6 Misconceptions About Losing Weight // Are You Familiar With #3?

6 Misconceptions About Losing Weight // Are You Familiar With #3?

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There’s plenty of information on the internet and spewing from ‘experts’ mouths’ alongside apps these days that encourage and proclaim the virtues of quick bouts of intensive exercise for rapid weight loss. Then there’s JuicePlus. It is all rather confusing and misleading.

Quick weight loss schemes and routines do nothing for the long term health of the user, instead it more often than not promotes a unsustainable quick ‘solution’ that cannot be maintained over time.

#1. Over Training 

Do not try and spend every given hour on the treadmill. Do not think that spending every given hour on the treadmill will help you lose weight if you keep eating a pizza every day.

The trick to losing weight is nutrition. If you get that right your efforts elsewhere will be enhanced dramatically.

Doing too much exercise stresses your body, if you are a guy this can also reduce the production of testosterone which helps build muscle and cut fat.  Additionally, the more grueling exercise you do the higher risk of injury. If you are injured you ain’t doing any exercise then for a while.

Be smart when it comes to training.

#2. Fear Of Weights

Many ladies are scared of the weights room, they may not actually be intimidated by the hoards of guys but of the misconception that lifting weights will lead to a bulky, masculine body.

STOP! Ladies do not have enough testosterone to make that happen very easily. Damn it, it is hard enough for guys to get big and muscular!

Lifting weights are a gateway for future health and offer many benefits notwithstanding the calories burned and maintaining a higher metabolic rate long after your training session has stopped.

#3. Ab Workouts 

I see countless people doing crunches and a whole manner of abdominal exercises hoping for those elusive muscles to appear…well they won’t, not until you have shed that 2 inch layer of fat.

Now, I am no different, I am not utterly cut, shredded or anything like that, but that isn’t my end goal. However, for those who just want abs you had better take another look at point #1 above.

Firstly, shed the fat through a good nutrition plan and a good exercise regime – not one that will grind your joints into dust before you are 40 years old. Once you reach about 15% or below body fat your abs will start to appear.

Until then, no amount of abdominal exercises will do a thing. In fact working your abdominal muscles lots and lots and in particular if you use heavy weights for an ab workout can make your whole stomach bulge out. After all, your abs are muscles, you’d expect your arms to get bigger doing arm curls.

#4. Spot Fat Reduction

Essentially a re-iteration of above. You cannot naturally spot target areas to reduce fat through exercise. No amount of sit ups will reduce fat on your belly. Just doing squats will not solely reduce fat on your thighs and buttocks.

Your body will reduce the size of the fats cells through nutrition and exercise where it see’s fit, there is no control over this. That means your face or maybe your stomach or even thighs are the last place where fat is reduced from regardless of exercise. It is very rare that fat is reduced evenly throughout your body.

#5. Toning 

So we’re talking building muscle, right?

Toning is still a combination of building muscle and reducing fat. People seem to think that endless high reps on machines in the gym will ‘tone’ them. Well, no one will see any muscular definition without any fat loss.

If you want more definition you need to build muscle and reduce fat. End of. There’s no magic ‘toning’ secrets.

#6. Shredded In A Month

It is going to take longer than a month to transform your body. You could lose overall weight in a month by constantly drinking water and eating cabbage because you’ll literally shit everything out. Running in a sweat suit may lighten the scales a bit when you have picked yourself up off the floor from fainting. Yet as soon as you replenish your lost water and salts you’ll get back up to weight again.

To transform your body you need a progressive regime of weight lifting, nutrition and some cardio. Take a long term approach, this way your gains/losses will be sustainable and with less of a ‘yo-yo’ effect.

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