6 Testosterone Boosting Life Hacks

6 Testosterone Boosting Life Hacks

We all know that more testosterone increases muscle mass, strength, endurance, fat reduction and libido.  But did you also know of the other benefits that can be had from maintaining a good level or even increasing your testosterone levels?

The more uncommon benefits are listed below; remember, healthy testosterone levels are not just about rippling muscle and hulk strength…there’s much more to it than that.IMG_0189


Both women’s and men’s bones become less dense as they grow older. This is due to the declining levels of  testosterone and increasing levels of estrogen, even in men. Studies show that testosterone will not only stop the bone loss, but will also make the bones stronger.

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Body Composition

A properly working thyroid is crucial for maintaining a proper weight since its main function is to set the metabolism for the body. Weight gain can occur if the thyroid is not producing enough thyroid hormone. If testosterone is low, it is not as easy maintaining a healthy weight.

Improve Your Memory

If you, like me have a nightmare remembering people’s names or where your keys are you may have low testosterone levels. The brain has receptors for this hormone. Proper levels of testosterone help the brain function properly. Proper hormone levels also decreases the risk of Alzheimer’s disease. So start doing compound exercises and seek out a testosterone booster to help improve your levels.

A Sense Of Well Being

There are many causes of depression. One of them is low hormone levels. Proper hormone (thyroid, progesterone, estrogen and testosterone) balance and proper levels contribute to our emotional well-being. Some people suffer from seasonal mood disorder and can get depressed during the winter months. Often, these people have a low vitamin D level. Vitamin D, a hormone, is a precursor to many of the brain chemicals that affect our mood. You can increase vitamin D levels by safely spending some time in the sun, or you could take a supplement such as TestoFuel which has high amounts of vitamin D3 in each serving.

Improve Your Lipid Balance

In order to lower our levels of cholesterol we are encouraged to eat right and exercise. Many hormones including thyroid, estrogen and testosterone can lower lipid levels and lower our cardiovascular risk. However, do not take this as a green light to start injecting synthetic testosterone, it only works with your own body’s natural source of testosterone.  Therefore, hit the squats and deadlifts for maximum testosterone production – there’s a great work out here. 


Testosterone is a very good anti-inflammatory. One reason our joints start hurting more as we get older is that we have decreasing amounts of testosterone. Many inflammatory conditions can be improved with proper levels of testosterone. This is especially true if you are lifting heavy weight and doing low reps or play contact sports.  Protect your joints and boost your testosterone levels.

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