People Who Read Live Longer And Experience Less Cognitive Decline

People Who Read Live Longer And Experience Less Cognitive Decline

Those Who Read, Benefit From A Healthier Life

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A study recently released proves that those who read live for longer than those who do not.

A study which included over 3600 participants all over the age of 50 for a period of 12 years.  It found that those who were the most ardent readers were college-educated women who fall in to the higher income bracket.

The study produced results that were consistently illustrating that those who read for over 3.5 hours a week lived for over 2 years longer than their counterparts who did not. These results were not prejudice of wealth, gender, race or health.

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It seems this 20% reduction in mortality can be achieved by taking out a few hours of time per week to read which is accessible to nearly everyone.

However, it does not stop there.

It does seem that reading books gives an advantage over reading periodicals, this is a significant result as previous studies did not asses the reading material.  Therefore hit the novels than magazines.

This is down to the fact that there is more cognitive involvement when reading a book that flicking through a periodical. The simple engagement of reading heightens the cognitive faculties than non-readers meaning cognitive status is increased.

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What has been seen as a significant marker are the two ways in which cognitive function operates when reading books such as novels.

There is deep reading whereby we assimilate the information and then understand its own context within the context of the real world.

Then there is emotional attachment where the reader will empathize with characters, in doing so, this promotes social perception and emotional intelligence.

It seems the cognitive benefits are very real.

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