How Testosterone Levels Decide What Kind Of Parent You Will Be

How Testosterone Levels Decide What Kind Of Parent You Will Be

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Fatherhood is not always considered to be the aim for all men. Even if the actions of men potentially lead to having children, the actual responsibility of bringing up a child is not necessarily the desired outcome.
Now, for most women who are looking to raise a family, they simply do not know how the father of the child will behave until the child has been born. Yet, researchers at the University of Chicago may have found a way to see how much parent material he really has beforehand.
Testosterone levels from a saliva sample can be used to check not only whether or not a man is likely to want children and how well they would potentially parent them. The use of a smutty movie is also required for the test.
The participants of the test have their testosterone levels before and after watching the film of a lady masturbating after performing a striptease. Testosterone levels were also tested before and after other rather more mundane situations such as an interview or mental arithmetic tests.
The tests were not devised  to reveal that the more testosterone the man had, the less likely he was wanting to father children which is to be the general consensus, but more to see if he will be nurturing or not.
The tests also revealed whether or not they would produce fewer or a larger number of offspring from a questionnaire.
What they found interesting was that the men who showed higher levels of testosterone were likely to have more children but less likely to look after them properly.
The men who’s testosterone levels were not raised or even in one case decreased after watching the film we more likely to have a smaller yet more cared for number of children.
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