Did Trump Winning The Presidential Election Lower Much Of The Male Population’s Testosterone?

Did Trump Winning The Presidential Election Lower Much Of The Male Population’s Testosterone?

Can the results of an election really have an effect on testosterone levels?

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For those on the wrong side it could well do.

Yes, followers of Clinton may well be suffering from low levels of testosterone and shattered dreams as the new kid on the block with no political background marched in to become the president-elect.

Funnily enough Trump’s testosterone levels which are reportedly high anyway must well be soaring.

So, as many people worry of an uncertain future ahead of them it is not improbable to think that their overall feelings of loss and bewilderment may have altered their biological makeup.

If we scale it back, an election is merely a competition of dominance as seen in the wild and harks back to our very basic nature.

In the wild, when a male mammal wins a dominance contest their levels of testosterone increase or remain at a stable level.

However, when the lose dominance their testosterone levels plummet.


Research also suggests that even as an onlooker or supporter and your candidate/team loses, your testosterone levels also deplete. As with the winner of the bout, if you are behind them your testosterone levels will soar too.


Now, this isn’t just theory and guess work. Neurologists from Duke University applied the thought process to both republicans, democrats and undecided voters during the 2008 presidential election between Obama and McCain.

The participants had their saliva analysed prior to the election and then moments after the announcement that Obama had won.

The scientists examined whether there was any fluctuation in testosterone levels of those participants that had aligned themselves with the winning and losing party.


The results showed that those men who had aligned themselves with the winner, Obama, maintained a stable level of testosterone.

Those men who aligned themselves to McCain who had lost registered a decrease in their levels of testosterone.


Women, however, registered no dip or surge in their testosterone levels.

Therefore, the study confirmed that when you are involved in winning and losing your hormonal balance can alter, and a lower level of testosterone is associated with many problems including depression and sexual dysfunction.

Thus, with the majority of America actually voting against Donald Trump and the Republicans could have left much of the male population of America with sub levels of testosterone.

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