PhenQ Fat Burner Review

PhenQ Fat Burner Review

PhenQ is the fat burner you need to supplement your weight loss regime.

This fat burner contains 9 ingredients with scientific evidence to prove their effectiveness along with lots of testimonials and 190,000 satisfied customers.

This review is supported by cited references.

LAST UPDATED: September 2019 by Ben.


What is PhenQ?

PhenQ is a weight loss solution brought to us by a company called WolfsonBerg Ltd.

WolfsonBerg are an umbrella company which offer numerous brands of products that aim to help improve your health and wellness.

They are an international company with offices based in the UK, Germany and Cyprus.

Their website explains that they combine science, knowledge from athletes and medical professionals.

This way WolfsonBerg can offer products that will improve customers’ well-being.

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Why am I interested in PhenQ?

First and foremost, PhenQ looks professional. It has a pharmaceutical look to the product and the website.

Additionally, nearly 200,000 people have bought this product and there is a money back guarantee.

However, importantly, PhenQ claims to target weight loss in five different ways.

Therefore, based on these points, I thought it would be a good way to help me shed a bit of fat that has accumulated around my midriff since I have reduced my time on the bicycle.

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Nutrient Profile – Analysis

As ever, with any supplement its performance will be based on the nutrients and the doses included.

So, with this in mind let’s take an analytical approach to what is included, and how it may benefit us.

PhenQ fat burner nutrient profile Niacin (B3)

Technically niacin can reduce cholesterol levels, however, this would be in very high doses. [1]

The issue is, attempting to lower your cholesterol by consuming very high doses of niacin can cause liver and kidney health concerns. As such, it shouldn’t be used to treat high cholesterol. [2]

However, research has demonstrated that niacin can reduce intra-abdominal fat. [3]

Furthermore, niacin is considered to be a well known agent that can lower fat and help protect the cardiovascular system. [4]

You would need to eat 3oz/85g of beef to get as much niacin as is provided in this supplement.


It is very easy to become side tracked when researching individual nutrients, and copper has plenty that can be discussed.

Especially for cardiovascular health. For those who have died of heart disease tend to have low levels of copper in the heart tissue. [5]

However, in terms of fat loss, there has been some positive findings.

“…copper is essential for breaking down fat cells…for energy…” [6]

They are the words released by a team of researchers from Berkeley’s Chemical Sciences Division who concluded that there was a strong relationship between levels of copper and the amount of fat broken down.

This is now sparking further studies to establish whether or not a deficiency of copper is linked to obesity.


Not known by many, but chromium is able to assist with fat loss.

In addition, many people are deficient in this essential mineral due to not eating a varied diet including leafs and grains.

However, chromium is not to be confused with other fat burning nutrients.

It does not effectively increase your metabolic rate, yet there is evidence for increasing your libido. [7]

Chromium is better seen as a mechanism to reduce your cravings, particularly for carbohydrates which can contribute to weight gain. [8]

In fact, the results of a study demonstrated that for those who do suffer from cravings, by taking chromium for up to 8 weeks saw their food intake reduce by up to 25%. [9]


There’s little indication that L-carnitine can directly influence fat loss.

On the other hand, it can improve exercise performance, which in turn can contribute to additional calorie burn.

So how does this work?

As already mentioned, carnitine doesn’t really have a great deal of evidence supporting fat loss.

However, in theory is should work, because it protects the mitochondria and enhances its abilities to burn fat. [10]

Yet, tests have not been very conclusive except for elderly people. [11] [12]

Furthermore, a relationship has been demonstrated between carnitine supplementation and physical performance improvements that led to an increase in fat oxidation.

This relationship hints at carnitine having a supporting role, rather than a primary role for fat loss. [13]

Caffeine Anhydrous

I love caffeine, and so does the rest of the world as it is noted as being the most popular used psychoactive substance.

This is because it acts on parts of the brain that cocaine does. [14]

Most people like caffeine because it helps them focus and energizes them, especially first thing in the morning. [15]

It also improves feelings of well-being and increases strength. [16]

However, most people probably do not know that caffeine can increase their metabolic rate, and therefore increase calorie burn. [17]

In addition, there’s evidence that demonstrates caffeine is a thermogenic ingredient.

This means that it increases body temperature, in response, your body tries to regulate your temperature. By doing so, it burns more calories. [18]

As such, caffeine is a great addition to help you lose unwanted weight.

a-Lacys Reset

Have you ever heard of a-Lacys Reset before? No, neither have I. 

Yet, a bit of research tells us that it is a combination of both alpha lipoic acid and cysteine.

Specifically it is a patented ingredient and seems to be included in a very low number of products.

Therefore, PhenQ is quite unique.

But how does it work? 

An Italian nutritional sports journal (L’integratore Nutrizionale) published a study about the benefits of a-lacys reset and concluded that it can help increase the anaerobic threshold.

In addition, this synergy of nutrients can do the following:

  • decrease protein breakdown
  • increase the breakdown of fats
  • improve anabolism
  • increase antioxidant activity
  • reduce free radicals and oxidative stress

Furthermore, when tested on soccer players, a-lacys reset demonstrated that it can improve athletic performance and recovery.

Yet, for bodybuilders, it enhanced their aestheticism.

‘…reduction of fat mass and total weight, confirming a more pronounced muscular anabolic activity…’. [19]


Nopal is a cacti found in Mexico and often used for its health benefits.

Of which, in studies, it has demonstrated its ability to preventing the development of obesity in rats who were fed a high fat diet. [20]

However, I wanted to dig deeper and see what other research is available and how this cactus plant may benefit people.

I didn’t have to look too hard…

There are numerous studies that demonstrate how cactus binds to dietary fat and reduces its absorption.

If that fat cannot be absorbed, it reduces the amount of energy, and therefore calories that are being absorbed and are excreted in fecal matter. [21]

This means less calories required to be burned which can lead to weight loss, something that has been demonstrated in clinical trials. [22]


Capsicum is hot chilli pepper, or a cayenne pepper which is also considered a fruit.

These peppers are proven to help burn extra calories because they are thermogenic.

This means that when they are ingested they cause your body to heat up, in response your body tries to cool your down and regulate your body temperature.

This process raises your metabolism and burns extra calories. [23]

Furthermore, it has been demonstrated that chilli can also help regulate food intake and promote feelings of satisfaction which leads to reduced energy consumption. [24]


Piperine helps the absorption of nutrients by the body. It does this by inhibiting enzymes that would otherwise attack molecules and prevent full absorption. [25]

A study involving rats also saw that piperine was able to reduce the speed in which nutrients pass through the intestinal tract, this again points towards its usefulness to get the most of the nutrients before they are excreted. [26]

Additional studies have also discovered that piperine has anti-inflammatory properties and may help with symptoms of epilepsy. [27]

Daily Dose

phenq fat burner tabletsWe are instructed to take two tablets per day.

One is to be taken at breakfast and a further one for lunch.

That means in total there is a daily dose of 708.02mg.

The tablets are thin and easy to swallow.



One bottle costs $69.95 / £45.95 – this price includes free next day delivery.

In addition to this, there are some significant multi-buy offers.

That means you can reduce the individual unit price to $37.99 / £25.99 – plus, you get a free bottle of Advana Cleanse!

FREE Advana Cleanse

Yes, when you buy 3 bottles you get two free along with a bottle of Advana Cleanse.

There isn’t a great deal of information regarding Advana Cleanse online, however, what we do know is that it contains 2 natural ingredients.

So, we will have a look at these ingredients below:


Yes, kelp, which you find in the oceans.

Yet, the laboratory studies are quite surprising, and may be an effective way to help reduce fat absorption, and thus (high) calorie absorption.

This is important because, particularly in the western world, it is fats that account for almost a half of our calorie intake.

Therefore, its actions prevent absorption of fats, and, in turn, help them be excreted rather than being used for energy and then what isn’t required being stored as body fat. [28]

In a way, the research suggests that it may work in a similar way to Nopal that we discussed earlier.


Chlorella is a really surprising nutrient that should be included in your diet and overall nutritional plan.

This is because it is high in vitamins, minerals and even protein. [29]

However, if that wasn’t enough for you, there’s some research available that may change your mind…

One study demonstrated that chlorella reduced fat levels and cholesterol in people who were considered to have a high risk lifestyle. [30]

healthy and fit man and woman running in the forest


PhenQ is a fat burner with 9 clinically proven ingredients that are all natural and safe.

There is also a 60 day money back guarantee, which covers you if you are not completely satisfied with your purchase.

Not only that, if you go for the multi-buy option to reduce the unit price, you also get a bonus product that has 2 proven ingredients that can help reduce fat absorption and therefore fat build up.

In addition to that, the ingredient profile of PhenQ helps not only increase your metabolism but it can also help reduce your appetite so that your do not over eat.

Plus, there’s evidence that this product could help your body excrete fats, while also helping oxidize fat through increased exercise performance.

We also have the benefits of caffeine which can improve focus, strength and there’s even evidence that shows it can help reduce delayed onset muscle soreness. [31]

That in itself can help you get back in to your exercise regime quicker to keep those calories burning.

Furthermore, caffeine has even improved soldier performance, which cements itself as being the ultimate in versatility. [32]

However, there’s even more…

The little known a-lacys reset how demonstrated that it is able to reduce body fat while increasing muscular anabolism.

This is all with having free next day delivery and there isn’t a monthly subscription in place or auto shipping.

Plus, by taking advantage of those mutli-buy deals it significantly reduces the unit cost.

There’s even a live 24/7 customer service representative to chat to if you have any questions.



There isn’t a single ingredient here that isn’t beneficial. That is great.

But the only shortcoming I can find is that the overall daily dose could be a little higher.

An extra tablet per day to have prior to your final meal of the day could be useful – as long as you do not plan of going to bed shortly after – this fat burner contains caffeine.

Nutrient Safety

PhenQ offers a transparent nutrient profile. This means the ingredients are not hidden behind a proprietary blend.

That is great in itself, as there are many products on the market that do not provide the information of what exactly is included.

However, it is good to check each ingredient to see if there are any potential issues that could effect user safety or have any interactions with their health.


It has been reported that people have taken extremely large amounts of niacin to mask urine tests that detect drug use.

There has been more than one case of mutli-organ failure as a result of this practice.


There has been one documented study whereby a huge dose of chromium was linked to muscle fiber death which results in the contents being released in to the blood stream which can then lead to kidney damage.

This condition is known as rhabdomyolysis.

Banned Substance List

There is not a single ingredient that features in this supplement that features in the banned list of substances provided by WADA. [33]

In essence, taking this supplement should not cause any issues if your tested for substances in sport, employment or the military.

PhenQ Testimonialsphenq fat burner testimonials

It is always good and important to see what other customers think of this product, and also to see their results.

It was mentioned earlier that almost 200,000 people had bought and used PhenQ to help reduce and maintain healthy levels of body fat and weight.

This adds further confidence in a product that looks brilliant on paper.

Further testimonials from my YouTube channel!

phenQ youtube testimonial

As you can see, the results looks great, for both men and women!

PhenQ Conclusion

This fat burner from PhenQ offers a full compliment of natural and effective ingredients that work together to stimulate fat burn, increased energy, suppress appetite, improve cognitive performance and reduce fat absorption.

This combination ensures that your can reduce body fat while engage in a healthy lifestyle.

Noe of the ingredients included feature in the prohibited substances outlined by WADA and therefore give you the confidence to use it whether you play sports or are a serving member of the military.

Best PhenQ Deal

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> Increase metabolism

> Increase Energy

> No banned ingredients

> Thermogenics

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