D-BAL Crazy Bulk Review

D-BAL Crazy Bulk Review

Having read some mixed reviews about D-BAL from Crazy Bulk I thought I would try it myself.

The bottle is small, but the results were pretty big. I am impressed.

Read on to find out why I rate is so highly.

LAST UPDATED: September 2019 by Ben.


Crazy Bulk D-Bal First Look

If I am being honest, and I think you may agree, the offerings from Crazy Bulk look a little dull.

Not much consideration seems to have been engineered in to the marketing.

There’s a white bottle and different colored labels for each different supplement.

And that’s it really.

Not particularly interesting, thought provoking or enticing. It is something I would skip straight past if I was in a supplement store.

Funnily enough, the Crazy Bulk range seem to play on steroid names and claim they are offering legal alternatives.

What this means, is that they are no way near related to any steroid but are supplements that consist of natural ingredients.

So, if I am honest, it looks a bit cheap, a bit weak and not really anything I would trust to increase test levels and muscle.

Plus, the bottle is really small. Okay there are 30 servings and 3 pills per serving but other products seem to offer ‘more’.

This is starting to look a little negative…

My Video Review

Who are Crazy Bulk?

Crazy Bulk are brought to us by a company called Wolfson Berg Ltd.

A little bit of digging in to Wolfson Berg on their website  reveals that they have 3 offices; United Kingdom, Germany and Cyprus.

So, effectively a global company.

Interestingly, their German office is located in the port city of Hamburg and very close to not only the University hospital but also a fitness center.

This could be a strategic position to take advantage of local expertise for testing and development.

Furthermore, on their website it explains that Wolfson Berg combine medical professionals with athletes and nutritionists in order to ‘disrupt the wellness industry’.

Retreating back to the Crazy Bulk website, there’s loads of testimonial pictures from people, over half a million bottles sold and even a Crazy Bulk ‘team’ of athlete ambassadors.

Crazy Bulk also offer 24/7 support, free global shipping and support network to help enhance your fitness journey.

Terrible product label aside, things are starting to look up.


I am glad to see that Crazy Bulk have a transparent nutrient profile on their products.

This ensures we, the user, knows exactly what is in a daily serving and how much of each individual ingredient.

The importance of this cannot be stressed enough.

If a product is hidden behind a proprietary blend we have no idea of what amount we are having. We could be taking a supplement with the best ingredients known to man, but if the doses are merely trace amounts we will see no benefit.

The doses are just as important as the ingredient itself.

Crazy Bulk D-BAL ingredients


Did you know that magnesium helps with protein synthesis, energy production or even nerve function? [1]

Probably not, but that is just a few of the many benefits that the mineral, and electrolyte, magnesium offers.

However, those from highly developed western countries can be susceptible to magnesium deficiencies because the typical diet which includes grains is not high in magnesium. Whereas a diet of leafy greens and nuts would be a much better source.

Interestingly there’s a study which demonstrates magnesium is effective at reducing bone fractures when combined with vitamin D3, which is also included in this supplement.

For those involved in physical activity, magnesium has proven to improve aerobic activity [2] and if you have issues falling to sleep, magnesium has also been proven to alleviate this. [3]

These are all good ways to improve muscle development.

Furthermore, there is evidence that shows magnesium can also have a positive effect on natural testosterone levels. [4]

Vitamin D3

As we have just mentioned, D3 and magnesium go hand-in-hand. Together they seem to be effective at preventing, or at east helping reduce the risk of bone fractures as well as the growth and maintenance. [5]

But what else is D3 good for?

You may not believe it, but about half of the world’s population are deficient in vitamin D which we get for free from the abundant sunlight. [6]

Yet, vitamin D has demonstrated positive effects in the battle of many diseases such as cancer, depression, type 2 diabetes and heart disease among others. [7]

These reasons are good enough to want to ensure we are getting enough vitamin D.

But if you are wanting to build muscle, there’s even more need to get that D.

Supplementing with vitamin D3 is vital to ensure that your physical composition and fitness is tip top.

This is because D3 can ease aches, pains and avoid illnesses while gaining more form the nutrients you consume.

Not withstanding its ability to help increase natural levels of testosterone and also increase sexual function. [8] [9]

Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM)

MSM is fairly new to the world of supplements but it is making quite a noise, particularly to help ease joint pain for those suffering from arthritis which improves physical function. [10]

Furthermore, it appears to be an anti-oxidant as well as reducing acute exercise-induced inflammation.  [11]

This also means it can help with immune response and also modulate cancer cells. [12]

In addition, there is evidence that points towards MSM being a therapeutic agent to help reduce DOMS, associated muscle soreness and fatigue caused by strenuous exercise. [13] [14]

Overall, while not hugely popular, it is a worthy ingredient that can potentially help with your exercise regime.


This in an amino acid that is required for protein synthesis. It forms 1 of the 3 branched chain amino acids that you see as supplements.

Claims for taking a single amino acid are not quite fully qualified.

However, it is thought that isoleucine can help with the production of hemoglobin which carries oxygen in your red blood cells.

Isoleucine may also increase energy and endurance, plus help with muscle recovery. [15]

A study from the 20th century concluded that isoleucine was capable of supporting growth, without isoleucine included in your diet could potential inhibit and hinder normal development. [16]


There are a number of proven health benefits that ashwagandha provides, as such, it is no surprise to hear that it has been used for multiple centuries within traditional Indian medicines.

As a result it is now more widely known and accepted in modern medicine whereby it has demonstrated it abilities to help with the following ailments and conditions [17]:

  • Stress
  • Cognitive decline
  • Inflammation
  • Arthritis
  • Dementia
  • Parkinson’s

These benefits alone are worthy of further consideration when looking for a supplement.

So, how else may it help us when wanting to build muscle and increase performance?

One important result from ashwagandha supplementation in men is that it can significantly increase fertility levels. [18]

Further results showed that it also had an increase in testosterone levels, too.

chart illustrating testosterone increase versus placebo for ashwagandha
Source [18]
These results then correlate with an additional study that saw an increase of muscle mass and strength when ashwagandha was combined with a resistance training place.

In addition, muscle damage was reduced as was body fat with an increase of testosterone. [19]

Suma Root (Pfaffia paniculata)

This plant is native to Latin American and has been used extensively as a folk remedy whereby it has been called the ‘Brazilian Ginseng’, however, there is no connection to panax ginseng.

And, unlike panax ginseng whereby there a lots of documented benefits, suma is considerably low of supporting evidence.

There are claims of suma being able to reduce chronic stress and fatigue, but the available evidence really points towards it being an anti-inflammatory [20] and an aphrodisiac [21]

However, it must be noted that these studies are not based on a human model or human subjects, as such we cannot say for sure whether it will have the same effects. [22]

Tribulus Terrestris

I have a real hard time with any product that includes tribulus, because there’s so much evidence that points towards it not having any effect on testosterone levels.

As such, I do not necessarily agree with tribulus being in a supplement at all.

So, on that basis, is there any point at all to have tribulus in a supplement, especially one that is aimed at increasing muscle and strength?

Well, if you are hoping that tribulus will have even the remotest benefit to muscle development, no, as this studies confirm. [23]

On the contrary, there is 1 study available whereby tribulus is used (in combination with other extracts) and did increase muscle strength. Testosterone levels were unchanged though. [24]

Yet, there is evidence that tribulus can be used as an aphrodisiac, as seen in studies on rats [25]. However, human studies appear to be unclear. [26]

Hyaluronic Acid

Unashamedly, I know about hyaluronic acid because I use it as a moisturizer. Hyaluronic acid is naturally occurring and has benefits such as keeping your skin hydrated along with other connective tissues lubricated.

It is these connective tissue benefits that are of interest.

Because hyaluronic acid is able to bond water in to tissues, this way it can cushion and ensure that your joints are kept supple and lubricated. This is supported with hyaluronic acid being classed as a useful treatment for chronic arthritis. [27]

Furthermore, it is a powerful anti-oxidant with a major role in heart and eye health. [28]

Therefore, what may seem like an unlikely addition, clearly has benefit for various bodily functions.


How to take D-BAL

d-bal directions

The instructions differ depending on what activity you are doing.

If you are hitting the gym then you should take 3 pills at once with water around 45 minutes after you have finished your workout.

If you are having a rest day, take 1 pill with each main meal. So, 3 pills in total.

There are 90 pills per bottle which equates to a 30 day supply.

A daily dose consists of 1665.75mg.

D-BAL Price

If we are honest with ourselves, the price does have an impact on our choice, and if priced too high it will dissuade buyers.

So, let’s take a look at the cost for this investment.

On the Crazy Bulk website, it states that a bottle would normally be $85.00/£50.95 but is reduced to $59.99/£35.95.

D-BAL Discount

Furthermore, if you buy 2 bottles of D-BAL, you will get a 3rd bottle free.

That is a total of $119.98/£71.90, or just $39.66/£23.96 per bottle!

That is astonishing value.

When I bought mine from the website, I also used a D-BAL  discount code which gained me a further 20% off!

This also includes FREE shipping.

However, these prices are only available direct from Crazy Bulk and D-BAL isn’t officially available from Amazon or GNC.

If they are available online from other retailers or marketplaces it is best to avoid and buy direct.


This product straddles a few lines.

It isn’t really a fully encompassing testosterone booster, yet shares some elements of one.

You could say it helps with joint relief, endurance, muscle recovery while being an antioxidant and reduce stresses.

So, what is it?

Well, it certainly isn’t anything like dianabol, as it alludes to with its name, but it can help with muscle development.

And, there are some key ingredients, that have a large body of evidence pointing to their multiple benefits.

These include:

  • Vitamin D
  • Magnesium
  • Ashwagandha
  • MSM
  • IsoLeucine
  • Hyaluronic acid

Around half of these ingredients are not commonly found in muscle building supplements. However, they have been proven to have some positive effects that are worthy of inclusion.

As such, this product does stand out from the crowd.

My Personal Experience

I have been hitting the weights and cardio recently with more determination.

Because I now work from home, I no longer have my daily 20 mile bicycle commute and I was getting concerned for my fitness.

So, the weights have increased and I spend 15 minutes every morning blasting the spin bike. The result is a sweaty and dribbling mess.

And, I have to admit, at the age of 35, it certainly can take its toll. My body does feel a bit more tired than it used to.

Yet, since I have been using D-BAL I do feel more motivated, and my body feels as if it is recovering better.

Not that long ago, constant heavy lifting would have rendered me useless for a day or so, but now I hit the gym with vigor and more determination.

Furthermore, I am back making progress again, with the weights steadily increasing.

Overall, I feel like they have a made a positive difference and contribution.

But, considering the nutrient profile, this is to be expected, particularly the improved recovery and just ‘feeling’ better within myself.



It is difficult where to place this product in the market.

As already mentioned, it contains elements that would be found in a testosterone booster, nutrients such as D3, magnesium and ashwagandha are great to help stimulate and increase natural testosterone secretion.

So, that’s great, but then other ingredients are more about muscle and tissue recovery. This is ideal, but if you are all about jacking up that testosterone for maximum libido, power and muscle building you may be better off looking elsewhere.

In addition, tribulus is very hard to endorse.

There’s very little in terms of clinical or scientific evidence that warrants tribulus as being beneficial for hormone production or anything else for that matter.

Furthermore, IsoLeucine could have been enhanced with the addition of the two other branched chain amino acids.

D-BAL Risks

When it comes to this section of the review regarding unwanted side effects, we look at those ingredients that could be dangerous and not really discuss those that could cause things like diarrhea if used in mega doses (we’re looking at you, magnesium!).

Generally speaking, this supplement, according to the evidence, will not cause many health concerns.

Suma root could potentially trigger asthma if dust of the plant is inhaled [29], but other than that, there is very little to worry or concern yourself about using D-BAL.

Any Banned Substances?

As ever, I run the nutrient profile by the WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency) list of prohibited substances.

This cross checking gives us a greater understanding whether using this product could potentially see you banned from playing sports or your profession.

While it is not an absolute and certain guarantee, if these ingredients don’t feature on the list, I would assume that you are pretty safe.

And, this product from Crazy Bulk has not got anything contained that is on that WADA list.

D-BAL Conclusion

This isn’t like a regular testosterone booster. That said, it does include components that can have a positive impact on testosterone levels particularly with ingredients such as ashwagandha, D3 and magnesium.

However, its benefits try to stretch a little further and bring in components that can improve endurance but importantly, muscle recovery.

Without good and effective muscle recovery, you cannot get back in to the gym to hit the weights and develop more muscle. As such, it is a fairly unique but robust offering.

There’s no side effects or risks with taking D-BAL as instructed and none of the ingredients are banned substances.

The prices when bought direct offer excellent value and with free shipping.

Okay, so tribulus isn’t a nutrient I would have included, but that minor indiscretion can be overlooked after learning the benefits of hyaluronic acid and methylsulfonylmethane.

I certainly feel better from using D-BAL, and it has supported my recent surge in gym and general fitness activities, even at the age of 35.

Crazy Bulk D-BAL Best Deal

best deal D-BAL Crazy Bulk

Military Muscle

military muscle best buyWe had to mention Military Muscle.

Where D-Bal fails, Military Muscle excels.

That is because Military Muscle includes a massive daily dose of 3850mg and 11, clinically proven ingredients.

No shortcuts, no half measures. Just nutrients combined to ensure you can get the best from your extreme training regime.

Do not accept second best.

Over 3 years of R&D has gone in to this testosterone booster to provide an advantage to athletes and soldiers.

Now everyone can take advantage of the results.


  • Huge daily dose
  • Boosts testosterone in multiple ways
  • No banned substances
  • High quality and manufacturing processes
  • Reduces estrogen
  • 90 day guarantee
  • No proprietary blend


  • Only available direct

My D-BAL vs TestoFuel video

Naturally, comparisons are drawn between D-Bal and TestoFuel.

So please see my video below which outlines the differences and similarities.


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