Testosterone Boosters Can REDUCE Heart Attack Risk

Testosterone Boosters Can REDUCE Heart Attack Risk

Studies suggest that older men who have coronary heart disease had the chance of a stroke, heart attack and even death cut by up to an astonishing 80%


Part of the aging process see’s many people’s arteries become more narrow and harder resulting in a higher chance of them suffering a stroke or heart attack if they clog up and it seems that one sixth of men die from coronary heart disease and a tenth of women also die. These figures make it one of the most common causes of death in the United Kingdom alone.


A recent study found that the cardiovascular risks associated with age were dramatically reduced when the men were administered testosterone therapy. Those that weren’t being prescribed testosterone were staggeringly more likely to suffer a fatal event. In fact this figure came out at up to 80% more likely to have a stroke or such.

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Further clinical trials are required but the initial results look extremely positive and even the men who were classed as the highest risk of a stroke or heart attack showed to gain protection from the higher levels of testosterone.


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