Vitarenew Men’s Health Review

Vitarenew Men’s Health Review

Men’s Health by Principle Healthcare Reviewed

First Look

I first saw this men’s health supplement on the shelf of a drug store and noticed it mentioned that it can help with testosterone concentrations.

It didn’t take me long to take a bit of a closer look and then buy it.

It was quite cheap and it looks professional. It looks like a real healthcare product from a reputable manufacturer rather than a bro style hyped up testosterone booster that we come across often.

And, it is this image and design that can lure ‘normal’ people who do not hit the gym to stabilise and regulate hormone production.

However, the question is ‘does it work?’.

Let’s see.

TL:DR – Video Review

Who are Vitarenew?

Vitarenew are a subsidiary of Principle Healthcare group who say they are one of Europe’s leading nutritional supplement manufacturers.

These are not the usual outfits that we see on Amazon or eBay. These guys look big and serious.

They look like they would product medicines and drugs for big conglomerates, there’s nothing about this company that would allude to the fact they may produce a pre workout supplement or a fat burner.

Principle Healthcare most likely would produce HIV/AIDS and cancer treatments.

And when we look at the product and packaging it does look more like an aspirin or paracetamol rather than a product that would support our goals in the gym.

However, this pharma design does instil confidence and trust in the product rather than something you may see with a wild stallion bulging with muscle.

This then, may be more suited to the mature guy who looks past silly mutant imagery and just wants to add a new lease to his life.

What’s the claims?

This is more than just a test booster or a regulator of hormones.

There are a wide number of ingredients included that are formulated to support normal test concentrations and the immune system.

But other than that, there’s nothing else to say.

There aren’t any big or wild claims or statements being made here. Nothing about building muscle, increasing stamina or libido.

Maybe they are just preparing us for disappointment…

Ingredients: Science at work

a list of the ingredients found in vitarenew men#s health supplement

Vitamin A

It has been observed that children who are low in vitamin A suffer from delayed growth. When they were supplemented with vitamin A and iron the effects were as beneficial as hormone therapy using oxandrolone.

There’s also a study that suggests a deficiency in vitamin A has a negative effect on test levels.

This does not mean that vitamin A is going to react like it would taking a steroid but there’s a clear link between normal growth and hormone balance. [1] [2]

Vitamin D3

Many western governments recommend that their citizens supplement with 2000iu of D3 daily unless they are exposed to a lot of sunlight.

The issue is that too much sunlight can burn and cause cancers. However, D3 has many health benefits that include bone health, mental health, plus increasing testosterone levels.

As such, D3 is an important aspect of healthy hormone production. [3]

Vitamin E

It seems that in terms of testosterone levels vitamin E is a useful anti-oxidant that can protect the testis.

Further studies in rats (biologically very similar to humans) showed that those which were receiving oral vitamin E supplementation had higher levels of testosterone compared to the control group. [4] [5]

Vitamin K1

Vitamin K1 is much more popular than K2, however, it is K2 that holds the testosterone key. K1 has a shorter half life and does not appear to have any effect on testosterone levels.

K1 does help with blood clotting and is commonly injected in to newborn babies. [6]

Vitamin C

It is almost common knowledge that vitamin C can help fight against the common cold, but it is also good for cell health, wound healing and bone health.

Let’s not forget that it also has a positive effect on testosterone levels. [7] [8]

Thiamin (B1)

Some studies has demonstrated that high doses of B1 have found to be effective at fighting chronic ageing processes, of which a reduction of testosterone is a factor.

The results show that B1 can increase anti-oxidant enzymes. But we do not know if this was injected or an oral dose nor what the dose is. [9]


B2 is used as a testosterone 5α-Reductase inhibitor. This means it can prevent the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone.

As such it can help alleviate prostate growth and other androgenic side effects such as hair growth or loss.

The vitamin itself is water soluble and as such cannot be stored, it needs topping up daily and can combat oxidative stress. [10] [11]


Vitamin B3 has long been established to help treat cardiovascular disease risks. This can include reducing blood pressure. [12]

Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 is a well regarded vitamin that works particularly well with zinc and magnesium to improve testosterone secretion among other health benefits including fat loss.

B6 is water soluble, this means that your body cannot store it, as such it needs to be topped up. [13]

Folic Acid

It has been questioned whether folic acid has a beneficial effect on sperm characteristics. However, the results from studies are not conclusive.

Folic acid may help those with kidney disease. [14] [15]

Vitamin B12

Did you know that B12 can treat cellulite? Did you know men can also get cellulite? This is handy to know.

Plus, B12 and sperm quality are related. Therefore, more B12 correlates with better sperm quality. [16]


In studies of rats, those who were deficient of biotin were also suffering from low levels of testosterone.

However, taking biotin supplements can affect laboratory and medical testing results on patients. [17] [18]

Pantothenic Acid

In studies of rats it became apparent that any deficiencies in pantothenic acid correlated with low levels of testosterone and reduce sperm motility. [19]


Calcium supplementation has been noted to improve testosterone levels and contribute to improved physical exercise performance.

However, long term calcium supplementation can lead to a build up of artery plaque which can increase the risk of cardiovascular disease. [20]


Those who are low on magnesium levels are also low on testosterone. Therefore, ensure that your body is topped up with this essential mineral for optimal hormonal health. [21]


When iron was combined with vitamin A it showed that it could acts as well as a steroid to induce further growth in children who were suffering from delayed development.

However, studies in to testosterone levels and iron have not demonstrated any correlation or benefits towards hormone changes. [22]


Zinc is another essential mineral required for optimal testosterone secretion. Without zinc you will most likely experience a low level of natural testosterone and libido.

Zinc also helps maintain a healthy fat mass and weight balance. [23]


There is much speculation regarding the effects of copper on testosterone levels and fat mass.

The truth is, that higher concentrations of copper do correlate with lower levels of testosterone. But copper can also help burn fat. [24] [25]


Studies on male rats have noted that manganese is an essential metal that can help promote puberty by raising the levels of testosterone.

It was also discovered that people who were showing low levels of this trace metal were also low of testosterone. [26] [27]


Selenium has over 300 metabolic functions.

However, when tested to see what’s its effects were on testosterone it had no significant effect or benefit. [28]


This metal does not have an effect on testosterone levels but it can help reduce cravings and also fat mass. [29]


Molybdenum is one of the few metals whereby a higher concentration found in the blood results in a lower concentration of testosterone.

In fact, the studies showed that molybdenum could lower test levels by 37%. [30]


There is a positive link between testosterone and iodine. Iodine also helps with getting decent sleep for recuperation and growth.

Studies have also showed that people who suffer from a low thyroid also have low levels of testosterone. Iodine is a key chemical element that helps maintain a healthy thyroid function. [31] [32]

Ingredients Summary

I understand that this is not solely marketed as a testosterone booster, because it is more about overall health and well being.

That said, I wanted to see just how well it could perform regarding hormone balance.

And, overall, I would say it contains an impressive number of beneficial ingredients that can have a positive effect on testosterone secretion.

In fact, 15 ingredients will have a positive effect on testosterone levels or sperm production.

A further 5 ingredients also have health benefits such as reducing blood pressure or helping contribute to a healthy weight.

This is a good result from 23 total ingredients.

Annoyingly 2 ingredients can have a negative effect on test levels and many of the studies are using rats, although they do share very close biological make up to humans.

Humans and rats share around 99% of genes and 97.5% DNA.

One issue is the actual daily dose. This is less than 450mg which is much lower than many other supplements.

It is also worth noting that long term supplementation of calcium can contribute to artery plaque build up.


Large number of ingredients with the majority having a benefit effect on testosterone secretion and general health.


A couple of the ingredients actually reduce testosterone concentrations, this is coupled with a low daily dose.


What we have here is a surprising supplement that, while it is marketed as a overall health supplement, does have many ingredients included that will promote the natural secretion of testosterone.

It is only let down by two further ingredients that have demonstrated to have a negative effect on testosterone concentrations and that many of the studies do not include humans, but the genetically close rat.

However, if the overall dose was increased this would be a proficient testosterone booster.


































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Rating: 5

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