Tooth Loss Indicates Cognitive Decline

Tooth Loss Indicates Cognitive Decline

Have you started to lose teeth at a far great rate of expectancy and without injury such as falling off a bicycle or being hit in the face? If so you could be experiencing cognitive decline, according to researchers from the University of Hong Kong.


Latest, ground breaking research suggests that tooth loss and related oral issues look to be related to cognitive impairment in stroke victims.

Systematic inflammation of the tooth supporting tissue and alveolar bone has been linked to a well documented fashion to Alzheimer’s disease.

The lead researcher of the study has pointed out that multiple tooth loss and generally poor oral health could well be a sign of dementia or the onset of Alzheimer’s.

The results of the study illustrated that those patients who were evaluated with the highest amount of tooth loss tended to achieve a lower score of the Montreal Cognitive Assessment which is a test designed to detect cognitive impairment.


The belief is that there is a connection between the two because of normal chewing function is reduced with fewer teeth available which helps maintain the sensory input around the tooth roots, transmit spatial information of tooth loading to the brain and maintain neuronal activity.

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