Study Compiled To Assess the Side Effects Experienced By Amateur Athletes Who Use Steroids

Study Compiled To Assess the Side Effects Experienced By Amateur Athletes Who Use Steroids

So many amateur athletes have been using steroids since the 1980’s whereby the misuse of anabolic’s spread from those elite athletes adored by many to those on the fields of the amateur game. Yet, despite the high misuse of steroids which can clearly be witnessed right through to present day, very little is known about the effects experienced by this group of the population which is estimated to be up to 3 million strong in the US alone. ┬áThe intention of this study is to identify and characterize patterns of anabolic-androgenic steroids.

With an understandable requirement for anonymity, a questionnaire featuring 37 questions was issued and posted on message boards known to be used by steroid users.


It seems that the majority of the respondents may not entirely fall within the perimeters of what is expected. A majority were males who receive in excess of the average income who have also had formal education past high school. They were also white and over the age of 25, so not the usual meat heads with a poor educational background that people would expect.

It seems the vast majority are using over 400mg of testosterone per week and the higher the income, the longer they would take it for. The older the participants the more testosterone they took and for a longer duration too. It also seems that being self employed and being married increased usage.

Over three quarters of the respondents had routine lab tests and just over a third reported abnormalities at some point, nearly all of them reported side effects on and off testosterone use.


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