Multivitamin Sales Stagnate – Vitamin D3 And Omega-3 Supplements Soar

Multivitamin Sales Stagnate – Vitamin D3 And Omega-3 Supplements Soar

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Latest figures show that supplement use in the U.S held firm between 1999 and 2012. However, multi-vitamin use declined over that same period whereby supplements featuring omega-3, lycopene, vitamin D as well as probiotics all increased over the same time frame.

The increase in the latter 3 could be down to recent public awareness and government initiatives regarding the importance of each.

For instance, vitamin D can help raise testosterone levels, overall sporting performance and improve cognitive function. There’s even evidence to show that it can help asthma sufferer’s too.

Likewise, omega-3’s help with protein synthesis, reduce inflammation (one of the catalysts for obesity), a leveler of cortisol and is great for brain health.

Other supplements including vitamin C, E and Selenium decreased.

All data was extracted from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES). The crux of the data involved nearly 38,000 adults averaging 46 years of age.

These participants were monitored over a stretch of 7 continuous 2 year cycles.

Just over half of the participants reported use of supplements yet those using a multivitamin dropped by 6% over a 3 year time frame.


This has naturally drawn comment from industry leaders.

Some state that the results illustrate that supplement usage is in the mainstream and apart of most people’s daily health and fitness routines whereby the majority of US adults indicate that they use them.

The industry also have their own narrative that surveys demonstrate a steady, continued interest in dietary supplements.

Although on the other side of the coin, a debate has been stirred over the ineffectiveness of many supplements offering no more benefit than a placebo with the resulting take up of products having barely climbed.

Pills vs. Food

There are calls for physicians to educate their patients regarding latest studies and finding over the effectiveness of supplements on the market and that the most consistent results will be from nutritional input from conventional food intake.

There is much worry over supplements being used and administered instead of an increased stance regarding food education.

Whereby people should not assume that supplements can replace healthy, nutritious foods.

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