BPI Sports BEST Pre Workout Review

BPI Sports BEST Pre Workout Review


BPI Sports BEST Pre Workout Review First Look:

I have just returned from a session in my home gym located beneath my living room which nearly killed me off once and for all…

However, beforehand, I decided to pour the contents of this pre workout sachet from BPI Sports in to my shaker with water.

It tasted great and I thought that was the start of something special.

Because today has been quite tiring, the cycle home nearly finished me off and living amidst what is looking like a construction site is also quite exhausting. Everything is just dirty and not feeling particularly like home.

There’s shit everywhere and it feels like I am constantly sieving through all of my belongings just to find a toothbrush or aftershave.

Now I have just realized that I have not ordered enough glass panels for my new shower. This means more unwanted expense and delays.

So, what I really wanted was an amazing and energized gym session whereby I felt I was going berserk and destroying the place.

I have already found the best Pre-Workout formula I have ever come across which I use for rugby and I just wanted to try something else to see if it would compare especially as I was feeling shattered.

With the thoughts of BPI Sports’ 1.M.R in mind which performed brilliantly, there was big hopes for this.

Ingredients: The Science

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Medium Chain Triglycerides

Can be used to help raise metabolism but the effect is very small, MCT essentially are fatty acids that can be used for energy and they are much easier for your body to absorb – but they ain’t a miracle worker.



The “BHB salt” is simply a compound that consists of sodium (Na+), potassium (K+), and the ketone body β-hydroxybutyrate.

Ketones will also naturally act as a diuretic, so you lose salt, potassium, calcium and magnesium, and it is generally encouraged to increase sodium intake with ketones. Hence why there’s also Sodium, Magnesium and Calcium supplemented too.

When you go through the phase of ‘Ketosis’ this is whereby your carbohydrate stores for energy have been depleted and your body is looking for alternative forms of energy as it the glucose reserves become insufficient at oxidizing fat at this moment.

Your body naturally then produces more β-hydroxybutyrate for energy.


Beta-hydroxybutyrate (BHB) is a molecule that is considered a ketone body.

In the absence of glucose it is this molecule (BHB) that helps your body produce energy.

It is an essential molecule to use fat for fuel.


Results show that training results in increased testosterone levels in athletes and that the increase is greater if accompanied by calcium supplementation.

However, calcium supplements are also known to increase artery plaque which in the long term can cause cardiovascular problems.

Read more about that, here.



Research into magnesium supplementation also increased testosterone production in men.


Salt (sodium)

An essential mineral; its consumption is critical to our health. However, Americans plus a lot of Western countries do consume double the recommended daily intake.

Excess sodium may not raise blood pressure, but it is associated with other health issues, such as kidney damage and an increased risk of cognitive decline.



It stimulates the central nervous system (CNS), heart, muscles, and the centers that control blood pressure to give you an extra boost and hit that PB.

Caffeine Anhydrous is the purest form of caffeine so always look out for it.

This is found in 4 Gauge which is the best pre-workout.


5′-Cytidine diphosphate choline (Cognizin, Citicoline)

Studies have shown that it can have beneficial effects both in degenerative and in vascular cognitive decline.


Potato (Solanum tuberosum L)

 A source of vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber as well as phytochemicals, which benefits human body as nutrients supplementary and antioxidants.


Dandelion (Taraxacum officinale)

Full of vitamins but not a great deal of human research to suggest that it can suppress appetite or lower blood sugar levels.


Lycoris Radiata

It seems this can have a beneficial effect on the treatment of Alzheimer’s Disease.



We are told to have 1 serving which works out at 10.5g.

This isn’t big at all and is much smaller than some pre workouts which offer up to and over 20g.

The taste was nice though and it settled well in my stomach.


This seems to be more focused around ketogenisis and using fat for energy and fuel. This seems to be targeting fat loss rather than providing the necessary required boost and charge of energy and aggression from a pre workout.bpi best pre workout

So, okay…

MCT’s can be used for energy.

Calcium is great for increased testosterone and so is Magnesium.

Sodium is an essential mineral required by the body which can be lost through heavy perspiration.

Caffeine is a great stimulant that can effect the CNS which controls muscle and heart stimulation.

5′-Cytidine diphosphate choline can hold back cognitive decline.

How Did It Feel?

To be blunt, this had no positive effect on me at all.

I felt no benefit whatsoever.

I would not recommend this at all.



There’s not many ingredients and is a bit under dosed compared to the best.

There’s also a proprietary blend which hides the exact amount of each ingredient contained.

Then as already mentioned, this seems to be more focused on using fats as energy, this is all well and good but it didn’t seem to be very effective and didn’t feel like I had taken a pre workout at all.

Realistically Caffeine is the only stimulant. There’s nothing else to provide that massive hit, nothing to increase nitric oxide production or dilate blood vessels.

It is just very lackluster all round and nothing I would use again.

BPI Sports BEST Pre Workout Review Conclusion:

This is really bad as a pre workout and seems to be more concerned with fat loss than anything else.

It is lacking many ingredients typically found in the most effective pre workout supplements and I personally felt no effects or benefits.

There’s also a low dose and a concealed proprietary blend which I am not fond of.

There is a better product than this that will get you fired up and cause hell in your chosen sport but this is a total disaster.


Ben BA(Hons), PGCert

Ben established this site to be a free resource in 2015. Since then it has gained over half a million visits. He has always been interested in sport and he started playing rugby at the age of 6 represented his town, county and school. Ben also enjoys cycling, has started skiing and is in the Army Reserve representing his Regiment as part of the 150 Regimental Shooting Team. He holds a bachelor's and postgraduate degree in sport exercise & nutrition.

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