Muscle Phase Death Wish Testo Review

Muscle Phase Death Wish Testo Review

Death Wish Testosterone Booster Review

First Look

When you come across a testosterone booster that is called ‘Death Wish Testo’ you will either have one of two thought processes:

  1. Great, this must be nearly illegal and therefore strong and effective
  2. Fuck this shit, what a load of crap, this wont affect my hormones

I must admit, I am of the latter.

I want to find a supplement that can increase testosterone secretion to help increase muscle mass and strength or even libido. For some it is recovery from steroids and they use it as a PCT.

An increase in testosterone can also help improve mood and other areas of health.

This just looks too immature and as if it is trying to get in a younger, more naive crowd. This does not instil much trust or confidence in the product, not to me as a guy who is in his mid-thirties.

TL:DR – Video Review

Who Are Muscle Phase?

Okay, so Muscle Phase sounds a bit more convincing as a brand, death wish may just be a hook. In fact I am sure it is, it certainly got my attention, even if it was not something I could agree on.

So, what’s their plan? Create a name that is bold, brazen and controversial and then hope someone will at least look at the ingredients?

Of course upon reading the ingredients panel which consists of nine ingredients they will then agree this is the best testo booster on the market?

Well, most people are not aware of what ingredients are effective, proven or even dangerous. So, I am guessing they’re just going for the shock factor knowing a percentage of people will buy it based on the label alone.

Because, if I am honest, I cannot find much online regarding the company at all.

What’s Death Wish going to do?

Hopefully not kill us, and hopefully we will experience steroid like effects, because that is what this product eludes to.

We are told that this is hormone free. Which is a bit disappointing if you wanted steroids.

However, it exclaims that Death Wish Testo provides us with a hit of extracts and minerals which will increase test levels resulting in more muscle and increased libido.

The product also reminds us that our test levels will be raised in a legal and natural way. That’s a shame…

Ingredients: Testo Truths

ingredients panel for death wish testo testosterone booster

Magnesium Oxide

Magnesium is a well known mineral that can increase testosterone levels when supplemented. Tests have proven this.

So why on earth have they included magnesium oxide when it cannot be absorbed effectively? This is best used for heat burn and indigestion but not particularly useful to treat magnesium deficiencies that lead to low testosterone levels. [1]

Zinc Oxide

Again the studies available from reputable sources commend how effective zinc is at stimulating more secretion of testosterone.

That’s really helpful, but again, Death Wish Testo has decided to include zinc oxide which has poor bio-availability which means we won’t benefit much from it. [2]

Tribulus Terrestris

Unfortunately the anecdotes proceed any scientific fact in regards to how effective tribulus actually is.

It has not been proven to increase testosterone in any trial or study regardless of how many sites try to exclaim its virtues.

It does not work to increase testosterone levels. [3]


Chrysin is able to boost levels of testosterone. And because of this you will find that Chrysin is included in many testosterone boosters.

However, this test boosting benefits come with some terms and conditions. To be effective at increasing testosterone it must be injected in to the testicles.

Oral administration does not work. [4]


The rumours are that Longjack can increase testosterone levels, however, this is purely anecdotal. But, it is still useful.

Longjack can reduce stress that we experience as active people. So the stresses that come with diet and lots of exercise can be alleviated somewhat and this can have a positive effect on T. [5]

Horny Goat Weed

This does show some promise at increasing test levels, however, so far any substantial and reliable research in to human effects are not available.

However, it is estimated that for it to improve test levels you would need around 1,200mg for a person who is 200lbs in weight.

This only provides 50mg. [6]

Saw Palmetto

Saw Palmetto is often used to treat an enlarged prostate that can a result of steroid abuse. So, in some cases I get the impression that certain products like to have it included because it eludes to the fact that this supplement may act like a steroid.

However, this fails in two areas.

  1. This supplement has no steroid like qualities
  2. Saw palmetto doesn’t actually have any abilities to offer any health benefits [7]


If you have already suffered heart failure in your life, this plant may be able to offer you some benefit.

However, before we get ahead of ourselves here, there’s also contradictory evidence that suggests hawthorn can actually have a negative effect on heart failure victims which could lead to hospitalisation.

There’s no other reliable evidence to suggest that it can reduce blood pressure, lower cholesterol levels or anything else it is purported to do. [8]

Cissus Quadrangularis

I can only see one reason that Cissus is included in a test booster and that is because it shows promise as a supplement that will improve both bone and joint health.

And, increased bone density is a benefit of higher levels of testosterone.

The problem is that these bone and joint benefits are not entirely conclusive and an optimal dose is yet to be confirmed.

Reports of 300mg have said to be useful but other sources say over 3000mg is required.

Furthermore, it is suggested that cissus can increase testosterone levels, however, this is yet to be validated. [9]

Ingredients Review

If you read the summary for each ingredient you will come to the same conclusion that I have.

Doses are key, as are the forms of the ingredients.

So, for instance, Horny Goat Weed may offer some testosterone boosting benefits, yet at much, much higher doses than the 50mg provided.

Then, magnesium and zinc are provided in oxide format which is not absorbed well at all, thus negating any real benefit.

The there’s chrysin that seems like a glimmer of hope until we learn that it is only effective as a testosterone booster when it is injected in to the testicles.

However, apart from these numerous issues it is then the problem that most of the included ingredients do not offer any scientific benefit at all.

If zinc and magnesium were to be dosed as normal and elemental minerals they would convincingly help increase testosterone.

So, that only leaves us with Longjack (Tongkat Ali) that can lower stress, but this is clutching at straws if we are being honest.

On the whole, this has many problems that need to be addressed, because, as is, this is not going to provide a great deal of benefit.

 PROS – Transparent doses | Good number of ingredients


 CONS – Very little evidence to prove any of these ingredients work | Poor doses


The instructions state that 3 capsules are to be taken daily and this amounts to a daily dose of 1305mg.

That is about 50% compared to what we would be expecting and what is often provided by the better test booster supplements.

Death Wish Testo Conclusion

It seems there’s no death defying benefit by taking this supplement. It can’t even muster any ingredients that are proven to stimulate testosterone secretion.

At the very heart of this supplement are nine ingredients, and three of these have the potentially to boost testosterone.

However, one will only do that when it is injected directly in to the testicle, and the other two provided in forms that are not bio-available, and therefore cannot offer any benefit.

This results in supplement that really has no real world effect on testosterone. According to the studies, it appears that nothing that forms part of the nutrient formula has any proven health benefits at all.

Therefore, you should really avoid Death Wish Testo, not because it is dangerous, but because it has no ability to increase testosterone.

There’s far better testosterone boosters available.


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