Can Drinking Beer Help You Lose Weight? The News We Have All Been Waiting For..?

Can Drinking Beer Help You Lose Weight? The News We Have All Been Waiting For..?

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Can Beer reduce Fat?

The whole notion of a beer belly is not scientifically true. Beer alone is not the cause of a large belly or gut.

Beer itself can be as beneficial to health as red wine, as long as it is drunk in moderation.

In fact, it has a wealth of B vitamins, fiber and silicon and in terms of calorific value it can be less than a cappuccino, a bag of potato chips and even a banana yet beer has also been positively associated many conditions such as heart disease, osteoporosis and diabetes.


A study of over 200,000 people showed that there is a 31% less chance of heart disease if you drink 1 pint (568ml/20 ounces) of beer per day.

A bottle of beer also contains less calories than a standard glass of wine as found in most bars and pubs.

As with most food intake, if you consume more calories than you need for your energy output it will lead to weight gain, the potential problem with beer is that it is very easy to consume 10 or more beers in one sitting, wheres you are unlikely to drink 10 cappuccinos or eat 10 packets of potato chips at a time.

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In addition the alcohol intake can cloud your judgement, therefore heading out for one or two beers can become a very distant reality after three hours with your buddies.


An 8 year study showed that drinking alcohol in moderation (30g) everyday did not lead to weight gain.

There are also suggestions that alcohol in moderation can actually regulate the appetite with thoughts that it may stimulate basal metabolic rate.

Further studies show that those who moderately drink each day have on the whole a lower body weight that non-drinkers and binge drinkers.

These theories were further supported by a study looking at abdominal circumference of nearly 2000 participant moderate drinkers from the Czech Republic by the University of London which found no increase in general weight gain or abdominal size.

There is also evidence that drinking beer with a meal may actually reduce the possibility of abdominal fat developing.


Beer contains a compound called mature hop bitter acids (MHBA) that are linked to weight loss.

A study of 200 overweight people (as classified by the World Health Organization) found that those who were given a daily dose of 35mg MHBA in a beverage of 350ml experienced a reduction of both abdominal and visceral fat over a 12 week period.

Additional research found that there were no adverse effects in anyway whatsoever experienced or observed in the participants.

Therefore, in order to reap the benefits of beer, have one pint (approximately 2 bottles) with your evening meal. Do not binge drink and avoid the higher calorific content of wine and along a calorie controlled diet you could see a reduction in abdominal circumference.


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