Platinum Series Testosterone Booster Review

Platinum Series Testosterone Booster Review

My Platinum Series Testosterone Booster Review

First look

This is very much looking like a run of the mill testosterone booster…

This have stock graphics and the usual bumf on the bottle about increased performance, vigour and more muscle mass.

It almost seems as if they’ve just looked at another product and thought they will just knock out a similar product, or at least that is the impression I am getting from this.

One good thing to note is that it is at least manufactured in a registered facility and not a meth lab on a trailer park.

However, we have been surprised in the past by other unassuming products.

They turned out to be strong performers.

Therefore we should not right this off on just a first glance.

Who’s Platinum Series?

I’m not sure to be completely honest. I cannot find a website for their product but this is found on Amazon.

You may be mistaken in to thinking this could be a product from Muscletech or the like because they have so many ‘series’and sub brands.

However, this is a standalone product.

What can it do?

There’s limited information but supposedly this test booster is able to increase strength, reduce fat while improving overall energy and virility.

That doesn’t sound too bad.

Ingredients: The Science

platinum series testosterone booster ingredients panel

Fuck a knife!

Immediately we are hit with a proprietary blend, when will these bell ends just stop doing this?

Especially when they call the blend a ‘matrix’.

Go fuck yourself, it should be called:

how to rip the customer off by not disclosing how much of the ingredient is available and how much is a filler or bulking agent‘.

Sadly that doesn’t have the same ring or marketing potential.

Horny Goat Weed

Clinical studies have found that this can increase virility and sexual desire.

However, this effect has no bearing on testosterone levels at all.

In essence horny goat weed (also known as epimedium) mimics the effect of higher levels of testosterone. [1]

Longjack (Eurycoma Longifolia, TongKat Ali)

Studies and reviews of studies in to tongkat ali have firmly established that it cannot directly increase testosterone levels.

However, it can reduce stress, and stress has a negative impact on male sex hormones. [2]

Saw Palmetto

Some research will suggest that saw palmetto can improve prostate health. Then again there is also research stating that this is not the case.

There’s also theories that this fatty acid an increase testosterone, too.

However, the theory is not supported with evidence. [3]

Wild Yam Extract

Supposedly wild yam increases DHEA levels in humans.

If this was correct it would help increase testosterone. That is because DHEA is a precursor to testosterone secretion.

The theory is that if there’s more DHEA it will produce more testosterone. Yet wild yam does not increase DHEA levels.

This means that it has no effect on testosterone either. [4]

Nettle Root

Clinical trials in to nettle have yielded some surprising results…

Being full of vitamins tests demonstrated that it can increase testosterone levels as well as proving to be an anti-inflammatory.

Furthermore it is also effective at controlling estrogen levels.

A good addition. [5]

Orchic Substance

Orchic substances are usually the testicle extracts of large, aggressive and dominant animals such as boars and bulls.

These extracts have been traditionally used for centuries with claims surrounding their supposed testosterone enhancement.

However, as with many ‘ancient herbal remedies’ the claims are based in anecdote rather than laboratory results.

Therefore, do not expect any increases of testosterone taking this. [6]


There are chemicals known as sterols present in sarsaparilla which are touted to convert in to anabolic steroids when ingested.

This claim has no clinical evidence in support.

However, further research has noted that it can potentially lower injury to the liver and suppress cancer. [7] [8]

 PROS – One ingredient can increase test levels, another protects testosterone secretion and another may have anti-cancer effects.


 CONS – Low dose, proprietary blend and a lack of hard evidence.


Find out which ingredients work and which don’t
Testosterone boosting ingredients

How to take this testosterone booster

Just 1 woeful pill per day.

In fear of repeating myself, to get the best from a product like this 4 pills per day will help your body maximise the ingredients.

It will also help prevent huge peaks and dismal troughs only experienced by a meth user coming off the drugs.

It is also a shameful 742mg.

Very low when compared to the best testosterone boosters which will contain 3000mg or more!


This is almost exactly the same product as Core Vitality’s Testosterone booster.

Albeit this has even fewer ingredients and a smaller daily dose.

Core Vitality didn’t fair too well either.

There’s just too few ingredients in this product, not to mention the proprietary blend to make it vaguely effective.

And, if we take a view on the ingredients I think it is clear to see that not one of them is scientifically proven to stimulate testosterone levels.

It is a lacklustre and dishonest effort.


This product has a ridiculously feeble amount of ingredients for each daily serving.

It is one of the lowest we have managed to test so far, languishing at over a third less than anything we would recommend.

We are also hit then with a proprietary blend ‘matrix’.

This effectively gives the manufacturer carte blanche to list an ingredient that may only have a trace amount and also include a load of filler to bulk it out.

So, what we potentially have here is a poor attempt at copying a poor product but with a less number of ingredients that do not actually work.

What a mess.

Video Review


$39.97 – not extortionate

Unwanted Side Effects

High doses of Horny Goat Weed may cause spasms and respiratory failure.

There’s little research on Eurycoma and therefore anyone breastfeeding or pregnant shouldn’t use Eurycoma.

There have been two reports of people suffering from liver damage after taking Saw Palmetto. However, this is very rare.

If you have asthma or kidney problems you may wish to stay clear of Sarsaparilla.

Platinum Series Testosterone Booster Review Conclusion

Dreadfully dismal.

Nothing else can really describe this woeful attempt at cashing in on the customer’s desire to try and build muscle.

There’s so many negatives to this product that I find it hard to even comprehend that it is available on the shelf.

However, there are so few regulations in place for products like this that it is difficult to separate the wheat from the chaff.

Fortunately, we do that for you here.

Thus, to reiterate, this product contains a mysterious proprietary blend which prevents you of any knowledge as to the actual content of each ingredient listed.

There’s such a low amount of total ingredients.

In fact about 30% of what the #1 testosterone booster offers and the ingredients listed are not actual proven to do anything towards helping your body trigger its testosterone production.

A general failing all round.










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