Watch This Cringe-worthy Interview With Rich Piana

Watch This Cringe-worthy Interview With Rich Piana

He’s just in it for the cash dollar! Although we all knew this was true, it’s kinda sad to hear it from the horses mouth.

It’s almost like saying to the fans, “Please line up guys to buy tat from me so I can line my pockets with your hard earned cash”. Takes the shine off it a bit if you ask me.

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However, what is worse is the interview, the interviewer seems to know jack shit about Rich, either that or he is nervous and Rich is just reeling off the usual diatribe. I am surprised he didn’t even say “God dammit” every 3 seconds.

However, we did get a good bit of advice from Piana, that is to listen to your own body when it comes to diet and workouts. Don’t try to copy others just because that is what they are doing and it works for them.

We see video’s of Mike O’Tren circulating the web of him in the gym at 0430 because that what make you a champ.

Well, is it really 0430 or 2130? All we know is that is what he says, he also says he is full natty…


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