My TestRX Natural Test Booster Review

My TestRX Natural Test Booster Review

TestRX may not be on everyone’s radar to stimulate more natural testosterone production but I am glad I found this gem of a product. It is damn good!

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TestRX Under Scrutiny

As natural testosterone boosters go, this looks quite purposeful.

And I like that, it exudes confidence. This is useful for me, because I want to build more muscle.

I have recently been given a couple of 55lbs plates for my Powertec isolateral bench.

Considering I have done no lifting for the whole holiday season and I have been sat at work questioning my own self worth, so actually hitting the weights a little later on will be heavenly, I hope, unless of course my strength has retreated quicker than the French.

I always support my weightlifting with a natural test booster such as TestoFuel which has offered me some great results.

So I am always keen to see what other testosterone booster supplements are out in the market and how effective they can be.

Especially when we must also understand that having a healthy natural test levels are not just about getting jacked.

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About TestRX

Admittedly when you look at the TestRX website it does look kind of old school.

It does look a bit dated.

But, the product looks to include all of the basic and required ingredients that can help you increase your levels of natural testosterone.

There’s plenty of impressive testimonials and it promises to increase strength, promote weight loss and increase virility.

I can’t wait to try this out!

Ingredients: The Science

testrx testosterone booster ingredients panel

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is often referred to as the sunshine vitamin.

And rightly so.

We get most of our D intake through sunlight. When it reaches our skin it synthesizes in to hormones.

Studies prove that vitamin D helps increase natural testosterone production.

However, most of us stay indoors all day and we do not get any of the benefit, this is where a supplement comes in handy.

Vitamin D also increase insulin human growth hormone. [1]

Vitamin K2

K2 is the better of the K vitamins because it has a longer half life which means it has more time to offer benefit.

It can also help prevent bone fractures and reduces inflammation which helps promote testosterone in studies. [2


Magnesium helps you sleep better, and reduces stress.

In studies magnesium has proven that it is equally effective at increase natural levels of testosterone.

This is just what the doctor ordered. [3]


Zinc is able to regulate female sex hormones and stimulate more male sex hormone: testosterone.

Great news.

You could get zinc through eating a huge amount of different foods, or you could top up your levels using a supplement, like this. [4]

Vitamin B6

B6 is able to regulate steroid hormones. It helps you sleep, it helps reduce stress and it can help prevent cardiovascular disease.

It is also proven to synthesize testosterone. [5]

D-Aspartate (DAA)

DAA is a non-essential amino acid.

It has been proven to stimulate more testosterone production when dosed around 2g-3g daily.

DAA’s benefits also include increased energy levels, reduces stress and can have a positive effect on sperm levels. [6] [7]

You can also read a bit more on the importance of D-Aspartic Acid, here.

Fenugreek Seed

Fenugreek is proven to increase test levels and reduce fat levels.

It was concluded after studies that fenugreek can inhibit the conversion of testosterone hormones to estrogen.

This is brilliant if you want to increase muscle, strength, libido or just general mood. [8] [9]


Four capsules per day. That is a good dosing strategy.

We would recommend that you have at least 4 tablets spread evenly across the day, as per the best testosterone booster on the market.

This way your body has a constant trickle of the ingredients to work with in order to stimulate testosterone.

Each daily servings consists of just over 2815.02mg which is almost as much found in the best natural test boosters.


There are a total of seven ingredients included in this natural test booster, all of which can help increase your T levels.

We have the ingredients found in ZMA supplements which form the basis of an effective natural T booster.

So seeing B6, Magnesium and Zinc is great as they are all proven to help your body stimulate its own natural production of testosterone.

Then we have K2 – again, research proves that this is liked to higher levels of natural T.

It’s much the same story for Fenugreek too which we find in the best products such as TestoFuel.

However, the highlights consist of D3 and DAA.

We have written plenty about the advantages of taking D-Aspartic Acid and D3 on this site and there’s plenty of studies available that not only confirm that both are linked to increasing natural test levels but also benefit the body in other ways too.

To be blunt, this is a great product!

Plus, there’s multi-buy deals and a great guarantee.


The only real issue with this is that it misses out on a couple ingredients that would have helped support your body more.

However, each ingredient included is proven in tests, research and studies to be able to allow your body and encourage it to produce more natural test.

I guess compared to some other natural test boosters this is also a bit more expensive, so considering it is missing a coupe of other ingredients this doesn’t allow it to become the best value T booster.

My TestRX Natural Test Booster Review Conclusion

This chases those top 3 natural test boosters and knocks one off the third place podium!

As a test booster, each and everyone of the ingredients is proven to help raise more natural test levels which can help not only increase muscle mass, but cut fat and help you feel batter overall.

The only real problems are that it misses out on a couple of ingredients such as Panax Ginseng and potentially Oyster extract and Boron, yet still a bit higher priced.

However, overall this is great supplement I look forward to using more often and chasing those gainz.

Alternative Test Booster

military muscle best buy

Test RX is a solid T-booster, including good ingredients that have clinical evidence pointing towards their effectiveness.

However, it does lack a high dose, particularly of vitamin D3 and B6. It also lacks in the total number of ingredients.

And, for the same price, you can get Military Muscle.

Military Muscle is a testosterone booster formulated and developed for people who train hard and want the best results.

Combining a high strength dose with proven ingredients, plus lots of testimonials, Military Muscle is the best there is.


  • Huge daily dose
  • Proven ingredients
  • No banned substances
  • High quality manufacturing processes
  • Developed with athletes & soldiers
  • Free tracked and signature shipping


  • Lots of pills to take daily











Our Favorite Test Boosters

> Increase Natural Testosterone Production

> Build Slabs Of Muscle

> More Energy

> Increase Strength

> Improve Overall Well Being

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TestRx Testosterone Booster Review
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    1. Hi Drew,

      Thanks for your message.

      Yes, similar effects to TestoFuel.

      Feel much better overall and doing well with my weightlifting.

      Please let me know how you get on if you buy TestRX.


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