Testosterone Booster II : LA Muscle Reviewed

Testosterone Booster II : LA Muscle Reviewed

LA Muscle Testosterone Booster II

First Look

This testosterone booster from LA Muscle looks just like the rest of the confident and high-end luxury products that LA Muscle have now positioned themselves as.

It’s clean looking, minimal, black and exudes quality.

As such, we expect quality in return for the exuberant price tag, which quite frankly is pretty high.

LA Muscle have certainly ensured that their products look right, and as such people will have confidence in their range.

However, is this just a ruse for less than substantial ingredients?

This particular product is labelled as a testosterone booster, as such , I am expecting it to do just that, increase my levels of testosterone.

TL:DR – Video Review

LA Muscle Info

LA Muscle exude money and wealth. The impression given is that if you buy i to their brand, you are buying in to a luxury lifestyle.

There’s expensive and exotic cars, hot women and hints to social media stardom.

Products like this should improve your overall performance ans stature.

LA Muscle state that their products are all 100% natural (that rules out any anabolic steroids – they’re all synthetic!) and of a pharmaceutical grade – whatever that really means.

LA Muscle have been going since 1997 so they have a bit of history behind them.

Hover, by looking at their LA Muscle TV I cannot help but think that it is not really related to bodybuilding, and again focus on trying to get rich and doing so, LA Muscle supplements will help you get there.

Bah humbug!

Testosterone Booster II Claims

This appears to be the only testosterone booster in the world that includes Dioscorea Deltoidea.

This could because it is effective, or because it isn’t and everyone else has given it a wide birth.

LA Muscle assure us that this product is as exclusive as a HERMES handbag…

Okay, we’ll look in to that shortly, but at this price I want it to be rare. I want it to work as well,  I’m not buying saffron for a curry!

However, LA Muscle say this will increase strength in just one day! This will give you more confidence and aggression.

Growth hormone and test levels will be increased so will muscle size.

Within one week we should look leaner, too.

Test Booster II Ingredients

Just one ingredient in this rare and exclusive (plus expensive) testosterone booster.

300mg of Dioscorea Deltoidea

Let’s see what it can do…

Dioscorea Deltoidea

The first study I can find explains that Dioscorea Deltoidea does have a high medicinal and monetary value.

It is used to treat many health ailments such as irritability, diarrhea and anemia.

However, more interestingly it is a precursor for cortisone steroid drugs.

I have had numerous cortisone steroid injections for a rugby injury on my shoulder called tendinitis. These injections reduced inflammation but they did not increase muscle or affect my hormone levels.

Cortisone injections are used to treat small areas of inflammation that cause pain and discomfort. Usually in joints and tendons. [1]

The plant contains diosgenin, diosgenin converts to progesterone. These pregnenolone-derived steroids use discorea as starting material to be produced in a lab.

However, progesterone is used to create contraceptives. It is noted that this process needs to be carried out in a lab, just by consuming a precursor to progesterone such as the diosgenin found in dioscorea will not convert to progesterone. [3]

Diosgenin is also the starting point for steroid drugs to increase testosterone, but these synthetic hormones must be created and manufactured in a lab, they cannot be produced by your body by just taking plants that contain the diosgenin compound.

The most important sapogenins are diosgenin, The conversion cannot take place in the body though. 


 PROS – Seems safe


 CONS – Expensive, cannot convert to steroid drugs in the body, must be created in a manufacturing process


Take up to 3 capsules per day.

Each capsule contains 300mg


This is advertised quite strongly as a testosterone booster, but as it is, this plant will not increase testosterone levels.


This will not increase testosterone levels, as such it will have no effect on muscle mass or any of the parameters that were set out by LA Muscle.

LA Muscle have been quite misleading in their marketing.

Dioscorea Deltoidea can be the starting point for anabolic steroids which will increase testosterone levels when taken.

However, this process needs to take place in a manufacturing facility. The conversion cannot take place in the body.

As a result, it will not do anything.

This supplement as it stands will not increase testosterone levels.


LA Muscle have told us that this is the only testosterone booster in the world that contains Dioscorea Deltoidea.

That may be or may not be true.

They said that it is rare and expensive, which actually is quite true. It is an endangered plant.

They said it will increase muscle, cut fat, improve strength and aggression.

Okay, this will be true when it has been utilized as a precursor to manufacturing steroids. However, by just taking this plant extract that cannot happen in your body.

Your body cannot convert Dioscorea Deltoidea in to a anabolic steroid.

This is the reason why it is (possibly) the only testosterone booster available that contains Dioscorea Deltoidea. It will not work unless chemically processed in a lab.

In fact, LA Muscle seem to spout lots of shit.


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