Testosterone Therapy: Risk Free? We Look At The Facts

Testosterone Therapy: Risk Free? We Look At The Facts

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Many men are seeing testosterone therapy as a sure fire way of feeling and looking much better.

And, you would be forgiven for thinking that (expensive) testosterone shots are the way forward as men who are 65 and older do notice an overall improvement in sexual function, mood and can alleviate depression according to studies.

However, in some circles the common thought is that testosterone therapy is being over subscribed by doctors.

Therefore, if you are about to speak to your doctor with the wish for a prescription to therapy bear in mind these following points.:

1.Erection myths

Higher levels of testosterone do not necessarily improve erection; it merely increases libido. Therefore, if you suffer from erectile dysfunction it may leave you feeling slightly frustrated.

2.Blood tests are required

Any testosterone replacement therapy prescription needs to be met with a detailed analysis of your hormonal levels over a period of up to 6 weeks.

This is no easy quick chat with your physician and free reign to get jacked on steroids.

3.Change of diet and lifestyle

Just because you feel your testosterone levels are low, it does not mean that you require needles laden with synthetic testosterone.

A change of diet whereby you consume the nutrients required to stimulate more naturally produced testosterone could fix the problem or taking a supplement if you are finding it difficult to meet the dietary needs.

You can also incorporate more exercise in to your daily life which is also a great testosterone simulator.

This is a much cheaper option too.

4.Potential side effects

We’ve all heard the rumors of bodybuilders losing hair, growing breasts, getting zits and lactating.

Well, these are all possible side effects of testosterone therapy too.


Higher levels of testosterone can be converted to estrogen, now an estrogen regulator can be prescribed but if estrogen is too suppressed it can cause fatigue.

6.Increased testosterone can improve your health.

Elevated levels of naturally occurring testosterone can improve your overall health from cognitive function to fat loss, increased muscle mass and feelings of increased happiness.

Optimal levels can also have cardio vascular health benefits too.

7.It can make you infertile.

Testosterone therapy can cause your testicles to not produce any of its own testosterone as your body is overloaded with an unnatural source.

This can cause fertility problems.

8.It doesn’t cause cancer

There are rumors that testosterone replacement therapy can increase the risk of prostate cancer or enlargement plus benign prostatic hyperplasia are non-founded.

However, if you already have prostate cancer testosterone therapy can accelerate its development.

As such screenings are required before any therapy is prescribed.

Once you are cancer free you must wait for a period of 2 – 5 years before undergoing testosterone therapy treatment.

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