to a reduction in all-cause mortality, though.

Bioperine – this helps the body absorb the nutrients better, so less is wasted. It does this by slowing down the rate in which the accompanying nutrients travel through the intestine, offering more time for the body to absorb as much as possible. It also prevents enzymes attacking the molecules which would then be excreted.

Overall, this is a good selection of new ingredients that are more focused on supporting testosterone secretion and reducing inflammation or any other contributing factors that may harm hormone production. There’s a body of evidence to support these functions, too.


My only thoughts are that instead of vitamin K1, they should have used K2 considering how that provides more compelling clinical studies.

Furthermore, vitamin A and calcium could have also been beneficial if they were retained considering the associated positive evidence.

I also think that while it is convenient to take all of the pills in one go each day, as with foods, it is better to spread the intake of nutrients over the course of the day. [63]

Otherwise, particularly for water soluble vitamins (B vitamins), if you have a lot at once and your body doesn’t need them at that particular time, they will be excreted.

Water soluble vitamins – such as the B group vitamins and vitamin C – cannot be stored by the body to any great extent, so if someone takes more than their body needs, it will simply be excreted in their urine. [64]

Unwanted Side Effects

The aim for this section of the review is to understand whether any of the ingredients pose a health risk, not just if a mega dose would cause diarrhea for instance.

Some ingredients that are readily available over the counter are a high risk to a broad breadth of the population, as such, this bit section will point them out, so you are aware.

As a side note, we will only evaluate those ingredients that are in the current formula of Testo-Max which is available to buy.


There is little risk posed by any of these included ingredients which is great news for those looking to take advantage of this testosterone booster.


Any Banned Substances?

Of the biggest questions I get asked from people is whether a product is either legal, safe or banned.

These are totally valid questions.

So many people I know are now, as part of their employment contract, subject to random drugs tests. Particularly if they operate machinery or drive vehicles.

They could even be in the military…

Military Drug Screening

As a reserve soldier I am also subject to random drugs testing that can happen at any time.

And, drugs are a big issue in the military, with up to 640 personnel reporting positive in the British Army during screening in 2017 [65] and the U.S Army Regulation 600-85 mandates that each soldier will be tested for illicit substances per year. [66]


You will be pleased to note that there are no ingredients within Testo-Max that feature in the World Anti-Doping Association prohibited list. [67]


Okay, sometimes it is good to get a different perspective from other people, just to see how consistent the results are.

I think this product is great, it has worked well for me, an the science behind it backs up my thoughts.

But this is what other customers have to say…

testo-max customer testimonials

I think you will agree that this all looks like good feedback.

There’s a 4.4/5 customer feedback score on the main website, too.


Testo-Max is a a great testosterone booster.

The nutrient profile is thorough, full of excellent ingredients with the science to prove it.

Okay, maybe vitamin K2 should be in place of K1, and I think they should have retained vitamin A, however, on the whole the new formula is an overall improvement.

The doses are good, although I would also recommend that you spread the pills out over a longer period of time during the day, and the price is right!

Customer feedback is positive, too. Plus I have had some good results myself, feeling much perkier than usual and helping me hit the gym more often that normal.

Especially as I am now 35 years old. It is brutally obvious that I am no longer as fit nor recover as quickly as I used to.

Long gone are the day that I could go in to the gym every evening after work.

However, Testo-Max gives me the best opportunity and the best possible effects from my current gym routine.

While I cannot hit the gym every day, it does mean I can still increase training frequency, and train for longer.

Best Deal for Testo-Max

Alternative Test Boosters

military muscle best buy

Testo-Max offers a great supplement, at a great price.

However, there’s always a that burning question, “Is there anything better?”

Well, there is.

There’s a new T-Booster available that casts a shadow over everything that is on the market right now.

It costs a bit more than Testo-Max, but is in line with quite a few other options, making it amazing value.

For $65 Military Muscle provides a huge dose with 11 proven ingredients and 180 capsules for each monthly supply.


  • Clinically proven ingredients
  • Relevant doses
  • Free of any banned substances
  • No allergens
  • No proprietary blend
  • Free tracked and signed for global shipping
  • Developed with soldiers and athletes


However, if you don’t want the best T-Booster, naturally Test-Max draws some comparisons with Testo Fuel because the doses are similar, as is the content.

So read on to find out more…

Testo-Max vs TestoFuel

TestoFuel is one of the best testosterone boosters on the market.

It contains a good dose and evidence backed nutrients that can all contribute towards increasing testosterone.

As a result, it is always good to see 2 excellent products back-to-back in order to compare.

This way, it can give you a clearer picture and help you make a better decision.

[Spoiler Alert: It’s a tough contest!]


Okay, let’s start with Testo-Max.

Testo-Max has 11 ingredients, of these 11 includes bioperine which is useful to help improve the nutrient bio-availability, this means we should get the most from the ingredients.

There’s a large dose of nearly 3000mg and 4 pills per day.

Of all the ingredients, the only one which seems to be a little ineffective is vitamin K1, especially when K2 is more beneficial and has a longer half life.

The price for Testo-Max is great and there are some amazing offers available including a Testo-Max discount code.

What’s great about this nutrient profile is the number of anti-inflammatory ingredients that can help reduce the risk of chronic diseases, plus the anti-estrogenic activity of nettle leaf.

Plus there’s the combination of B6, Zinc and Magnesium which make up the ZMA formula which is proven to improve testosterone levels.

Testo-Max has a load of positive testimonials to ensure you know what you are getting works.


So, two similar names, but quite different supplements.

TestoFuel does actually contain fewer ingredients, with just 9 compared to the 11 of Testo-Max.

However, it could be argues that TestoFuel offers more per mg, and has a 100% hit rate with the clinical evidence for every ingredient.

Why do I say this?

Well, the daily dose for TestoFuel is 3000mg. Not nearly, not close, but is 3000mg. So that is more than Testo-Max.

Then, that 3000mg is divided among less ingredients, so that is more mg per ingredient.

This is apparent when we directly compare and see that TestoFuel contains more D3, plus there’s more ginseng, fenugreek and zinc, especially when you include the oyster (high in zinc).

So, it looks like we get more ‘value’ overall per ingredient; it is less diluted.

In addition, there’s not one ingredient that I would omit or swap in TestoFuel.

In terms of price, this is where TestoFuel comes up a bit short.

TestoFuel do offer multi-buy deals.

But whereas buying 2 bottles of Testo-Max gets’s you a 3rd free drastically reducing the unit cost, with TestoFuel you have to buy 3 bottles to get a 4th free. That means a bigger initial outlay.

Comparison Take Away

Both are excellent supplements with proven ingredients that can help your body produce more of its natural testosterone.

The question is, do you want a bit more oooomph that you get with TestoFuel or do you want to spend less money?

TestoFuel offers slightly more and I would say, a more complete nutrient profile that would be considered ‘watertight’, whereas the low price of Testo-Max is hard to challenge.


More BANG: TestoFuel

Less BUCK: Testo-Max
































[31] Wagner H, Norr H, Winterhoff H. Plant adaptogens. Phytomedicine, 1994, 1:63– 76

[32] Sonnenborn U, Proppert Y. Ginseng (Panax ginseng C.A. Meyer). British journal of phytotherapy, 1991, 2:3–14




































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