Weightlifters Are More Intelligent!

Weightlifters Are More Intelligent!

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Ever wondered why The Rock is the highest paid actor on earth?

It’s because he is smarter than your ass. Why?

Because he lifts, bro.

Okay, that’s most likely not the reason, although I am not entirely sure of his IQ score…


However, studies on those who are showing early signs of dementia suggest that lifting weights has the potential to make you more intelligent.

The study involved a section of society aged between 55 and 86 who are showing the initial signs of dementia with mild cognitive impairment. This being a precursor to Alzheimer’s disease.

The participants were instructed to carry out a mix of brain training and weight lifting.

The results were shocking.

A casual link was found between increases of strength and an improvement of cognitive function.

With an ageing world population and increases of those suffering from dementia (estimates of 135m by 2050) it is recommended that to achieve a healthier aging population more people should lift weights.

The latest published study is part of a growing collection of data and research that shows a link between physical health and cognitive health. The results all show that once weight training had been introduced to a persons regime their cognition had improved significantly.


Yet, what is even more astounding is that brain training exercises revealed no improvement.

Intelligence gains are related to those found in the gym. The stronger a person becomes, the greater the mental and cognitive benefit.


There is nothing out of the ordinary regarding the training schedule that was used for the study. The participants followed a routine similar to that of professional athletes of lifting twice per week of 80% of their 1 rep max, this regime was continued for a period of 6 months.

As they progressed through the schedule their weights were increased to reflect their increasing strength.

MRI scans were used and it illustrated a trend that with increases in strength came increases of the brain size in specific areas.

This is a simple yet effective way to help protect the mental health of our increasing aging population.

The key being that the exercise should be performed at least twice per week and at a high intensity to ensure that your strength is increasing. This will provide the maximum benefit to your brain.

As the initial findings from the numerous studies have been quite primitive. The next step Is to find out whether there is a optimal routine or exercise program that can maximize the benefits.

It is also not yet clear whether weight training can fully prevent dementia for people who are already suffering minor cognitive impairment symptoms.

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