Why Use A Nootropic?

Why Use A Nootropic?

Nootropics and other drugs used for mental alertness are attractive to anyone who leads a stressful life and have no fixed sleeping pattern due to their job or lifestyle. It can be anyone from a student to the CEO of a global corporation. Or even athletes that need to perform at 100% of their capabilities even when you feel like there is no gas left in the tank. Hence why nootropics have seen a rise in popularity.

You can wake, pop a tablet and by the time you have jumped out of the shower and had breakfast be firing on all cylinders ready for the day ahead without having to rely of copious amounts of jitter inducing coffee or energy drinks which are likely to rot your insides.


The benefits of a smart drug is that unlike coffee, once they set in you are not jittery which in turn can lead to a lack of concentration and a marked reduction in cognitive ability which is no good to you when you are trying to cram for an examination, legal case or that sales presentation. Also unlike coffee, there’s no real addictive qualities that can be hard to let go of once you’re smashing the tenth coffee of the day. Always bear in mind that if you are taking a fat burner supplement many of these also contain caffeine as it is good for fat loss.

Caffeine also does form many a nootropic too along with L-Theanine, the idea is that a 2:1 ratio of L-Theanine and caffeine will give you the alertness of coffee tempered by the relaxing effects of LT (an amino acid extracted from green tea). The result is that you’re alert, but not on edge, which is a much more pleasant mental state to be in and is purportedly great for studying or creative work.

Studies have reported that the combined effects of L-Theanine and caffeine are one of the safest and accessible ways of obtaining cognitive equilibrium and focus without actually really feeling anything at all, well, not anything to explosive or harsh. What it will help towards is the feeling of having a refreshing and well-adjusted night’s sleep regardless the amount of times the baby started crying and wanted feeding.

With that in mind it probably is not too surprising to hear that the core of the nootropic revolution is coming from San Francisco where the lure of being able to upgrade your brain without having to wait for 2000 years of evolution to reap the benefits. It is a pretty attractive and interesting prospect that many find hard to ignore, including a whole raft of high profile investors.


The benefit of these nootropics being available on the open market is that they eliminate the guess work and thorough research required to start formulating your own concoction in the kitchen in order to attain that mental edge whilst being available in convenient pill form or chewable’s, eliminating the need for mixing foul tasting powders in water or soft drinks.

It has been said that those who use nootropics on a regular basis experience a higher rate of productivity and alertness, this combined with a suitable workout program can provide a wave of clarity and concentration that will benefit many real world situations, I found the same when I took MindLab Pro, initially I was skeptical but after about a week I had noticed the what actually seemed very unnoticeable effects of the ‘fog’ lifting. It took me quite by surprise to start feeling like I was performing like a well-oiled machine rather than constantly feeling like wading through treacle.

My experiences of nootropics have allowed me to achieve more in my day over longer periods of time, my day consists of 4 hours of commuting in the car, working for 8-9 hours of the day before returning home to work out in the gym, play rugby or work on this website, it is difficult to sustain this level of activity and whilst it is all my choice, it is a choice I am happy to make.

These smart drugs almost feel like cheating.

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