What’s All The Noise About Vitamin D?

What’s All The Noise About Vitamin D?

Vitamin D benefits are vast. We all need vitamin D to lead a healthy life.

This article looks to address a few of those benefits.

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We are low on Vitamin D3.

The majority of the population can get everything they need to be healthy by eating a healthy, balanced diet based on simple guidelines such as Public Health England’s ‘Eatwell Guide‘, and do not require vitamins and supplements.

A balanced diet will provide other essential nutrients, such as fiber, in addition to vitamins and minerals.

However, not all of the population lift big ass weights or participate in high impact sports.

This is where supplementation can step in, to provide that extra requirement of vitamins and nutrients where a traditional, recommended diet does not fulfill.

One of these supplements is that of Vitamin D3. Recently in the UK (not a country known for its long days of blazing sunshine) the government are recommending that people take a vitamin D3 supplement. [1]

Vitamin D3 Benefits?

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The sunshine vitamin acts as a regulator of calcium and phosphorus in the body, it ensures healthy bone, teeth and muscles.

Furthermore, vitamin D has demonstrated its ability to improve mood [2] and has a strong link to increasing testosterone levels in men. [3]

The majority of Vitamin D3 is provided by sunlight, however, in those countries not blessed with regular sunshine or those people who work indoors or night shifts they may not get the required levels of D3 for healthy bodily function.

In fact, for England alone there are approximately 10 million people who suffer from a deficiency.

This not only leads to low testosterone levels in men but also rickets in children and osteomalacia in adults. [4]

Are you at risk?

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Ask yourself how much time you spend outside or how much oily fish you eat weekly.

Not to mention whether you are maintaining a strict dairy free diet.

If you have darker skin it is harder to absorb the sunlight


outdoor gym with people exercising in the sun

A healthy balanced diet accompanied by bursts of sunshine should normally be suffice for the average person.

However, how many people actually eat a balanced diet and how much sunshine do you really get?

Or with respect to the guidelines of how to enjoy sunshine and the latest battle Hugh Jackman is having with skin cancer how much do you cover your skin?

If you are nervous of the sun you must try to eat oily fish, red meat, eggs including the yolk and fortified cereal.

However, in most cases especially to keep testosterone levels high a supplement such as TestoFuel would be beneficial.


Much of the world’s population are at risk from not getting enough sunlight, and therefore can become deficient in vitamin D.

This can be due to a number of reasons, however, working indoors, fear of the dun’s harmful rays or living in climates with little sunshine all contribute.

There are foods that do contain vitamin D and these should be consumed, however, to ensure you do get sufficient vitamin D governments are recommending that we use a supplement.


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Vitamin D Benefits and Deficiencies
Article Name
Vitamin D Benefits and Deficiencies
This article discusses the government advice to supplement with vitamin D.

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