Testosterone Therapy Appears Not To Raise Prostate Cancer Risk

Testosterone Therapy Appears Not To Raise Prostate Cancer Risk

There’s always been a fear that men who have low testosterone and who receive treatment may have an increased risk of developing aggressive prostate cancer.

However, an international team of researchers have analyzed over 250,000 medical records look to quash the initial fears.

Researchers are concluding that not only do the men who were analyzed have no overall increased risk of prostate cancer but the actual risk was actually halved!

It seems that testosterone therapy used by men with insufficient male hormone development have shown an improvement in sexual function and mood.


Considering that testosterone levels decrease naturally once a man hits 30 years of age those seeking  products to slow the trend has increased massively Рit has actually tripled since 2001.

Yet, even with this big trend of therapy users, the researchers are keen to point out that the best course of action for men#s health is to ensure that testosterone levels are balanced. Anything below 350nanograms per deciliter and if there are symptoms of low T should seek medical advice.

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