Enhanced Athlete Blue Ox Test Booster Review

Enhanced Athlete Blue Ox Test Booster Review

Enhanced Athlete have brought an updated version of Blue Ox, a supplement that they claim helps increase testosterone, back to the market.

Not only that, it is also claimed to help recover from steroid use.

Read on for the full nutrient breakdown.

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Blue Ox Natural Test Booster Review First Look:

I was on the booze last night, just a cocktail, half a bottle of white wine and a gin and tonic.

I feel great this morning as I cycled in to work though and I feel fine now.

Best of all, tonight is deadlift night.

Back in the gym since Monday, so with deadlifts will be chest, with some shrugs and back exercises.

These, compound lifts are what helps you produce more testosterone.

Therefore, this will help you become bigger, stronger, increase libido, decrease fat and it can improve your mood.

So, it would seem the best thing to do is power through and be consistent with these lifts and also supplement with an effective testosterone booster that can also stimulate more testosterone production every day rather than just the days you hit the gym.

However, the crux of the matter is which products actually work and offer benefit?

There are so many products available to buy that it really is a minefield, and there’s so many products, even released by what are considered well regarded and established supplement companies.

However, I like to take a closer look at the many products on offer to see what they can do.

This Test Booster from Enhanced Athlete looks fairly impressive from an initial glance so I am keen to see if it has the minerals to provide something great.


Who Are Enhanced Athlete?

Unfortunately there is not a great deal about Enhanced Athlete on their website.

Normally I look in to where they are based, how long their history is and if we can find anything about the people behind the products.

This information can help us build a picture about the company and whether we can trust them.

However, apart from a few images of muscular guys and a video featuring Dr. Tony Huge there’s very little to look in to.

I personally prefer a bit more transparency.

What we do know is that according to their website, this is the best seller in their muscle building range.

Blue Ox Video Review

Blue Ox Ingredients: The Science

blue ox test booster ingredients panel

Nettle Root

When initially researching nettle root, or urtica diocia as it is also known as, you could be forgiven for wondering why it would be included in a testosterone booster.

However, we have to look deeper.

By itself there is a study that confirms nettle can increase testosterone, but it seems to have more benefit in additional ways.

Nettle does decrease inflammation [1]. This is key because decreased testosterone is associated with high levels of inflammation. [2]

Furthermore, nettle has demonstrated its ability to help prevent female sex hormones developing. [3]


Tribulus may have gained a reputation for increasing muscular and athletic performance, however, it is not based on any truth and there isn’t any solid evidence that suggests tribulus does increase testosterone. [4]

Yet, on the other hand, there’s stronger evidence to suggest it can provide aphrodisiac effects. [5]

Tongkat Ali

Tongkat Ali has many heath benefits that we have covered in an article which you can read, here.

In terms of testosterone boosting prowess, it has an ability to reduce stress [6]. This is important because high stress and high cortisol levels can reduce testosterone production. [7]

Ashwagandha (Withania Somnifera)

When ashwagandha has been combined with a resistance training regime it has proven to help increase muscle size and strength.

This was a result of increased levels of testosterone. Furthermore, the studies show that it is capable of decreasing body fat levels. [8]

If it is of importance to you, there is evidence that ashwagandha also improves male fertility. [9]

Overall, if you want to boost your athletic ability, you need ashwagandha. Hence why it is found in many of the best testosterone boosters.


Magnesium is an important mineral that your body requires.

While we are interested in its effectiveness to increase testosterone levels, it can also contribute to healthier sleep.

While we need plenty of good sleep to help our body recover, studies have demonstrated that magnesium does also have a positive impact on testosterone levels. [10]


Like magnesium, zinc is another essential mineral that we need for the production of testosterone.

And, just like magnesium, it is easy to lose these minerals through sweat and urine.

As such, it may come as no surprise to learn that there’s evidence which points towards low levels of zinc being associated with low testosterone. [11]

Vitamin D3

While free, not enough of us get the required levels of vitamin D which we can receive from sunshine.

This can be due to a number of reasons such as climate or working condition not withstanding skin color.

However, there is a strong relation to vitamin D and testosterone levels in men which should not be ignored. [12]

If you want to learn more about the sunshine vitamin there’s further information herehere and here.

Vitamin B12 (cyanocobalamin)

One surprising benefit of vitamin B12 is that it can help treat the symptoms of cellulite.

Vitamin B12 is also good for energy production. [13]

Even so, we need to see how this can benefit hormone levels.

Therefore, it is interesting to learn that there is a link to high levels of stress can reduce B12 and in turn impair the male reproductive system. [14]

And the new addition is…

Yes, we had originally reviewed this test booster from Enhanced Athlete back in August 2017.

However, since then, Blue Ox has seen a minor change to the nutrient profile.

Enhanced Athlete have clearly discovered the benefits of boron, and as such, have now included it.


A study that was conducted back in 2011 discovered that just 10mg daily of boron increased free testosterone levels. [15]

Furthermore, there’s bone health benefits plus it can help reduce estrogen levels.

Blue Ox Dose

A daily dose of Blue Ox consists of 4 tablets and an improved 1360.13mg.

That’s slightly higher than the old formula, thus offering better value.

However, when compared to some other testosterone boosters, this is on the low side.

Blue Ox Price

On their European site, this product is priced at 34.99 Eur.

This equated to about 39 USD or 31 GBP.

This is quite cheap.

Yet, this seems relevant after learning that the daily dose is fairly low compared to competitive supplements.



The newer formula does improve on the older product.

Blue Ox test booster now has an additional ingredient plus a larger dose.

This is good news, especially as the price still remains so low.

However, if we boil down to the ingredients, each one is beneficial, or at least helps towards reaching the goals of what this product claims to do, and those claims are:

  • Increase testosterone
  • Boost strength and muscle
  • Post cycle therapy

Each ingredient does contribute, and there’s the evidence to prove it.

The only real sticking point is tribulus which has no real proof that it will help stimulate your body to produce more testosterone, yet it can help improve your libido.


With a cheap price comes a low dose, and that is a real sticking point here.

Other testosterone boosters are more expensive, but they offer a much higher dose.

The reality is that in some cases, to be competitive or to get similar results you may have to use double the amount, and then it becomes more expensive.

Personally, I would take out tribulus and B12 from the nutrient profile and replace them with vitamin K2 and mucuna pruriens which both have extensive clinical evidence of contributing towards more testosterone secretion.

Side Effects

Noe of the ingredients carry any particular concern or worry to the majority of users.

If you do notice any unwanted side effects, stop using it immediately.

How does it help recover from steroid use?

You may notice some products being advertised and marketed as a PCT. This means post cycle therapy.

In a nutshell, a PCT is used after you have finished your cycle of steroids.

This is because your body stops producing its own testosterone when you take steroids because it detects this overwhelming influx.

A PCT is used to help kick start your body in to producing it again, otherwise you can feel quite low, lose a percentage of your strength and a muscle.

I have taken steroids in the past, and if you can recognize the symptoms it is really quite alarming.

I have used a test booster to help stimulate my hormone system to get back to work, and it really helps.

So, will Blue Ox work?

To a degree, yes it will work.

These ingredients can help stimulate that release, or secretion of testosterone.

The science is there to prove it. However, because other products offer more ingredients, this is not necessarily the best on the market for that job.

Enhanced Athlete Blue Ox Test Booster Review Conclusion

Blue Ox does have by and large a great nutrient profile.

Each ingredient is beneficial. They can help in one way or another to stimulate more testosterone, reduce inflammation, stress and even improve your libido.

However, it’s real downfall is the lower dose when compared to some other supplements.

Take a look at what works to maximize your workouts.


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