Turkey Joins Iran And Russia in Olympic Doping Scandal

Turkey Joins Iran And Russia in Olympic Doping Scandal

It now seems as though Turkey has joined the ranks of doping fiends in sport after a Turkish boxer has been provisionally suspended after he tested positive for doping in a sample from the London 2012 Olympics.

Adem Kilicci has tested positive for anabolic steroids, himself and the Turkish Boxing Federation have been notified of his embarrassing suspension.

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Even with his steroid cheating he still lost in his quarterfinal bout when he appeared at London in the 75 KG division.

All stored samples from the London 2012 Olympic Games have been re-tested following qualification for the Rio Olympics, of which Kilici has qualified, however, his participation is starting to look rather bleak.

With doping on the rise, the IOC reported last week that it had recorded 23 positives from London and 32 from Beijing.


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