Does Weightlifting Prevent Premature Death?

Does Weightlifting Prevent Premature Death?

If you are closer to retirement than college it has been found that if you start lifting weights twice a week you are much more likely to enjoy a longer and healthier life.


Latest studies have involved circa 30,000 senior adults over a period of around 15 years to examine the relationship between weightlifting and mortality.

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The results were staggering and utterly surprised us. It seems that senior citizens of 65+ were much less likely to die if they weight trained twice per week. This it seems is a result of a ‘better running body’ from stronger muscles and bones. However, it isn’t just the body which benefits, the cardiovascular system becomes stronger and it also seems to give you a better chance of warding off cancer.


If you are new to lifting, always ensure that you gradually work your way in to a new regime to avoid injury, in many cases, less can mean more. Therefore, 2 bouts of exercise per week is often more than enough which will enable your muscles to recover and in turn grow and become stronger.

For your entire body to benefit, it is worth utilizing the compound exercises which will exercise the majority of muscle groups. Ensure that you ask for advice to perform these movements to avoid injury or accidents. Once perfected they can develop substantial strength and benefits.

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