Viasil Male Enhancement Review

Viasil Male Enhancement Review

Viasil is a male enhancement supplement. Its aim is to help men maintain and prolong erections.

It does this by combining a number of natural ingredients that are reputed to increase blood flow which means more nutrients can be moved around the body.

Your muscles also need oxygen to perform, so a higher rate of oxygen being fed to your working muscles is required during sex.

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Viasil Potency Formula

How many times have you got to the point whereby you are about to have sex and then it all goes downhill?

According to the Nation Health Service of the United Kingdom, erection problems are extremely commonplace, particularity for men over the age of 40.

They state that it is often caused stress, being tired, feeling anxious or because you have been drinking too much alcohol. [1]

Further studies have found that over half of all men between the age of 40 and 70 years old suffer from erectile dysfunction from time-to-time. [2]

In addition, there is a positive correlation amongst multiple data sources that lead medical journals to suggest erectile dysfunction is just part of the natural ageing process, and as such, it will affect nearly all men who will live past their 70’s. [3]

Part of this natural ageing process is the decline of testosterone levels.

This androgen deficiency can affect libido and sexual function, this is particularly highlighted because a study of men who were aged between 30 and 79 years old demonstrated that nearly a quarter were suffering from low levels of testosterone. [4]


The Good and the Good News

How so?

For a start, do not believe you are in the minority by suffering from some sort of erection problem.

Regardless of what any other people may say, lots of other men will have also suffered.

So, do not think it is weird, unnatural or beat yourself up about it. As the data states, if a man lives to the age of 70, he will most likely have experienced sexual dysfunction.

Knowing this may help in itself and may reduce your anxiety.

So what’s the good news?

There are treatments and products available to help with erection issues such as Viasil.

We have already established that erectile dysfunction can also be linked to an androgen deficiency, whereby the sufferer is not producing sufficient testosterone.

Luckily, there are natural supplements that do not require prescription available which can help your body stimulate more testosterone.


Increasing your natural levels of testosterone can have a positive effect on libido and even fertility, this is due to there being a strong relationship between low testosterone and low libido, particularly in ageing men. [5]


A low level of testosterone can lead to low levels of fertility.

It is reported that men with low testosterone are more likely to feel tired, suffer with their sex drive and erections, plus suffering from infertility. [6]

Penis Pump

Yes, the penis is like a sponge and we get an erection by flooding the penis with blood.

Essentially the arteries open up allowing the influx of blood and the veins tighten due to the thick swelling which restricts the blood flow from escaping. [7]

A penis pump which creates a vacuum when in position is another method of achieving and maintaining that sometimes elusive erection. [8]

However, who wants to fit a contraption over their penis and start pumping at it to get an erection?

That’s not going to be a particularly sexy and alluring intro before having sex, especially if it is a new partner.

And, who is going to carry that around with them to the bar when looking for a hook up?

What you want is a time released product that is predictable and effective…

viasil man

Swiss Research Labs

By doing some desktop research you may well think that Swiss Research Labs are part of a federal research institute.

Looking further still, you may even think it is part of CERN which is a European laboratory hat have famously produced the ‘God Particle’ amongst other scientific achievements.

The search results bring up lots of universities and national research institutes.

However, this particular brand is nothing to do with either of them.

And, you can keep scrolling and searching, but you will find articles regarding the safety of Swiss cheese before you find anything about this brand.

Yet, on the back of the package you will see that Swiss Research Labs is part of Wolfson Berg Limited who have a contact address in Berlin, Germany.

Further research in to their location shows that they are nestled sweetly in the middle of a triangle of research, education and medicine with no less than two university campus’ within walking distance.

There’s also a university hospital and a military hospital within spitting range. Not that I condone spitting.

So, what does this say to us?

Well, it can be assumed that anyone wanting to develop a product such as Viasil would benefit from the hoards of medical, research and educational professionals being in the vicinity.

This way people can discuss, share and collaborate ideas to formulate effective products.

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Nutrient Profile

This is where it counts for Viasil.

Without the correct ingredients the product cannot work. So, it is vital that each ingredient has full transparency so we can look at the doses and research any relevant studies.

Looking at the ingredients panel, I can see there are 6 ingredients and there is not a proprietary blend.

That means we have full visibility and nothing is hidden.

viasil ingredients panel

Let’s run through the evidence available for each ingredient included in Viasil.


Zinc is commonly found in testosterone boosters as this mineral can contribute to maintaining a healthy hormone levels. [9]

However, zinc has many other health benefits that are worth looking at, this way you can stay healthy and minimize illness.

Because, let’s face it, you aren’t having sex if you are not feeling great.


Zinc is an essential nutrient that your body needs to survive, and, it is lost when we sweat, so it needs topping up as there is no way for the body to store zinc. [10]

Zinc can be found in eggs, fish and oysters.

If you are deficient in zinc, it may affect your appetite and you may start to lose weight. [11]

However, having a normal level of zinc can reduce artery plaque build up which can help reduce cardiovascular risk. [12]

In addition to this, zinc has an important role for immunity [13] and muscle development. [14]k

Unfortunately, even with these benefits in mind, much of the global population do not consume enough zinc from foods.

‘Using food availability data, it is estimated that zinc deficiency affects about one-third of the world’s population, with estimates ranging from 4% to 73% across subregions.’ [15]


A zinc deficiency is related to abnormally low levels of testosterone, also referred to as hypogonadism [16].

This is relevant because testosterone and libido is related. A person with low testosterone is likely to be suffering from a low libido. [17]

Furthermore, a person low on zinc can experience a reduction in sexual desire [18] and zinc is an important factor for fertility across both genders. [19]

Thus, it is clear that zinc has an extremely important role for those looking to increase libido, hormone and fertility levels.


Oysters are renowned for their aphrodisiac effects, and it is no secret that they are abundant in zinc. [20]


Prior to evaluating Viasil, I had never heard or read anything about Actiful.

Actiful, is a manufactured combination of citrus and pomegranate that has supposedly been clinically proven to enhance energy levels.

It is produced by a company called BioActor who are based in Holland.

With this in mind, I started researching for proof of these clinical studies that are mentioned on their website, because this formula is supposed to increase blood flow and nitric oxide for increased energy levels.

If I am honest, while there were simplified extracts of studies explaining the benefits, I could not find any references.

In response, I decided that the best thing to do is simply find out whether both citrus and pomegranate extracts can perform these tasks.


If you are feeling low of energy and experiencing fatigue, there are a number of ways to help combat this by increasing ATP production (adenosine triphosphate).

However, these ATP molecules are produced by mitochondria which decline as we age. [21]

Citric acid is part of a mitochondrial cycle which releases energy for it to be captured and used to manufacture ATP. [22]

Additional studies also confirm that citrus is able to promote blood flow to the brain. [23]

This is then further supported by results from a study that found those who were supplementing citrus flavonoids saw an increase in endurance capacity and exercise performance.

It is considered that citrus can increase nitric oxide production which dialates arteries by smoothing artery muscles, as a result, blood pressure is reduced and blood flow increased. [24]


Pomegranate is also a great dietary nutrient to help increases blood vessel diameter by a significant margin compared to the effects of a placebo and enhance blood flow. [25]

This can help improve your overall endurance and exercise performance.

Furthermore, participants of the study noted an increased feeling of vitality, this lead them to believe that exercise tolerance could be increased.

Pomegranate has also been noted for having a positive effect on reducing the risk of a heart attack for people suffering from heart disease by improving blood flow. [26]

Horny Goat Weed

This is also known as epimedium, however, there is a reason behind the horny goat weed name.

This is because goats who started to eat the plant also started to show signs of an increased libido. Obviously this led to a human interest.

It seems that an active ingredient of horny goat weed, icariin, is able to promote sexual activity, and potentially, testosterone.

Although, there are no human studies to completely confirm the latter.

However, human studies of horny goat weed have provided positive results for sperm concentrations, motility and has demonstrated an increase of ATP and thus, energy. [27]

There is also evidence that horny goat weed is able to improve sex drive and treat erectile dysfunction, [28] this is likely to do with a probable increase of nitric oxide synthesis within the penis. [29]

Furthermore, horny goat weed also helps towards reducing inflammation which can have a negative of many biological functions. [30]


If you are familiar with testosterone booster supplement, you may well know of tribulus, and you may well (incorrectly) believe this is an effective testosterone boosting compound for men.

However, this is not true. It does not significantly increase testosterone levels in men.

Regardless of this, I do not want to hang on to that negative point.

Let’s look at the benefits of tribulus and why it is included in Viasil.

Tribulus is a herb, and it has been claimed for many years that it can increase vitality and sexual function.

In fact, this is possibly the reason why it is included in test booster supplements, because it makes the user think it is having an effect.

Reading through the studies and data available, it seems that much of the benefits that tribulus has is about libido and sexual function.


Tribulus does seem to have a positive effect on women’s libido when compared to a placebo according to the available studies, particularly if they are post-menopausal.

The results showed that all of the participants that received the tribulus saw an improvement of all the measured parameters. [31] [32]

However, men are not left out of this, either.

Those males who have a low sperm count saw that they had improved erections and felt less fatigue than before the clinical trial. [33]


For those men who are suffering from abnormally low levels of testosterone, tribulus demonstrated that it could improve erections to a significant level. Whereas the placebo saw no improvements whatsoever over the course of 90 days. [34]

Similar results have cropped up again in other studies that are testing for tribulus’ effect on erections but over the course of different time frames. [35]

Panax Ginseng

Panax ginseng is sometimes referred to as the true ginseng and holds almost mystical notoriety due to its breadth of health benefits.

So, it seems as no surprise that we find it included in Viasil as a way to enhance sexual function and vitality.

Especially when we consider that there is a wealth of evidence supporting its almost magical abilities.

There’s so much that panax ginseng appears to be able to do for our overall health that we will have to minimize our analysis to just what is relevant for this male enhancement product.


All the studies I can find completely show a positive correlation between supplementation of panax ginseng and stronger erections with improved performance alongside wider penis girth. [36]

These results are particularly striking because it includes study participants who have been diagnosed with erectile dysfunction and ginseng is could be a viable alternative to other invasive options. [37] [38]

Blood Flow

Coinciding with erections, there is also strong evidence that panax ginseng is effective at improving blood flow. [39]

However, this does not come as much of a surprise considering that ginseng can improve erection performance and blood flow is an integral mechanism of getting an erection. [40]

Physiological Effects

It can be said that erectile dysfunction is related to stress. [41]

Therefore, it is particularly relevant to mention that studies have noted an improvement of quality of life while also improving a sense of calmness and reducing stress. [42] [43] [44]

Ginkgo Biloba

With so many people reported to suffer from impotency worldwide, you can understand why there is such an interest in testing herbs and plants to see whether they can help.

One other issue is not necessarily being unable to find a product that is effective and safe but actually admitting that they have a problem. [45]

Of the many investigations out there that are available for review, ginkgo biloba has been positive in enhancing blood flow [46] and increase nitric oxide availability. [47]

Those who experience symptoms of anxiety also seem to have experienced some relief [48] and also reported an increased feeling of calmness. [49]

viasil box and pillsInstructions

They very politely and non-suggestively recommend that you take one pill 30 minutes prior to your intended activity, which we all know, is sex.

Each pills contains 850mg of the combined 6 ingredients.


A single box of Viasil which equates to 10 tablets is $74.99 / £54.99.

That works out at about $7.50 per sexual encounter.

That’s not a big price to pay to perform.

In addition to this, you can bag some great multi-buy deals which will reduce the price to $4.20 per sexual activity.

That’s some great value.

What’s more, there is a 60 day money back guarantee!

You can also buy this using many other currencies with free next day discreet shipping.

That means no-one will know that Viasil is in the packaging, and you do not need to tell anyone about your sexual dysfunction.


Each one of these ingredients is natural, safe and you do not need a prescription to buy Viasil.

You don’t even need to tell anyone!

Viasil also offer a 60 day money back guarantee on all purchases.

This is all good and positive, Swiss Research Labs are clearly confident of their product, and rightly so.

Let’s have a little recap on the nutritional profile of Viasil…

There are 6 ingredients, that all have supporting evidence available that demonstrates they can provide the following benefits:

  • Reduce stress/anxiety
  • Improve blood flow
  • Increase libido 
  • Produce more nitric oxide
  • Provide stronger erections 
  • Act as an aphrodisiac
  • Increase energy/reduce fatigue
  • Improve testosterone

Beside all of these benefits, these ingredients can offer more positive effects for your overall health.

So much so, that I could have written lots much more but did not want to digress and take the focus away from what the product is meant to support.

Aside to this, I personally experienced a lot of benefit using this.

I felt that my erection was very hard, and my penis felt much thicker in girth. Bear in mind, I normally do not have any issues with getting or maintaining an erection, unless I am drunk.

However, it just goes to show that even if you think you do not suffer from any problems in the trouser area, you can still benefit.



There is little that is wrong about this male enhancement supplement.

All of the ingredients are natural and safe.

However, really, it comes down to how much value you place on performance and discretion.

Viasil can only be bought online and direct from their site, which some people may prefer not to do.

That said, shipping is included, it is free and delivery is expected that day after you have ordered.

Shipping is also discreet, so you do not need to say a word to anyone, and, if you are out with your buddies and happen to get with someone, you do not need to carry a mechanical Victorian era penis pump in your pocket.

I guess one bug bear of mine is the color of the tablets.

If you do want to keep it a complete secret, if your partner see’s you taking a blue pill before you are expecting to get down to business, you may have a hard time trying to disguise it as an aspirin.

viasil blister pack

Viasil Conclusion

The evidence for the nutrients in Viasil is overwhelming. Take a look at all of the cited references below!

They categorically all help you physically, psychologically and improve your physiological function.

This may seem like a lot to take in, but this supplement acts in many different ways to create a state whereby your body and mind is ready to smash your pre-conceived barriers when it comes to having sex.

The evidence is there, my personal experience is positive and the product is easy and discreet to order.

If you feel you are suffering from a number of issues that may be preventing you to have sex, be it anxiety, stress or erection and low libido, this collection of ingredients can help you, without the need for a prescription.

Best Viasil Male Enhancement Deal

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