Weight Lifting Benefits // Did You Know All Of These?

Weight Lifting Benefits // Did You Know All Of These?

Why do you hit the weights?

Is it because you want to feel fitter? Desire a feeling of increased strength? Or merely want to look and feel bigger?

However, sometimes it is just for the endorphin’s which are released during physical activity which is enough.

However, size, strength and endorphin’s aside, weight lifting offers far more benefits to your body that you are probably not aware of.

Weightlifting alone can help ward off many problems and issues, not only physically but mentally.


Most people probably just assume muscles are only good for movement and posturing, however, there’s more to them than that…as useful as both of those points are.

Your muscles (and mine) secrete chemicals which have a positive effect on the body.

Many people once seduced to a life of activity can really tell and thus pine for the gym or some form of exercise when maybe time constraints have prevented it. I know I am dying to get on my bike and cycle to work now I have bought a house much closer to work.

Our body is not designed for a sedate lifestyle, so the more we exercise the more we are rewarded with hormonal and chemical benefits.

This is particularly true when it comes to testosterone production which not only has muscular benefits but can help with cognitive and bone health.

So while exercised and worked muscle provide beneficial chemicals, a life of eating and sitting down increases our fat content which also releases chemicals too, this is known as inflammation.

Inflammation is extremely bad for our overall health and an imbalance of too much fat can lead to chronic disease.

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Few people are aware that a decline in testosterone levels can lead to a development of dementia.

Few people also realize that both men and women release testosterone when they perform heavy, compound exercises such as deadlifts, squats and bench press.

While it is true that women produce less testosterone than their male counterparts their brains are more responsive to its effects.

Training for strength also increases bone density, reduces the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease, arthritis, heart failure and Polycystic Ovary Syndrome not withstanding helping maintain healthy blood glucose levels.

Therefore, weight training is not purely for show in order to fill out those tee shirts but can have much more important benefits than trying to pull on a Saturday night.

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